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I am a collector of anything cool! of course the thrill of the hunt is an addiction in it self, that a non collectojunkie could never under stand.


  1. That's cool! looks like the one on the old Clash of the Titans movie!
  2. LOL!! that bad? I am not surprised! i have never seen a real one and just noticed small differences so i had to ask. thank you guys thats why i love this web sight!
  3. I also have a 2 year old little girl! but i think the doll would be much safer with the army guys!
  4. thank you for the info Manikin! i guess i will let my 5 year old boy use her as a war casualty with his army guys! lol thanks again!
  5. would it leave like a raised chalky type paint?or powder? thats what the white looks like. i see theres 2 similar ones on ebay now under vintage Disney prints snow white and the other is thumper, one ...
  6. ya im not into that type of Americana or what ever they call it? but thats the first thing i thought of was which tree to hang it from, maybe a poor choice of words!
  7. well if it glowed before it dos not now, i also put it under a black light and it was nothing spectacular but i could see how it might have been glowing at one time
  8. thank you i will have to do a little more digging on what to look for close up. i just looked at it under a glass and you can see the parts that are painted are on more of a fabric type like you would...
  9. these things are cool! i just picked one up myself only its silver and the name is Astin, i don't know much about them but the one i have winds, works good to, the one thing i have learned about some ...
  10. thank you for all comments! i have not tried the hot needle test yet. the ones with the red dots have more of a grain and i am not sure how the Semi chrome test works! i have tried the 4o9 test on o...
  11. Garlic Worm is definitely my favorite!! And for the record Vintagemad can paint, if my memory serves me.. you painted the walls behind the paintings.
  12. Thanks to both of you! And forgive my Spanish,i thought this Recuerdo guy must be some bullfighter! It all makes sense though! the gentleman at the sale was about that age and picked up the souvenir k...
  13. thank you! i have dug up bottles in the past,but not any of these. I bought these ones at yard sales and second hand stores over the past 5 or 6 years. i used to work in land development and we would...
  14. I guess its called a Anri hand carved bottle stopper from Italy. looks like people are collecting these things!
  15. thanks foghorn! i feel your pain, my mom was a car thief and had to sit some time in the big house! i think it hardened her some, but if you met her brothers you would understand.
  16. i think it explains why its in such good shape,everyone put him right back in the box!
  17. i here he has a good looking cousin though!
  18. what is the one on the far right made of? i found one like it yesterday. it looks like glass but cracks on most of them
  19. Lloyd as i said before i agree! its only worth what someone will pay you for it. but as a antiquarian book collector i would think you have done some more research than just Ebay! tell me your not ba...
  20. and Lloyd the only ones that list more than a couple bucks are the older ones or the special editions the 60,70,80 are the ones you will find easily, try to find a old one
  21. well lloyd you are right on one thing, its only worth what someone will pay you for it. that being said where would we be without price guides? allot of them go off actual auction prices. i have a fir...
  22. thanks Pop i will check it out. and yes she was hot!her old man was kinda creepy, his lips would kind of twitch like he was blowing bubbles but he wouldnt say any thing! strange!! thanks vintagemad
  23. why do you think its not from a pinball game? looked like it to me!
  24. Hi vintagemad, this is him. now fredfishback..long story. anyhow i am just giving you a hard time. nice finds! i wouldn't no what to put up! i have mostly junk,i will see what i can find.
  25. OMG! would your aunt like to adopt a nephew? has anyone else ever gave you jewelry hmm?
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