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History fascinates me, therefore, my obsession with ~ Mid-century costume jewelry, preferably 40s ~ Coro, Selro, figurals, and anything that catches my eye VintageHistory fascinates me, therefore, my obsession with ~ Mid-century costume jewelry, preferably 40s ~ Coro, Selro, figurals, and anything that catches my eye Vintage postcards and photographs ~ Military couples, USA travel, and anything that catches my eye Vinyl records and 45s Every item tells a story ~~~ (Read more)


  1. Thx Kerry and Manikin :)
  2. Gorgeous piece, blond -- do you wear it, its just lovely!
  3. Fabulous :)
  4. The center stone looks like a yummy piece of blue candy :) ! Lovely ~~
  5. OOPS! I think i posted this as "Fine Jewelry" when actually it should be under "Costume Jewelry". Sorry...
  6. Ditto :)
  7. Great pin!
  8. I have a feeling she will love it! :)
  9. Thank you for the love, scandinavian_pieces , I appreciate! :)
  10. Soo lovely - and I'm learning more too, I didn't know much either about Beaujewels... :)
  11. All are stunning - I'm crazy about your Coro pieces, lovely!
  12. the whole collection is lovely, but the first two are absolutely WOW pieces :)
  13. Thank you, l.a.lady - I am looking closely at it under magnification and can now make out the patent - 1852188 - I have a feeling it might be for the clasping mechanism as that is where the number is ...
  14. Such a nice keepsake he gifted you with!
  15. Gorgeous!! :)
  16. Lovely piece!
  17. I love unusual crucifixes -- I think you got a couple of beautiful pieces at your estate sales, papa!
  18. Are the white stones a type of amethyst as well? Just curious - it's a stunning set :)
  19. You have got some gorgeous pieces! :) This one is a beauty as well...
  20. THAT is stunning, wow!! :)
  21. Claymation rules ~~ !
  22. I don't know anything about them, but they are absolutely charming!~ Steiff perhaps?
  23. What a fabulous guy!
  24. Isn't he wonderful! -- He's got such great character to him!
  25. Stunning piece~
  26. I am an absolute Lucy GEEK, and mad crazy fan, and I love seeing her here :) so thank you for posting her ~~ Season 1, Episode 30, "Lucy Does a TV Commercial" ~~
  27. On the contrary, I think they are charming (at least in the photos!) Very "folk-arty" ~
  28. Precious face on her, she is great :)
  29. How fun are these?!! (I'm having Sunday School flashbacks :)
  30. THIS is fabulous! Such a lovely set :)
  31. Those flashbulbs would BLIND you, I remember! So fun and nostalgic! :)
  32. You should research this album online -- some versions of it are very collectible and valuable :)
  33. Anything with Sidney on the cover is a keeper ;) wonderful!
  34. Wonderful car, but so sad that the park is now history :(
  35. the soda and your bottle :) ...
  36. OMG there she is!!!! My first Barbie, I love her!! Yes she had three wigs and a plastic head, I was just speaking about her and here she is!
  37. Esther, is the first one an American made doll? She reminds me of Chatty Cathy, but I would think she'd be marked Mattel somewhere... and if she doesn't talk, she isn't Chatty Cathy I guess, lol. But ...
  38. Yes they are all fabulous, but I'd have to say my favorite is number 1, just gorgeous :)
  39. lovely :)
  40. I marvel that my hubby doesn't like Prince -- I always say "how can you not like Prince??!" LOVE him (and your poster!)
  41. Definitely NOT a castoff :) --lovely!
  42. vintagelove, do you really think so? -- it is smooth on the inside, so now you have me wondering even more about it. I really should have it tested, I suppose... in any event, I think he's just wonder...
  43. Your purchases are fabulous, as is your image, great still life :)
  44. Wow they are all fabulous :)
  45. Fabulous!
  46. Wow, this one is magnificent!
  47. Thanks Agram, I think so too!
  48. I would guess this was made in the 1930s, but its just a guess. It is stunning!
  49. Very chic and timeless design!
  50. Stunning color on these!
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1854 kellogg coin Green "glass" Bracelet Halloween   A Party Game orange crush Two unknown Famosas and a French ¿Bella? in Desperate need of TLC antique necklace and earring My first piece :) What is it ? Lisner? one of Abuela Esther's pin - brooches Coro Vintage Collection Continued 1940's-1950's Love the Frog!


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