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Hello, my name is Scott. I collect old telephone badges, telephone directories and telephone employee pins. I may possibly own the largest collection of AssociatHello, my name is Scott. I collect old telephone badges, telephone directories and telephone employee pins. I may possibly own the largest collection of Associated Telephone and Central Telephone pins in the USA (maybe the world!). These pins were issued to telephone employees for years of service and mostly come in increments of 5 years such as 10 years, 15 years, 20 years and so on. I have been collecting various telephone items for about 9 years now. Also I collect old books, old records, antique furniture and anything else I fancy as unique. If you need assistance in appraising any old telephone pins, then you can reach me at I will be glad to help out! A quick note...I collect these old telephone pins out of pure enthusiasm and passion - I am fascinated by them for whatever reason - I am not a dealer for profit nor will I ever be. (Read more)


  1. Hi ttomtucker, This telephone company was located in the Spokane, Washington area and parts of Northern Idaho.
  2. Thanks for posting ttomtucker!
  3. Has anybody out there seen a S.H. Couch Telephone pin? I am still searching...Thanks!
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  10. This Bell Telephone logo was used roughly from 1900 until 1910 - the blue border around the field of white and the blue bell in the center. The logo was used for a lot of the telephone companies such...
  11. Hi ttomtucker, Thank you. Yes, this ITT design is really cool. It displays telecommunications tying together the two hemispheres with telephone cables. The same design was painted ove the main e...
  12. Hi Militarist, Thank you for your comments...but it is just like I have said over and over...I have a Rickenbacker Guitar - a really beautiful guitar. I have seen this same guitar sell for up to $...
  13. Hi TubeAmp and Hi blunderbuss2, Both of your comments are truly appreciated. Thank you to both. I will post a photo of the reverse of the coin when I get a chance. To answer TubeAmp - yes, I g...
  14. Thank you blunderbuss2. I hope the coin is real or genuine as well. I just collect for the fun of it though. You have a real nice collection. Thank you again. Scott
  15. Hi blunderbuss2, Just a few comments. I would love to grade or test this coin. The leading authority on this type of coin is James H. Cohen of New Orleans. He could be brilliant or he could be c...
  16. Hi TubeAmp, What do you collect? I can't seem to find any items collected on your page - or am I overlooking them? Scott
  17. Hi blunderbuss2, Thank you for your comments. Let's please set the record straight - I never claimed to be an "authority" on this coin or the Civil War. What I did say is my research indicates th...
  18. Hi TubeAmp, Thank you for your comments - but let's just agree to disagree. You have your opinion and I have my opinion - so believe whatever you want. After all, does it really matter? Like I s...
  19. Hi blunderbuss2, Yes, you are correct. You are also right as the tokens you mention are marked 1961 and I have seen them for different events from Alabama to North Carolina. My research shows thi...
  20. To all, If you do not have any pertinent or constructive information, then please do not bother to contact me - I will report you. This post is for people who can contribute some credible informati...
  21. Hi TubeAmp, Thank you for your comment - but no (resounding no!). The picture you show is a common gift shop package and I have a hundred of those (they are all 30 mm in size). This coin I have is...
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  23. Hi Militarist, Well, I am somewhat disappointed in your comment. The coin is not a worthless repro. The coin is over 100 years old and it is easy to see and judge. I have been buying these coins...
  24. In my last comment. Patterson is credited with the reverse design - not the obverse design. A typo! The CSA Half Dol. has been called a "hybrid coin". This is because the obverse used a design cre...
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  27. 05/11/2013 Hello, After exhaustive research, I have found this coin is very scarce. If you have one in your possession, then you are holding a fortune! I tell you no lies! This coin is an o...
  28. 05/11/2013 Hi again to everybody! Thanks for all of the nice comments. After some more "digging for the truth", I have found this coin or token is smaller than a regular half dollar. Half doll...
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  36. Thank you mustangtony. These replicas are a dime a dozen but this one had a nice, deep strike. I just won an auction on Ebay for a 1861 CSA Half Dollar. It looks very old and there is a lot of my...
  37. Hi jrwllm, Yes, the mystery continues. This sign was posted outside of the entryway to Chicago Telephone - one sign mounted on either side of the front doors - sometime in the 1880s to 1890s. Thi...
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  41. Hello njlouv, Yes, I have one of these 30 year pins with a ruby as well. However, the majority were issued with turquoise. I have gone so far to believe that some were issued to men while others ...
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  48. Thank you ttomtucker! Well, I am not sure how big Delaware is as a State but I was told there were maybe only 4 exchanges total for D.S.T.Co. - A very small company. For some reason, the company is...
  49. Thank you mrmajestic1! I waited a long time for this pin. It was a small telco and therefore not many employees.
  50. I love it! I do have a pin very similar to this symbol AE. The symbol changed quite a bit over the years. Any symbol older than the one you show will be in the shape of a Strowger Dial (complete wi...
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