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As a rule, I like 'old stuff' anything with a history! I sure cannot decide on 'just one thing to collect' all thing old and cherished are loved by me too!As a rule, I like 'old stuff' anything with a history! I sure cannot decide on 'just one thing to collect' all thing old and cherished are loved by me too! (Read more)


  1. Thanks Stillwater, I appreciate your information! Even 70's 80's is good that it is Navajo, shadowbox and that you feel it is a nice little bolo!
  2. Thanks for the love vintagemad!
  3. vintageman, did you ever find out about the maker of this! It is so great!
  4. I like it! I think it's cool to have all to pots/pans. Nice display piece even if it turns out a knock off! Even those can be fun!
  5. thanks for the Love AmberRose!
  6. thanks dawnquiett!
  7. Thanks for your imput! I don't really want to wear it, it is just one of my old treasures! I'll be sure and let you know if I want a 'clip' designed for it for wearing ability. I think i know a sil...
  8. Well it was generous of you to share all the information and glad we agree that a silversmith to do the repair. I have done antique items for along time and always hate when someone strip's or redoes...
  9. Hey looks like you did a great job!
  10. Thanks to Vestaswind and to mrmajestic1 for the loves!
  11. Thanks AR8Jason for all your information! For now, I will give it a look. I also have edited the title with ?? . I do know that it is Sterling marked along with 'handmade' marked.. and that I do l...
  12. I must agree that I misstated on the meaning of overlay, I was meaning the shadow box look. I'll add a pic if I can of the clip mechanism as it does not have one. It needs a repair. Maybe you can he...
  13. No clue! but a great demi! oooooh...it should be required that they sign great things like this! :)
  14. Well the glaze looks soft to the touch on that last pic! I agree it looks to be somewhat better! the 3rd pic one is just too cute! So you have the best of the best... a flock of kitties, no litt...
  15. Thank to Bellin68 for the love!
  16. Hope you can get the other image's up now..seems to be working good today! This is awesome, there are some good sites online for details on Hood Ornaments!
  17. Thank Bootson! Makes sense to me.. Western Union sounds good! :)
  18. I too have a couple of these old slag glass tulip shaded lamps, one is a large one, hanging shade, in a lemon yellow and off white, and One is light baby blue that is a table lamp shade. I love them a...
  19. It is a beautiful old bag...very nicely made! I love Native American!!
  20. Well, if it were bigger I'd guess a pressed paper 'seat' for a chair. It has to be that altho alot smaller than I've ever used! We have some chairs that have those over a big empty place in the seat...
  21. Well that was my request! We are ready to see some of your finger waves!
  22. Hey, my vote is 'it's yours' call it what you choose! Takes someone special to love old things and just love stuff from the past.. the reason we are who and where we are! :)
  23. Ah, old ads are dear to my heart..these are beautiful! Not alot of people appreciate these as they should..books are going to be 'gone' from us some day.. with all the tablets and readers!
  24. Thank you both, Signaholic and Daddy_Nobucks! I hope to dig out some of my other coke stuff and will post them too. And yes it is a clean and awesome piece, glad it never had a home 'outdoors' An...
  25. So nice, a piece to be cherished!
  26. WOW how wonderful, I have worked with some nice items in the re-upholstery business, but never anything an unusual as this! Great FIND!!! I need to get out to garage sales more!
  27. thanks BeauxPurdy for the love it!
  28. thanks to all the new "love's it"!
  29. thanks for the love vanskyrock24!
  30. kerry1046, thanks for the loves it! aycockonxion, thank you too for the love's it!
  31. Signaholic, It seems alot of things counting the quality of these Gibson did soon change for the worse! One reason old things are so highly regarded these days!
  32. Oh yeah, vanskyock24, you are totally right! thanks for the love!
  33. Thanks Vontrike
  34. Signaholic, I missed that question about the bridge! I guess I need to 'look closer'! and it does have the orig tuning keys! I sure love my old Ventura!
  35. Thanks Manikin! It takes alot of adjectives, agreed!
  36. Thanks Signaholic, you added alot of great information! Yeah it's prob worth about that.. sounds great too! Nice to find something that hasn't been messed with! An old Vet owned it and loved his musi...
  37. Thanks pickrknows Thanks officialfuel And A big thanks to rocker-sd for the comment and the love!
  38. hey I was interested in the site for the mag ad's too..I don't see a reply to that! I love old ads! vintagemad, the mobil gas on is really neat!
  39. Ok so if stones have foil backs, then cleaning them should be left to someone that knows? These are beautiful!
  40. vintagemad, you sure do know alot about alot of things!
  41. That is a huge stone! At first look I thought 'ring'! WOW! I can tell I have alot of learning to do on Vintage Jewelry! thanks for posting these! I hope you post more soon!
  42. I'm on the lookout for some Coro now! Such wonderful detail in these!!
  43. I bet I know someone that would really Love this one! It is so cute!
  44. This is SOOOOO wonderful!
  45. Some little boys dream car! He will love the crane!!
  46. thanks toolate! thanks Manikin!
  47. Hey, this is a great old chair, and you did get some wonderful information it seems! thank you to fhrjr2 and vetriao50 from on this. We have a beautiful old chair and I'm going to look thru the links...
  48. Thank you T , I think it is an extra nice one!
  49. We bought an Old Regal Blonde archtop at an auction several years ago, probably around the same era as this on. We took pictures and sent them to Gruen Guitars in Nashville with an agreement that he ...
  50. Bluegrass at it's best! love it!
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Round Bottom Carved Chair 1957 vibrolux amp. 5f11 My Left Handed Schecter Telecaster 1885 Victor high-wheeler


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