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Art nouveau, aesthetic movement, arts and crafts, Victorian, animals, plants, naturalistic themes, fantasy, children's stories, folklore, mythology, novelty items, eArt nouveau, aesthetic movement, arts and crafts, Victorian, animals, plants, naturalistic themes, fantasy, children's stories, folklore, mythology, novelty items, etc. (Read more)


  1. For another high quality Japanese embroidery of smaller scale, please see:
  2. Thanks, BartJan! The high quality ones can be hard to come by. In case you missed it, I posted another very large Meiji embroidery a while back. It is in fragile condition but the needle work and vari...
  3. Link to brief history of Reed Brothers: We would guess most of the pieces we have acquired are twenty to thirty years old.
  4. Thanks AnythingObscure! No dawgs, but deer in search of apples can be pretty rough with stuff! On the flip side, gray fox kits like to play around it.
  5. Linking to another night time monochromatic silk embroidered panel with a "restricted color palette." This one was produced by Nishimura Sozaemon's famous Kyoto studio and shown at the Ashmolean's "Th...
  6. For another monochromatic Takashimaya embroidery, see
  7. Thanks for all the loves!
  8. A brief guide to the history of Pepsi Cola Logos/Trademarks can be found at the bottom of this page:
  9. For Vollmer's description of four yuzen birodo screen panels by the well-known Takashimaya Company, see:
  10. To view more Meiji-era Japanese textiles, see the Ashmolean's Threads of Silk and Gold online exhibit at:
  11. Thanks Newfld! Thanks racer4four!
  12. For information on India Rubber (I.R. Comb Co.) casters, see: Herter Brothers: Furniture and Interiors for a Gilded Age, p. 123.
  13. Thanks, Malkey! Linking to the impressive candlesticks:
  14. MALKEY, Wow, those are impressive!
  15. Thanks Newfld! Thanks vetraio50!
  16. Elisabethan, thanks much!!! We do have some butterfly-wing jewelry (some iridescent scarabs too), but the color on this piece is due to metallic oxides. Hopefully one day we will be able to put a des...
  17. Just curious, is there a visible signature on this one (like the Etsy one). Also, did you pull it out from the frame (although it may be too fragile to risk it) and check the back (if no clear signatu...
  18. Wow, that is an impressive piece! Also, great ID on that one...
  19. Yes, the glaze is really impressive! Never heard the term Fruit-Skin Glaze, super helpful to know about it. Thanks!
  20. mp.kunst, the large poorly drilled hole in the bottom is pretty bad! Probably worse is that they likely removed extensive ormolu from the entire piece. We found it fully wired with a massive lamp ...
  21. yougottahavestuff, just saw the enamel piece by Camille Faure in the traditional Limoges style, super nice and incredible garage sale find!
  22. renedijkstra, thank you for your expertise, super helpful research, and comments!!!!
  23. For a great post by bluemax1914 on a pair of authentic regimental steins from garrison Ulm, see:
  24. Amazing find! Just posted another regimental stein (believed to be authentic) that would be from just across the Danube river at Neu-Ulm in Bavaria.
  25. yougottahavestuff, great Limoges piece by the well-known enamel artist, Camille Faure! Your wife does have a good eye!!! The frame is great too.
  26. For a very helpful discussion about Spode and T. Goode marks, see the following posted email from The Spode Museum:
  27. Thanks for the loves! Aly, thank you for your comment!
  28. renedijkstra, thank you for your comment. Can you explain what is strange about the mold number?
  29. Posted a similar scene of a kingfisher overlooking a pond, in this case a piece of enamel jewelry:
  30. Previously posted another item with a similar scene of a kingfisher overlooking a pond (seems to have been a common theme around turn-of-the century):
  31. Marking this "mystery solved," as a result of mp.kunst's observations and additional research. This piece seems to have been made by Galle Pottery.
  32. Wow, that is an impressive bowl!!!
  33. billretirecoll, we love your collection of Tepco skull mugs. We only have one of them with the long jaw. Just at Alameda yesterday and people want big money for them, one was priced over $70!
  34. Thanks for all the loves! Jewels1900, thank you for pointing us to De Koningh's kingfisher pieces, which are incredible! As you note, the style seems different, more precise, realistic, and natura...
  35. Thanks for all the loves and Newfld, vetraio50, Mrstyndall thank you for your comments!
  36. Just saw this great Collectors Weekly article on arts and crafts jewelry:
  37. AdeleC, thanks, modifying the date range in the title!
  38. Happy Halloween!
  39. Happy Halloween!
  40. Thanks all, eventually we will get there!
  41. The vases that were sold by Skinner appear to be currently for sale at the following link, lots of detailed pictures:
  42. mp.kunst, wow, I believe you are correct! All three with central Limoges enamel roundels of similar subjects and the pottery with similar glaze colors, dark blue top and aqua underneath. Thank you ...
  43. kyratango, thank you!! Your posts are incredible, still need the time to go through all of them!
  44. For more on Loie Fuller, see:
  45. Linking to another art nouveau woman (in this case a fairy) that we posted earlier that is also likely inspired by Loie Fuller:
  46. Wow, that is spectacular!
  47. ho2cultcha, thanks much! Additionally, there is a fairly similar Limoges enamel plaque that can be seen here:
  48. welzebub, thanks again, that makes total sense. We bought it because we liked it, but of course want to learn more if we can.
  49. welzebub, thanks, just trying to find similar examples (not assuming the attributions are correct) and did not locate any similar pieces on the research site: ...which of course...
  50. Another vase on ebay with similar base, color, and iridescence:
  51. See more