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Surrey, UK

Have many collections, modern, mid century and older. Particularly interested in tiles, glass, housewares, fashion, paperweights....oh the list goes on


  1. Love your collection. I spotted one of these vases yesterday (not knowing what it was) in a charity shop and bought it for 50pence sterling. Mine is a lovely almost apple green. Thank you for the ...
  2. Just found out that my friend's great great great great Uncle founded Blenko. It is a new maker to me and love the huge collection with so many colours. Gorgeous
  3. Thank you Master. I just wanted to be able to enjoy the smaller items I have collected and this seemed like a good way to do it.
  4. Well spotted Kyratango. The Chinese compass was my dads, the micromosaic brid is actually the top on a pill /snuff box and is very delicate. I wish it was a brooch as I would wear it. It is a ...
  5. Thank you for you kinds comments all
  6. Hi Nutsabota6, they are all wired onto a bouquet shaped frame and then I wrapped the visible frame and handle with raw edged ribbon
  7. This is an adorable thing and what a price! Simply lovely
  8. Thank you And racer4four, I will tell my husband that! We collect dust in this house as well as everything else
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Vintage 1960s MOD Psychedelic Sunglasses by Harlequin Durand Bubble Glass Rose Bowl. MY GREATEST FIND THIS YEAR!