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Puzzled as to what this item is? 
Is this a scandanavian container? - Potteryin Pottery
Does anyone know how this coin came about? - World Coinsin World Coins
Vase without a bottom! - Potteryin Pottery
Double handle porcelain vase - Potteryin Pottery
Little signed pottery bud vase - Potteryin Pottery
Double handled cup - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Little metal box pills or snuff? - Accessoriesin Accessories
cylindrical pottery vase - Potteryin Pottery
Chinese Brush pot? - Potteryin Pottery


  1. Wow thank you all for your interesting comments
  2. Any information regarding this pottery jar would be much appreciated
  3. Hi I wondered if anyone had any information regarding this French coin It has 1849 5 Francs on the back and a portrait of maybe Libertine? on the front. Was it made for a special purpose or a design ...
  4. Stunning!
  5. What a little stunner and maybe they should make peddle cars for adults, can you imagine us all peddling around the park?!
  6. Great girl, great information!
  7. Fabulous!
  8. Hi Valentino I have only just realised that I put little in the title instead of small but it's funny you should ask as I reckon it is more of a Yorkshire saying, we have some funny twang over here y...
  9. Wow thanks for that maryh I shall try that and see what happens?
  10. Yes I agree jscotto it must be quite difficult to have a steady hand with all that painting!
  11. Wonderful and so sculptural A write find!
  12. Oh that is beautiful and keep up the collecting and a very Happy Christmas and New Year x
  13. Thanks peter16 and interesting that it could be Ashton Town Hall square best wishes to you pollyperkins
  14. Wowzer this is brill! though I am afraid I don't know anything about it so hope someone can enlighten you about this mythical creature.
  15. That's a fabulous Trunk Haduchow and I wish I owned it. I think you need to send your pictures to an Auction House who should be able to help with identifying it? Best of luck, though I couldn't tell ...
  16. Maryh1956 you are a marvel! Thank you so much for identifying my pot and it certainly is a Bob Dawe pot. It is all a brilliant learning curve finding little treasures and then finding out all about th...
  17. Maryh1956 you are a marvel! Thank you so much for identifying my pot and it certainly is a Bob Dawe pot. It is all a brilliant learning curve finding little treasures and then finding out all about th...
  18. She is stunning I am sure you can get mega bucks for her!
  19. Kyratango you are so clever and thank you so much for identifying the jug for me. It is always good to learn the history of the items we all love to collect
  20. Yes jscotto I wondered too about folk art which I believe is quite popular over in the states?
  21. Thank you I love this too jscotto
  22. Thanks for that Info tigerchips will definitely try and do a bit more research
  23. Wow! that is some lamp, truly unique I would keep it if it was mine, well done for discovering it!
  24. Yes I agree that it is Italian and so very cooky, great fun!
  25. Thanks sklo will have to try and do some research!
  26. Ha ha Thanks for that Efesgirl, if only I could get that kind of money for mine !!!
  27. Yes jscotto that would look great!
  28. Thanks jscotto I wonder where the scene was?
  29. You may just have set a trend blunderbuss!
  30. Ah and you must have to use its tail for a handle? Thanks kyratango
  31. What's not to love, he is fab!
  32. That's a honey of a bunny, great find!
  33. No typing errors here just great aesthetics!
  34. Beautiful find, well done!
  35. Thank you so much for dating my box for me kyratango and great to know how old this beautiful design is.
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My Favorite Bronze Art Nouveau Decorative Sculpture ALBERTO VARGAS SHEET MUSIC, 1920, "SWEETHEART OF MINE" Loetz Phänomen Genre Vase with extruded handles, PN unknown, Possible PG 1/473 variant, ca. 1901 LOST IN SPACE.......................................................... Vintage Paperweight Picture of lady Any ideas Trumpets inside Studio Pottery Pitcher - by Richard Stafford, Eagle Harbor Stoneware, Bainbridge Island, WA 1937 ROADLINER TWO AUSTRALIAN PARROTS - M. DAVIDSON


Cased Opaline Glass Vase with Applied Rigaree Kookaburra, Boomerang and Snake 1920s Teletone speaker( owned by Chordettes singer, Dorthy Schwartz)


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