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"Flowers" by Ana Bocak  - Postcardsin Postcards
Unknown Vintage Brooch? - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Rare Find Historic Women's Bowling League Badge Brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Vintage Children Portrait Postcards - Postcardsin Postcards
Vintage Stamps Varieties  - Stampsin Stamps
Vintage Egypt Plate wall - Advertisingin Advertising
Triffari Brooch 1955 through 1969?  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Mocambique-Correios Joan Miro Souvenir Stamp Sheet - Stampsin Stamps
Mocambique-Correios Marc Chagall Souvenir Stamp - Stampsin Stamps
 Mocambique Stamp Sheet Souvenir - Stampsin Stamps


  1. @Valentino97...thanks
  2. @Broochman...thank you for more information.
  3. @Ms.CrystalShip...I will surely keep cleaning. My first trifari brooch.
  4. @Newfld...thanks
  5. I agree with you @fhrjr2...I don't know what Kramer sees as a tidy sum for this dime. I have more than 100 Mercury dime and is very clean and bright condition courtesy of my partner's dad who passed ...
  6. @blunderbuss2...yes
  7. @Newlfd....heading to Vegas for a week and I have some retro clothes ready but I can't find a yellow tight in at of the department store in my area.
  8. @Newfld...I like the fashion of Cora. I am trying to re-create it in my wardrobe.
  9. Very pretty. I thought it is a yellow pound cake.
  10. Are you referring to Sterling silver? If so, I know that real sterling silver has a 925, .925 or S925 stamped usually inside the band. As far as the stones I really don't know if it is a diamond. You...
  11. All postcards worth something as they worth $1.99 each when you bought them. I have tons of postcards but not International like yours. Did you ever try typing one of the postcards wording and see w...
  12. I inspect tons of US error coins and I am not seeing an error. Error on coins usually created by machine while in the process of making the coins. What I see on your coin are scratches created by th...
  13. @Ms.CrystalShip...old keys, knicknacks and I will be posting them.
  14. @Alan2310....thank you the clarification. Mistletoe leaf is the word I am looking for.
  15. What you have is Hummel and they are very collectible. I have lots of their vintage postcards and some wall plague. They are very popular. It really depends what you have. Some are worth like $40 o...
  16. @Broochman...thank you very much for the info.
  17. @valentino97...all good. It is all about learning. I am going to take it to the mall tomorrow where a friend of mine deals with jewelry.
  18. Meyda family roots date back to supplying original lighting designs to Tiffany Studios in New York City during the early 1900s. Even if not a genuine Tiffany (if that is the case) you have a gorgeous ...
  19. @Newfld @Ms.CrstalShip...thank you both for your info. I appreciated you both.
  20. @racer4four....thanks and I recognized that right away that is why I decided to put the item in front of it.
  21. Since I can't read the signature on your third can tell us.
  22. I have a Tiffany book and I browsed through it but I can't find the one in the picture. Here is one way to find out if what you have is genuine>>> Identify lamps in Tiffany's Favrile group by findi...
  23. got a hoot collection.
  24. @Ms.CrystalShip...he is grinning alright and this is the reason why I had to zoom to see the facial expression.
  25. @keramikos...I had 2000, 2015 and 2016 Sacagawea coins and they were sold really fast. It is true...those coins never appear on any cash register.
  26. @antiquerose...yeah.
  27. someone who never saw this type of coins they call it rare but to me that I had seen they are common. It is valuable to someone who thinks it is valuable. Redbook price for your co...
  28. @newfld...they are different and I don't know if I am going to wear them or sell them. Gonna sleep on it for now.
  29. got a coll collections. Are they still around?
  30. @newfld and both make me smile. I like the vibes on both of you.
  31. @billretirecoll,,, lol on pinning them on your ears response. It makes me smile.
  32. @newfld...thanks
  33. @broochman...thank you for the info. I learned something new.
  34. @valentino97....back of the brooch now posted.
  35. It looks to me it was used as a pendant or keychain.
  36. What you have is...5 Aurar 1942 Island coins
  37. Your coin is real because I had a few of them in the past but I already sold them all.
  38. @newfld...thanks
  39. I like how you tell a story with all of your posts. This one is beautiful and thank you for sharing.
  40. This won't be a bad idea keeping it in your possession for a while since Sears all over the US started closing in. I got two of their old Advertising Catalog that I am hanging on for now.
  41. Your penny is odd as 1920's penny is called wheat penny and the color usually is copper unless it was made of steel. Wheat pennies from the 1920's back usually imprinted the word "One Cent" and yours ...
  42. I wish your images are not sideways. I don't know much about dolls although I sell and collects vintage Barbies. Usually, there's a trademark of the toy maker in the back of the doll or on the foot.
  43. I wish your images are not sideways. Is there coins inside or just the coin case? Are you looking to collect coins or buy coins?
  44. That is a Kewpie doll indeed. I have six of their Patriotic postcards in sequence.
  45. Such an interesting item.
  46. @shareurpassion...thank you.
  47. Happy New Year to everyone and thank you for the greeting at @vetraio50
  48. Me too that is why when I learned they issued Looney Tunes postal cards...I went searching for it.
  49. I had lots of Vintage Barbie but never had any skipper until now.
  50. Coconut, leather, and copper are novelty type of postcards. They are cool to own.
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