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Mankato, Minnesota

I collect collect everything but my main interest is in fruit jars and bottles.


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Western Electric Vacuum Tube and Bakelite Socket - Electronicsin Electronics
Haeger Pottery - Potteryin Pottery
Barbarina Print by the German Artist Georg Schobel  - Fine Artin Fine Art
Hand Blown Art Glass - Art Glassin Art Glass
1940's Egg Laying Hen in a Basket Tin Toy - Toysin Toys
Spinthariscope (circa 1960) - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Purple Glass Insulator - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
One Gallon Green Glass Milk Jug - Bottlesin Bottles
What is this? - Pensin Pens
Vintage Notary / Corporate Seal Stamp - Officein Office


  1. AnythingObscure and PhilDMorris, Thank you for your wonderful comments. I found that the A. M. Company is the Alden Manufacturing Company from Springfield, Massachusetts. That company today may be...
  2. Nice sewing machine! I posted a Japanese Singer clone sewing machine a few years ago. It was a Baby Blue Baldwin made around 1956.
  3. Watchsearcher, Did you notice the clock on the mantel says 8:00?
  4. Looks like Blenko Glass. Go to there website and send them a photo. Maybe they could date your water bottle.
  5. Thanks for the comment Golgatha. I agree that the central figure is King Frederic II. The uniform and medal is consistent with the time. Somebody called it a French Court Scene. That could be wrong...
  6. Your crystals are Amethyst crystals that were heat treated. The heating process turns the crystals Yellow Orange. Your altered crystals are now known as imitation Citrine Crystals.
  7. I have the same planter dated 1970 but the number is 6470. So what do the numbers mean? Production runs? Limited additions?
  8. Thank you for the information! It appears that an isograph needle stylus point threads into this holder. What's confusing is you can only make a very small ink circle. Maybe 1/2” (if that) or less....
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Home Mark Sewing Machine I am so confused