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Okie, Oklahoma

Went to collage in California UC Berkeley, went to work for the government for 2 years, quit and started driving tractor trailers. Been buying and selling antiques sWent to collage in California UC Berkeley, went to work for the government for 2 years, quit and started driving tractor trailers. Been buying and selling antiques since Jr. High School. Purchased my first home cash at 18 years old and rebuilt it. I have rebuilt homes in Oregon, California, Arkansas, Minnesota and several east coast states, right now I am in Oklahoma. I collect anything I think I can make a large profit on. (Read more)


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Unknown rock - Gemstonesin Gemstones
Butter crocks made USA - Potteryin Pottery
Coffe cup from Poland - Potteryin Pottery
Girl picking flowers under glass - Fine Artin Fine Art
Bakelite cigar box - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
Two signed Cecil Golding pictures - Fine Artin Fine Art
Three flowery tea cups - Asianin Asian
Smokers silver inlaid pipe marked B.B. KY. - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
Silver stuff - Silverin Silver
1841 James W Tufts Boston Silversmith  - Silverin Silver


  1. Thank you, was in my yard and never seen one before? Must be old no water in my area in Enid Oklahoma
  2. Chinese famille jaune porcelain vase with a copper alloy rim and stand. Looking at crackle in bottom photo would guess late 19th century item. Hong Kong was under British Crown rule from 1841 to 1898...
  3. Guess it's an early Mr. Borg Pear Wood Root pipe from Poland still making hand carved pipes in Poland out of Pear Trees Roots.
  4. The family kept the snake skin and other ones they wanted, the rest I got. Their father had 20 or 30 pairs of boots. I like the black/blue pair best but they are all size 8.5 and I wear size 12 boot. ...
  5. Not a phone number.
  6. 253144841285
  7. French "Camille Naudot" circa 1910 use to be around $300.00 each because people keep calling the mark Nippon the collectors get them cheep on eBay?
  8. Wood platforms were made to fit the older Chinese horses. Purely decorative and were displayed in Asian designed homes. Having a pair makes them more valuable for display. Chinese made these in bronze...
  9. Would check it out but live in a small boarder town to a military base that trains military pilots and limited to pretty much retired military pilots businesses. It's a two hour drive to any major cit...
  10. Watched multiple YouTube videos on taking apart katana swords and they all had two bamboo pegs and tapped their arm while holding the sword. This sword only has one bamboo peg and searched but no seco...
  11. Body and interior are good shape with some brush scratches left front. All is from neglected maintenance and coat hanger repairs. Will make a good 4x4 once the bushings and front end is tightened up, ...
  12. Bitchu School is the last symbol the rest unknown.
  13. What is really hilarious is walking into a million dollar home and everything inside is Hobby Lobby, Dollar Store and Wal-Mart barcoded. Not one item made in USA.
  14. Never been about making money with me and more a hobbyist collector. Paid cash for my house with full finished basement and will find a spot for this drum table. Actually a well built table and Mersma...
  15. No clue on value; still hanging on my wall. One of the few portrait paintings I own. Don't really like portrait paintings looking back at me; but she is ok.
  16. Thanks everyone; found a "Hungry Horse Dam" Travel Decal for Montana; Same horse; and a Hungry Horse Dam Newspaper Glacier National Park; same horse. The town of Hungry Horse was indeed named after tw...
  17. Still have not seen another one like the cabinet; and the Murano fish are unsigned so they must be real Murano.
  18. Thanks vetraio50
  19. They're giving them away on eBay. Got another one today, will post. Much newer and looks never used.
  20. Dasornis had a wingspan of almost 20 feet. Artist is Elizabeth Rungius Fulda and sister to famous wildlife artist Carl Rungius. Number 6 in a series of 50 charcoal illustration drawings of dinosaurs f...
  21. thanks aghcollect
  22. Johannes Vermeer View of Delft 27 x 23 Painted ca. 1660-1661, the painting of the Dutch artist's hometown. Mass produced prints from China starting at $3.99 in 10 sizes. Seems to be a favorite knocko...
  23. Thank you, Aimathena. Was going to open it up, but professional framing is too well done to bust it open and look for marks. No visible signature.
