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I love old stuff, oil lamps, bottles, singer sewing machines, clocks, furniture, the list goes on but I have a small house!


  1. Manufactured 1904 on 24 of February, and model 28. your machine has a bentwood cover and looks to be original.
  2. Chixo they are rare enough as they were the ultimate cabinet to own by singer. Really collectable. Check outsearches on Google for Antique Singer Parlor Cabinet or Drawing Room Cabinet. Without having...
  3. I recently found out this cabinet is of UK manufacture around 1900. The 427 number was just so they kept matching wood tones together.
  4. Read up on the best ways to clean the soapy water is not ideal nor are solvents or abrasive cleaning agents, I think furniture cleaning oil is the best but do some research first. The chrome...
  5. I've found a number 427 indented into the back of each drawer and also appears in the wood under the lid hinge of the cabinet. Any idea what it means?
  6. Thanks vrobins7 it confused me as I've seen pictures of these cabinets with black metal plates but also the odd one has just wood. The machine I've already dated as I've had it a while, but on another...
  7. apettit5 this is a Edward Miller brand, Connetticut, just search for miller lamps and you'll find information, yes the snow flake type symbol is common with these. although there is usually embossed...
  8. Thank you both for your commens. It is really nice but my house is small and I love my Singer 27 more. I'm probably going to have to sell it but not just yet!
  9. Thanks for that I thought it was American made so that solves that cheers.
  10. Yes I've seen these online as well quite collectible and worth good money
  11. And also Thank you Paul71
  12. Thanks Tallcakes I guess it's a mystery solved then ;)
  13. It is similar to mine but yours is a fiddle base they are known as a model 27 and VS3 (VS relates to vibrating shuttle) yours may even be a VS2?? There will be references to the type of decals(pain...
  14. Thank you all for the discussion I really wasn't expecting such in depth information. I have updated the pics with measurements as well thanks again
  15. The gold paint on it could be real gold and the china is very thin possibly pre 1900 it came from an estate of a family friend and did have a saucer and side plate but these were broken by my nieces a...
  16. Thanks very much Bernadette
  17. I just used machine oil and hot soapy water was all I used to clean the paint work up as for the chromed pieces I took as much of it off the machine that I could remove and soaked them in white vinega...
  18. YouTube gas some useful video clips for instructing us on how to get things working I still have tension issues but it is stitching now?
  19. I'm becoming a sewing machine geek but like you I'm scared of actually using mine hehe
  20. Belts are still available online if your stuck try there's some on there at the moment.
  21. They look like handles off an old galvinised wash tub?
  22. Thanks Aissia, I have looked there before Im about resigned to the fact it is between 1900 and 1910 I may stumble on the correct year oneday thanks for your time to comment, Greg
  23. Thanks now I think your right maybe it is Spanish I'll have to google search cheers need a break from plumbing
  24. Hi Katherine, as far as I know Hohner is a German brand they made mouth organs as well. What is the Marca Registrada?
  25. Thanks Freiheit I had no idea it was worth that much but as it is sentimental price doesn't matter. Although my one looks to be tidier that's all thanks to Grandad it was his favourite of the 2 he own...
  26. I'm thinking 1910 but thanks again Fortapache
  27. The German words would read: IDEAL GLÜHLAMPEN - UNTERNEHMUNG (Ideal incandescent lamp corporation) Just found this poster too:"
  28. Its a Singer 66 and has the Redeye Decals, made specifically for the American market. Use google, google is your friend, its been converted to electric but I notice it is on its treadle table, would b...
  29. this will give you the date of manufacture, 1900!! Be very careful with cleaning the machine I used hot soapy water but sparingly ...
  30. We don't see many white machines here in NZ ?
  31. in the first pic whats the one in the background looks interesting?
  32. Nice collection i do love green glass
  33. 1912 year of production have a look at this link. It is quite a tidy looking model 66 and has the r...
  34. Thanks Vintagefran I fired them up last night as its been snowing here they kept me cosy
  35. Thanks again, love collecting it's in the blood but so is hoarding lol
  36. Thank you Bruce99 you have solved enough for me yes I will look at your link, when I bought this earlier in the year I was looking for an Ansonia and this was advertised as one, after it arrived I fou...
  37. Awesome 4000!! I'm not to panic about getting carried away then haha you must be an expert have you heard of Hugo Pollak? I've just bought a student lamp made by him in Vienna and haven't had much luc...
  38. Hi I would say its a similar age to mine. If you haven't! you can search for Singer serial numbers and when you find the singer site select the right prefix field and it will show you a list of numbe...
  39. Nice decals are in great condition, what did they end up doing with it?
  40. Very nice, I think these are called Gone with the wind Lamps? it would be worth a fortune check them out on ebay, well done
  41. It almost looks like a scotch thistle very cool. And very fashionable colors
  42. Thanks Trey looking forward to having a good look through this site ?
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New Zealand Maori Hei-Tiki Atwater Kent Radio Model 40 with Speaker Horn and Ear Phones Singer Sewing Machine a few of my lamps.


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