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Mankato, Minnesota

I collect collect everything but my main interest is in fruit jars and bottles.


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Spinthariscope (circa 1960) - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Purple Glass Insulator - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
One Gallon Green Glass Milk Jug - Bottlesin Bottles
What is this? - Pensin Pens
Vintage Notary / Corporate Seal Stamp - Officein Office
Halsey Dinnerware, Damask Rose Pattern - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Lionel 721 Locomotive & Tender Car - Model Trainsin Model Trains
Baldwin Deluxe Sewing Machine - Sewingin Sewing
Electric Cigar Lighter - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
Remington No. 12 Typewriter - Officein Office


  1. Your crystals are Amethyst crystals that were heat treated. The heating process turns the crystals Yellow Orange. Your altered crystals are now known as imitation Citrine Crystals.
  2. I have the same planter dated 1970 but the number is 6470. So what do the numbers mean? Production runs? Limited additions?
  3. Thank you for the information! It appears that an isograph needle stylus point threads into this holder. What's confusing is you can only make a very small ink circle. Maybe 1/2” (if that) or less....
  4. It's a Electric Cigar Lighter. I have a ceramic lighter shown here.
  5. Does anyone know when The Fidelity & Casualty Co. existed? I assume they merged with another company and changed their name. I cannot find anything about them on the internet.
  6. Nice sewing machine. I posted a Baldwin Sewing machine a few months ago. Its another Japanese Singer clone. I could not find any information on the Baldwin machine other than it was made in the lat...
  7. I'm familiar with the American Steam Gauge Company. The words “STEREOPTICAN AND FILM EXCHANGE” on the gauge is interesting. I googled those words and came to the conclusion it had to do with process...
  8. All these gauges were taken off boilers used to heat buildings. I was in the Plumbing and Heating business. The Steam Gauge used on a Locomotive or piece of steam machinery would be the same. All m...
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