  24. This artist was classified as insignificant because she was a female. Government files deleted and orphan status unknown. Worked as a teacher, masters in English and major in interpretation and trans...
  25. Thanks Songwriter
  26. It arrived, new photos, seller was off on measurement close to a foot tall on stand; heavy rock too, not like soapstone. Heavy like marble. Only flaw is a couple scratches on fingers or carvers mistak...
  27. Thanks, Manikin
  28. Thanks Jim, looks like two peaches, don't know till mail shows up. Tracking says it is in town but might not show up till Monday. Less then a carton of cigarettes. Sure glad I quit both smoking cigare...
  29. Nevada opal specimen.
  30. Watched the glass blower make this one. Not sure where he learned the trade but came from the coast of Oregon. Do have some real Italian Murano glass and the vase is close but doesn't have the ease of...
  31. Think the Chinese white jades are an albite plagioclase feldspar mineral. The mutton fat ones tests out as a white beryl. Nice white jade art work.
  32. Ok, Stillwater, what kind of stone do you think it is?
  33. Nice color in that stone.
  34. Thanks, think the blue and white one was $5.00
  35. I thought they were nice too; but was getting several comments on ebat that they were plated junk copies. One buyer insisted the Navaho mark was a Chinese mark for fake. They're not plastic stones??
  36. Nothing goes in the trash; I recycle with donations to the YWCA for the battered women's shelter. I even buy stuff at estate auctions to purposefully donate; those boxes of kitchen items, refers and ...
  37. That would be funny; buy a whole bag and none fit?
  38. Thanks bratjdd, guess there are mass produced reproductions, once you know what they are called. Spanish Damascene Charm Bracelet on eBay cheep, cheep. I swear I looked at the 30,000 charm bracelets l...
  39. Thanks bratjdd, must not be mass produced or I would be getting responses. Living in a military boarder town, most likely a bring back from a war zone.
  40. Thanks Manikin, exhausted the local shops in my little town; put it on my maybe fix list when I have a reason to go to the big city. Looked on eBay but do not need a whole bag of stone, just the one.
  41. Thanks Bellin68, but need to find a stone? Bet this ring would cut you up if the lady got mad at you. Must be why it's called a cocktail ring.
  42. Listed these on the internet and got people saying silver plated chinese copies and I need to lower my prices on poor quality stuff. So, I ended the listings and put them back in the drawer. Last thin...
  43. Thanks davyd286, doesn't really bend but the teenage girl across the street popped it onto her little neck. Looked good too. Called a torque necklace sounds good to me?
  44. Just put some salt in the water, not 2 to 1 parts. That's alot of salt. Dissolve the salt completely? That should be a challenge.
  45. Michael Peter Sabarich American artist; not finding much, one item on worthless point web site. None on eBay or the 500,000,000 prints from the far east?
  46. Flapper girls feather skull hat. Found on internet, Find 1920 Hats Today. Shop 1920 Hats on Amazon, flappers, gangsters, gangster molls zoot suits, fishnets & accessories, mass selection of retro clo...
  47. A hand carved cameo will show undercuttings and tool markings, also the line work will look more fluid. Looks like the French actress Sarah Bernhardt style, 1930's but markets were flooded with plasti...
  48. Nice amethyst, I posted one amethyst necklace and brooch a year ago that did not match my construction boots; tried to sell it on eBay but collectors said my price was totally unexceptable, so it went...
  49. Thanks Maikin, do you have the designers name on these bird feather hats; very important to know designer with all the knockoffs to ride the fashion and celebrity trends.
  50. Don't want to mess it up Bellings, the netting is way old and not sure if I should be handling it with acidic fingers. Try to keep old stuff as original as possible for collectors. No clue about hats,...
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Miniature repro of Seljak Lion Incense Burner ? 5.25" X 5.25" Information about my emperor and empress...... m. medeiros pictures Old Bowl Curved Hook Blade OLD TOOL Cool w/pistol grip wood I dont know what it is. Coke Cola Bar fenton glass hand painted egg paperweight limited edition 1933 Modern Boat Equipment Catalog.