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Washington state

I love to collect and repair old clocks, especially large public/bank clocks. Old cars and trucks although I'm now down to just one which is fine for me. WoodworkingI love to collect and repair old clocks, especially large public/bank clocks. Old cars and trucks although I'm now down to just one which is fine for me. Woodworking, antique furniture repair & restoration, even old appliances on occasion. (Read more)


  1. What a beautiful clock! Did you ever find out who the maker was. Do you still have it? thanks George
  2. Hmmm, Dont know where you draw the line on deco design but check out this site http://www.artdecocollection.com/seatingitemssold.htm It has many pieces similar in design to yours claiming to b...
  3. Your chair is similar to a couple of sets I have,couch and club chair which were made by the Pullman Furniture co. You can see them in my collection. I always figured them to be from the 1930s due to ...
  4. Nice! looks to have a New haven dial and I would suppose it's also a New haven Westminster chime movement as they are pinned directly together. Take a look at the New haven Abbey I have posted. regar...
  5. It's a vacuum chamber for use in medical or chemical laboratory's. Lid and base are ground to fit and sealed with high vacuum greese hope this helps. George
  6. should have a glass ring around top with a stem to act as a valve. to pull vacuum and also release vacuum pressure
  7. it's a Pyrex desiccator
  8. I don't treat my healthy addictions, I feed them. The settings will vary somewhat due to several things such as, outside temp.frequency of opening,condition of unit,door seal and cabinet insulation al...
  9. I love that 1941 ceo. what a ride!!!
  10. Great, we have 3 monitor top refrigerators and love them. Most people don't even realize that these refrigerators are efficient also using 70 watts when running 12 to 15 minutes per hr. To keep it fro...
  11. Very nice, If you need new floor pads are now available on Ebay. George
  12. We have A couple of couches and chairs very similar to your low back chair that were made by the Pullman furniture co. 1920s-30s hope this helps! George
  13. Nice tractor is it an H1 or H3? I know a fellow that has one of these?
  14. Thanks for sharing the photo's, I was glad to see, with a Google maps street view that the bank clock shown in a couple of the photo's survived the flood and is still mounted on the corner of 4th and ...
  15. I have one just like this, Perko brand. Was removed from port side of an old commercial fishing boat.
  16. Very nice, I have this same model (1937) this is a one year only model as the 1938 model had the condenser moved into the lower storage area and so began the era of inefficient refrigerators. As I rec...
  17. Gary, this refrigerator can be frost free! You need a Doray defroster clock is all. They are a wall mounted electric kitchen clock that was made specifically to defrost your refrigerator back when. T...
  18. That's a wonderful piece, how big is it? thanks George
  19. Bruce is correct this is an Abbey model that plays Westminster get it (Westminster Abbey) I have one just like it these are very nice clocks with a mellow tone so long as the leather hammer pads are i...
  20. Blair, your GE monitor top is a 1935-37, it uses sulfur dioxide as a refrigerant. These are very good and efficient units having the condensers on top so the heat produced doesn't rise into the cabine...
  21. I've posted a couple of pictures of it on show and tell page. here is a couple of youtube video's of it and the master clock that runs it. George http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPBT9ei8r10&featur...
  22. These are the upper panels for an O. B. McClintock two sided outside bank clock. These are from around 1915-30, hard to tell without the actual clock or it's history. I have a couple of these clocks...
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