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Living life and doing things that makes me happy such as having many hobbies and loving life to the fullest.


  1. Someone bought all of these which is awesome.
  2. Since Coro seems to be on your path...welcome it. This is a very lovely brooch and thanks for sharing.
  3. @Gillian...thank you for more info.
  4. My friend who is a Russian says the wording means "Russian Beauty".
  5. @Gillian....thank you so much for the info. I do email Marketing with a Russian dude so I am going to ask him if he can translate it for me. I will then update my post. Thank you once again.
  6. @Ms.CrystalShip...thanks for more. Now I know it is not really garnet but it is garnet colored (lol). I never have seen an actually Big Boy restaurant (isn't it?). That one is actually standing outs...
  7. @valentino97...I always appreciate any info to add to what I know. Thank you.
  8. @blunderbuss2... there's probably more out there and so much sorting to do.
  9. @valentino97....whaaaat? I guess the seller doesn't know much about it. I remembered her saying...her friend owned an antique store and gave it to her. All good on my end as I am going to list it on...
  10. it is JJ Jonette. I still stumble on finding trademarks of brooches. But, it is a fun way to learn something new.
  11. @cameosleuth...thank you for the info. I am also curious if the symbol in the back is a maker's mark. I can zoom it but still hard to see.
  12. @Newfld...yeah. Gruesome.
  13. You should take it to a University if you have one from your area that study relics and fossils. Four years ago I found a very heavy black stone from abandoned mining shaft. When I took it to a Unive...
  14. The kaleidoscope of color what got me started collecting marbles last year. Every antique store I go to...I always look for them.
  15. wonder I did not recognize it. I ended up googling the flower and its shaped like the brooch. Thank you.
  16. @Ms.CrystalShip... I do not know where is your 2nd comment cuz they almost came in all together. I am gonna leave it alone because I like them all. Thank you for more info.
  17. @valentino97...the size of a quarter.
  18. are very helpful and appreciate your response. Thank you
  19. @Ms.CrystalShip.... could be Banana Republic or "The Bassett Jewelry Company mark?" which I accidentally found an article that had the reversed RB trademark as well from 1896-1943. Gonna do more diggi...
  20. @Brunswick...that should do it. Or it could be a pretzel dipped in a vanilla coating (lol).
  21. @Watchsearcher....I really do not know whatever to call that round thing in the back. My guess is a shank of a button as well. The interesting observation in "Group of three". Thank you for bringing ...
  22. @Efesgirl... It doesn't have any 925 marks so I know it is not silver. What interesting though was...I went thrifting today and found a charm from a bag with the same hashtag as my jewelry. The bag ...
  23. @Valentino97...thanks
  24. @Broochman...thank you for more information.
  25. @Ms.CrystalShip...I will surely keep cleaning. My first trifari brooch.
  26. @Newfld...thanks
  27. I agree with you @fhrjr2...I don't know what Kramer sees as a tidy sum for this dime. I have more than 100 Mercury dime and is very clean and bright condition courtesy of my partner's dad who passed ...
  28. @blunderbuss2...yes
  29. @Newlfd....heading to Vegas for a week and I have some retro clothes ready but I can't find a yellow tight in at of the department store in my area.
  30. @Newfld...I like the fashion of Cora. I am trying to re-create it in my wardrobe.
  31. All postcards worth something as they worth $1.99 each when you bought them. I have tons of postcards but not International like yours. Did you ever try typing one of the postcards wording and see w...
  32. I inspect tons of US error coins and I am not seeing an error. Error on coins usually created by machine while in the process of making the coins. What I see on your coin are scratches created by th...
  33. @Ms.CrystalShip...old keys, knicknacks and I will be posting them.
  34. @Alan2310....thank you the clarification. Mistletoe leaf is the word I am looking for.
  35. What you have is Hummel and they are very collectible. I have lots of their vintage postcards and some wall plague. They are very popular. It really depends what you have. Some are worth like $40 o...
  36. @Broochman...thank you very much for the info.
  37. @valentino97...all good. It is all about learning. I am going to take it to the mall tomorrow where a friend of mine deals with jewelry.
  38. Meyda family roots date back to supplying original lighting designs to Tiffany Studios in New York City during the early 1900s. Even if not a genuine Tiffany (if that is the case) you have a gorgeous ...
  39. @Newfld @Ms.CrstalShip...thank you both for your info. I appreciated you both.
  40. @racer4four....thanks and I recognized that right away that is why I decided to put the item in front of it.
  41. Since I can't read the signature on your third can tell us.
  42. I have a Tiffany book and I browsed through it but I can't find the one in the picture. Here is one way to find out if what you have is genuine>>> Identify lamps in Tiffany's Favrile group by findi...
  43. got a hoot collection.
  44. @Ms.CrystalShip...he is grinning alright and this is the reason why I had to zoom to see the facial expression.
  45. @keramikos...I had 2000, 2015 and 2016 Sacagawea coins and they were sold really fast. It is true...those coins never appear on any cash register.
  46. @antiquerose...yeah.
  47. someone who never saw this type of coins they call it rare but to me that I had seen they are common. It is valuable to someone who thinks it is valuable. Redbook price for your co...
  48. @newfld...they are different and I don't know if I am going to wear them or sell them. Gonna sleep on it for now.
  49. got a coll collections. Are they still around?
  50. @newfld and both make me smile. I like the vibes on both of you.
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