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Just a small town Kentucky girl who was raised by my grandparents. While growing up I begged and pleaded for them to get rid of all their old stuff around the houseJust a small town Kentucky girl who was raised by my grandparents. While growing up I begged and pleaded for them to get rid of all their old stuff around the house and buy some updated things, to which they always responded "one day you'll change your mind." How right they were. If you need to reach me just send an email to (Read more)


  1. Love that idea toolate2. Thanks!
  2. ahhh now I see the error of my ways blunderbuss2! I wasted 2 long weeks with the girl scouts when I should have been hanging out with the boy scouts. Thanks bratjdd :) mustangtony...I reckon thats ...
  3. I guess those 2 weeks of girls scouts did me absolutely no good at all. Thank you mustangtony
  4. Well shoot! I guess that means I jumped the gun when I ordered the toucan just now...hope they offer returns and refunds! lol
  5. Thank you bratjdd, I love yours too! The elephants are gorgeous. I can't even imagine blunderbuss2...I'm amazed at the time and skill it must take to make these. Would love to see one being made so...
  6. of course, leaves are a must :) I'll start looking around this weekend
  7. very pretty
  8. Sadly my friends are only interested in items that say Coach or Chanel, and they wouldn't be caught dead at a yard sale. I keep hoping they'll come around, I should probably just find new friends lol
  9. Yes the bottom says benrose followed by a word I can't make out, then made in Italy. You're right it is a lot of lamp for a 6 year old lol I'll have to find somewhere safe to keep it until she's a li...
  10. Thank you :)
  11. Thank you DobbinDee70. I actually bought 2 that day from the same sale for the same price. The other is a Singer, and I bought it first, but got home and couldn't stop thinking about this one. The ...
  12. This is gorgeous
  13. Thank you all for the loves and comments. I agree I love the mystery boxes, I thought maybe I would find 1 or 2 nice things if I were lucky. Still dont know where in the world I will find room for i...
  14. Beautiful
  15. These are beautiful
  16. These are great
  17. Old quilts are a weakness of mine. Its almost impossible for me to pass one up when Im going to yard sales or estate sales. This is very pretty
  18. This is really beautiful
  19. Very cool Michael. I need to start following you around you seem to find anything and everything
  20. Hey Michael....This was in October of last year, I try to fly to Salem every October for all the crazy haunted festivities. I have photo's from all the homes open for touring there, I just think that...
  21. I'm sorry I have been out of town. Thank y'all so much for the wonderful comments and loves, it would really make them feel great to know that a little of their story and their photo was bringing bac...
  22. You're very welcome. And thank you..if I survive the 3 hour drive being forced to listen to Katy Perry and the 200 "are we there yets" then I'll be fine :)
  23. so pretty :)
  24. Thank you birdie
  25. Thank you kerry, very sweet of you...and thanks everyone for the love
  26. I hope to never have to test that scenario out lol always good to know though
  27. Thank you lisa, BELLIN68, Longings, musikchoo and Bonnie :)
  28. Thank you :) I have birdhouses all over the place
  29. You're very welcome! You have a great day too
  30. I'll agree she looks a little on the creepy side, but I think thats why I like her so much
  31. Thank you Hedgewalker!
  32. Thank you chevy59....the photo's and memories seem to always keep them close. We are so fortunate to have had them, grandparents are amazing :)
  33. leaving for the lake Wednesday afternoon, gonna take the kids fishing and 4 wheeling while they are on spring break....i'll share my food with them but i'm not sharing the beer :) meet us there! lol
  34. fishing, food and beer..sounds like the perfect weekend to me! love it
  35. thank you fhrjr2, they will always be very special to me :)
  36. Thank you scottvez for that information. He went on to be a Wardmaster at Walter Reed for several years until he retired. I always loved sitting and listening to his stories, they never got old. I ...
  37. thank you vetraio50 and AR8Jason
  38. Thank you neilvbcolloctables and fifties50s....i'll be sure to keep him out of Texas ;)
  39. thank you epson233...I enjoy having it around
  40. thank you :) and thanks for the love AmberRose, ttomtucker, Woman34 and Michael
  41. You're very welcome, its gorgeous
  42. Thank you. I was up one night doing some rearranging and I moved him from the shelf he was on to another set of shelves. The next day I overheard the kids having a frantic discussion about how he go...
  43. Thats really cool, Im from greenup county, lived in Lexington, and Shelbyville too for a little bit. I've been living here in TN for the past couple of years but i'm going next week to look at some p...
  44. thank you vetraio50
  45. Thank you, they really do look great on display. Always nice to be surrounded by things that belonged to the people who meant most to you in life too :) I hope that you continue to have good luck as ...
  46. I appreciate your help very much. I know my kids will be happy to have something from their great grandfather when they get older, i'll be sure to buy the envelopes and share the information with them
  47. Am I safe to assume that any value they hold will continue to increase over the years? If so I would just put them away and save them for my own children for when they get older. Also, would you sug...
  48. Thanks for the information mustangtony, I know virtually nothing about coins. My first instinct when I pulled them from the box was to try to make them shiny and pretty lol glad I didnt
  49. Yes it is cool...had to move it to a high shelf out of the reach of my daughter once she found out it whistled, wasnt so cool when I listened to it several times a day but its a lot cooler up on that ...
  50. Thank you..and very true, I love having things around that belonged to my grandparents
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