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Interested in antique and vintage sewing machines, and items related to Dewhurst & Sons cotton mfr Skipton UK.


Danish scissor and thimble set - Sewingin Sewing
Singer 66 Bobbin Winder that runs from belt - Sewingin Sewing
My antique sewing machines (some of them) - Sewingin Sewing
more Dewhurst Cotton  - Sewingin Sewing
Dewhurst Sylko thread, boxes and related items. - Sewingin Sewing


  1. New Home. The serial number should be under the front bobbin cover plate.
  2. Your Unique sewing machine is made by Davis.
  3. It's great to get a machine with it's original manual, parts and in such lovely condition. Awesome colour!
  5. The Minneosta range were sold by Sears Roebuck, they bought machines from various big manufacturers to sell on under their own label. This one is made by Davis.
  6. Kenmores of this age (mid 50's) are usually Japanese. They have a code on them which can be usually identified. Here is the model in question, maker not confirmed
  7. This is a Shaw and Clark, and they were sold as a working sewing machine. Not a toy, not a sample, just a small sewing machine.
  8. There are some dates here for White FR
  9. Is your front slide plate missing? :( that's where the serial number would be.
  10. The Royal is made by Free Sewing Machine Co. I would estimate 1930 :)
  11. Beautiful Florence fancy legs :) my reference for 19952, is 1863. The source is Grace Rogers Cooper 1985.
  12. This machine is a White New Queen Class V.S. Dates to c. 1900-1910. The same model was sold as 'Gloden Star' by A.G. Mason.
  13. This low arm Transverse Shuttle machine is an Opel B. It would date to 1893.
  14. Your Unique machine is a Davis Underfeed model H. There are no official dating records for Davis, but you may find something helpful here
  15. Japanese machine styled on the Singer 15. Sometimes they are 3/4 size. The crown in the logo is a hint that it could be a Toyota.
  16. It's a German machine, that lion decal is common to several brands and they can be really hard to identify. Can you make out any shadow of writing across the arm?
  17. Very pretty, modern Asian made treadle with a decal styled on the Singer Tiffany design. These could date to the 60s to current, similar styles are still available new in Asia. I would guess this one ...
  18. You're right, Hengstenberg, with the recognisable angled top to the bobbin winder upright.
  19. This machine is a model 28/VS3, I can't quite tell if the numbers are 10773838 or 16773838. It either dates to 1892 or 1899, depending on which number is correct. From the Large Rose decal I'm guessi...
  20. S 1751528 is part of the range S1592090 - S1812089, it is a model 28K, from a batch of 220,000 commissioned January-June 1907 at the Kilbowie Factory in Scotland. It has the Victorian decals which are...
  21. The machine looks to be a 15-91, and is part of a batch of 50,000 model 15, commissioned April 8 1953 at the Elizabethport Factory in NJ. The table is the #74 Spinet cabinet.
  22. It appears to have been put in an older straight leg treadle table with the pedal and wheel removed.
  23. The JD series starts in 1954, this one dates to 1955.
  24. Your machine is a model 101, a less common find. Part of a batch of 10,000 commissioned March 23 1927, at the Elizabethport factory in NJ. There is a manual here
  25. I can't tell what the serial number is from the photo but it looks like G at the start. The G series starts at 1910 but is one of the longest, and at the end, they started with a leading 0 again, afte...
  26. This is NOT a Singer base. The maker is Samuel C Tatum.
  27. Your machine is a model 99, from a batch of 10,000 commissioned August 21 1929, at the Elizabethport factory in NJ.
  28. It is a model 7. The serial number with 7 digits dates to 1889. The 7 was built in many configurations for many different applications.
  29. A lot of people get confused by serial numbers on motors. It's the front one on the machine bed that you need.
  30. It's a VS2/model 27 with Sphinx decals, that dates to 1894, it has the gothic top sometimes called coffin top. It seems to be in good condition for the age, and the accessories look to be fairly compl...
  31. I can't find pictures of the front, but it appears to be a 185K. The serial number for these is stamped underneath in the edge of the casting either at the centre front or near the bobbin
  32. I think Christine's questions have all been answered a while back but the decal is known by collectors as Orange Blossom. Singer did have names for some of their decal sets, although I've never seen t...
  33. Lovely condition 128 with Roccoco decals
  34. This machine is a 128. It's hard to make out the decals from the photos :)
  35. Value is really hard and depends on a lot of factors. Hand crank machines are hard to find in some places. If it was an 1889 in really good original condition that would be worth more than a refurbish...
  36. The serial number dates to 1889. It's been refurbished at some stage, most likely by a Singer dealer, it was a service they offered :)
  37. Lovely combination treadle/hand crank, they aren't easy to find. I agree too on the restoration - the table came up beautifully.
  38. Lovely to have a machine that's been in your family :) It's a model 66 with Egyptian or "Lotus" decals.
  39. It seems to be a fairly early 28 hand crank that's had a refurbished paint work and decals at some stage. What is the serial number?
  40. Your Betsy Ross machine is beautiful. Made by National, it's the model known as IEB or Improved Eldredge B.
  41. It's a model #69. The sub-model with these is important to tell you what it does - is there a little brass plate on it with 69-x? See if you can recognise it from the descriptions in the manual http...
  42. It would have been sold by a reseller, Ian :) Spectator isn't one I've come across - I wonder if you search on Trove? Whoever sold or carried that brand name as their house brand may have advertised t...
  43. It's a Japanese Automatic Zig zag machine - there might be clues as to maker underneath it. Apart from a few exceptions, an electric sewing machine has the value of a second hand sewing machine - fact...
  44. Your Brunswick is a National machine :)
  45. This machine has the logo of Berhard Stoewer, German manufacture, and dates to 1909.
  46. This Ideal is a Japanese central bobbin machine based on the Singer 15, you can see the Japan Light Industry mark there, JL-A 19. It would have been made some time after the 1950s and isn't connected ...
  47. This Montgomery Wards machine with the circular plate is a National S40. Unusual looking machines, the mechanism under that big round plate is a VS.
  48. This machine is a National, model is called Vindex type 1
  49. you can date your early New Home here :)
  50. It's a White model either 41 or 43, dates to late 30's to mid 40s
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