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My name is Guy and I like glass. Mostly simple mid century nordic designs by artists like Timo Sarpaneva, Nanny Still, Kaj Franck, Tapio Wirkkala, Klaus Breit, H.H.My name is Guy and I like glass. Mostly simple mid century nordic designs by artists like Timo Sarpaneva, Nanny Still, Kaj Franck, Tapio Wirkkala, Klaus Breit, H.H. Engler, Aimo Okkolin,.. I also collect Stig Lindberg Fajans items. (Read more)


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Wiesenthalhütte colour comparison  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Ryd Glasbruk Jug, Sweden - Art Glassin Art Glass
Another Mobach Ceramics Display (Jaan Mobach, Piet Knepper, Joke Stroes,..) - Potteryin Pottery
Collection of Mobach Ceramics (Utrecht, The Netherlands) - Potteryin Pottery
Blomglas Vases designed by Fabian Lundqvist for Alsterfors 1962 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Cocktail Set designed by Kjell Blomberg for Gullaskruf 1962 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Wiesenthalhütte Collection __ K. Breit | H.H. Engler | K.H. Eisele - Art Glassin Art Glass
Our living room (a view from the sofa) - Furniturein Furniture
My Nanny Still Koristepullo set is complete (for now) - Art Glassin Art Glass
Collection of Kaj Franck Glass (Nuutajärvi Notsjö and Iittala) - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. I have the same one but without the stopper. This one is nicer tho..
  2. I have the same one in blue, love this shape..
  3. little update, I think I'm set now.. ;-)
  4. this one is going on my wish list ;-)
  5. Some prices have definitely gone up due to CW. Specially the WH prices. The BIN prices on eBay are ridiculous nowadays.
  6. Yeah I pretty much like them all, but I would only like to own like 3% of her designs.. that's about 3 series I think LOL
  7. LOL koristepullo section?¡ planning to open a museum?
  8. to be quite honest, I don't have any glass displayed in my house at the moment. everything is bubble wrapped and stashed in boxed. as soon as we have moved to our new place and I figure out how I can ...
  9. Nanny was the queen of glass.. I love all her designs!
  10. I still need the large one, I only have the smaller version of this pitcher. Lovely piece.
  11. it has a long neck
  12. I have 1 with a flat top. A smokey blue one, but I also have a smokey blue one with a spout so that last one has to go ;-)
  13. send me the left one ;-)
  14. that bottle is amazing!
  15. how big is it? it looks enormous!
  16. yeah, the åseda one is nicer ;-) sure you can post it on FB
  18. lovely set!
  19. It's too nice to be used as a cheese cover ;-)
  20. I have 2 myself, a purple one signed "T.S." and a blue one fully signed "T. SARPANEVA - 2517" Hope this helps ;-)
  21. i hate you for taking such nice pictures ;-) the lighting is just ridiculously good teach me!
  22. not a big fan of the grey but i love the shape
  23. very nice, i'd gladly waste $5 on a vase like that..
  24. yep, I have the Ryd one in yellow with the Ryd sticker still on it ;-)
  25. yep, I have the Ryd one in yellow with the Ryd sticker still on it ;-)
  26. MOBACH is the grand family of Dutch ceramics. In one form or another the Mobach family has been involved in ceramics for eight generations. The Mobachs were a family of weavers who suffered greatl...
  27. not a big fan of the form but i do like the contrast of the grey and red
  28. sigh.. i need that one!!!
  29. too bad they are grey, otherwise i would have bought them i already have too many graphite WH pieces
  30. it also looks a lot like the 2528 decanter by timo sarpaneva.. glad i found that one after all these years. it doesnt pop up too often.
  31. WH lover here too ;-)
  32. i'm glad you love it so much @cobalt: maybe i'll post some new stuff soon i picked up some new kaj franck pieces and a few more sarpaneva stackers
  33. that wirkkala pitcher is still on my hit list!
  34. bye old friend, i have a feeling you've found a good home ;-)
  35. i have the same one in grey, quality piece!
  36. very nice shape and it complements my old alsterfors vases very well ;-)
  37. Thanks everybody!
  39. love the simplicity kan je me even emailen, ik heb wat vraagjes
  40. Koristepullos are more narrow and have a concave bottom. They are all signed as far as I know.
  41. It's a first edition Berlin bottle by Habitat. The later Berlin bottles were redesigned by Aaron Probyn. See austrohungaro post:
  42. Like I already told Alejandro, I'm not a big fan of clear glass. I just love a bit of colour. ;-)
  43. K = clear GRT = red O = dark green MO = blue grey (but it looks purple in the WH catalogue) T = brighter version of olive green
  44. I'd kill for this jug (with or without cork) It was available in K (Kristall), GRT (Granat), Olive (O), Montan (MO) and Tundra (T)
  45. Allebei voor 10 euro?! Gelukzak ;-)
  46. Need to get a few of those flat top ones myself if I can get them for cheap (not likely anytime soon) But it would really complete my koristepullo collection :-)
  47. I'll bring the whole set with me next time we visit Madrid. Maybe we can trade for some of your WH stuff..
  48. By all means, be as whimsical today as you wish my fellow glass lover ;-) Happy birthday!
  49. I just received them and in fact it is the 3001!!!! I really like the red one, the colour really compliments the shape. Reminds me of a smaller version of the red 125th anniversary by Harri Koskinen...
  50. Wouldn't it be great to have all 4 sizes + the wider one in different colours.. 5 different vases, 5 different colours (granat, polarblau, tundragrün. aquamarin and cardinal) But pretty rare as they...
  51. See more