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traveler, mom, wife, love of the unknown, little bit gypsy, thrifter and eternal optimist.


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Horse painting - Fine Artin Fine Art
Another signature that seems familiar but cannot locate - Potteryin Pottery
Beautiful Art Pottery  - Potteryin Pottery
Great Piece of 60's pottery - Potteryin Pottery
Bright Blue awesome bowl - Potteryin Pottery
Art Pottery guy - Potteryin Pottery
Asian Sculptures - Asianin Asian
Rising Fawn Plate - Potteryin Pottery
Steve Sides signed Vase - Potteryin Pottery
Brutalist Lidded Jar - Potteryin Pottery


  1. black tank, white shorts? I don't know if you know her. Mary is her name.
  2. I haven't confirmed it with Rick yet but what Oregon potter are you thinking of, I was born and raised there
  3. Rick Hintze from Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
  4. This is not by Harding Black, I've been in contact with his people in TX.
  5. Thanks for the info. It was my dads so it's been around for some time ;)
  6. Love this! I just picked up an orange double one of these of these chairs. Was kind of hard giving up my couch as my main sitting place but these chairs are just too cool not to have as a focal point....
  7. I love all the tips you've been giving me! Thank you so much
  8. Thank you so much
  9. Am I lucky cause you know the mark or just because that's lucky to find ? Lol
  10. I thought the same thing.... Thanks for taking a look ;)
  11. I gotcha ;)
  12. I saw some things from Peter Behrens but it didn't seem to fit. Wouldn't that be nice! Guess I should try and verify before I load it up with fruit valentino97 because I was thinking the exact same ...
  13. We have super tall ceilings in our place and I'm going to place it on an inside wall facing away from the sun. I think you are correct about them being collectible but I think the market is pretty sma...
  14. I'm sure you know more about them than me for sure ;) It was something I read and of course, everything we read online is true hahaha!! Thanks so much for all your info.
  15. Thanks! I couldn't believe he was getting rid of this for 5 bucks. He was selling his belongings and moving to Alaska haha! I believe it is on paper, the very center piece, there are multiple layers g...
  16. Lady Margaret Peyton (nee Bernard) rather famously known as 'The Lace Lady', created with gold wax crayon on a special black rag paper. This rubbing is taken from a replica of a memorial 'brass' and m...
  17. love this! we had one that was really rough so I am having my husband redo it. Not to the original style but something fun. A little more hippie - haha! This is a great VW you found! I think I picked ...
  18. hey lundy, did you find out anymore about this table? I have a similar framed print that i've been trying to identify and mine has a white statue (mine is a woman) with the flowers and bonsai in a sha...
  19. mark reads Fudo-o. ‚Ó‚Ç‚¤; in hiragana.
  20. I haven't found any K's that are joined either.. Maybe more of a star mark? Seems like pretty common studio pottery but still cannot locate. I love my collectors weekly peeps always willing to help ou...
  21. Similar to Ain Sakhri lovers figurine. Cannot find a modern example....
  22. Thanks! I love her ;)
  23. This turned out to be quite old and had someone scoop it up from me :)
  24. I have a similar piece but the markings on mine are not painted but more carved and the marking is also carved. Did you find anymore info on your piece? They are great. Mine is rough to the touch, lit...
  25. Korean Sake jar???
  26. also i wasn't aware that things were not duplicated - this is good to know also.
  27. from what i'm reading about stillwater and the comments being left on mine and other users it seems there is an intent on just being negative. live and let live. are we not all here because we enjoy t...
  28. Hi Stillwater, not reason in particular that I want two - I just tend to do things in "twos" - nothing to understand really. OCD maybe :) - thanks for the comment
  29. Thanks Jim. I've always had little pieces like this here and there because they fit the decor I like but recently have been into reading about the history. Ah, 40, time to slow it down and learn a lit...
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Celadon and cup keane picture New large Thai Buddha, 30 inch all four 30+ lbs. AND Local  "City of 10,000 Buddhist" AZTEC  Mystery Box!  $23.00 arrived  WOW!!!


posted 4 years ago
posted 7 years ago