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Art Glass collector, Murano, Loetz&Fralik, Fenton, Blenko, any studio art, Hilltop Artists, Dale Chilhuly...but still pretty new to this so lots to learn! I also lovArt Glass collector, Murano, Loetz&Fralik, Fenton, Blenko, any studio art, Hilltop Artists, Dale Chilhuly...but still pretty new to this so lots to learn! I also love all things Norman Rockwell! (Read more)


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Vintage Murano Candelabra - Art Glassin Art Glass
Vintage Hand Drawn Picture signed and numbered  - Fine Artin Fine Art
Vintage Mid-century Barbini cased Murano Glass Bowl w/ 24K gold flake - Art Glassin Art Glass
XL Abstract Style Mystery Art Glass Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Vintage Stan O'Neil studio glass centerpiece  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Vintage rainbow iridescent perfume decanter signed "Ames" - Art Glassin Art Glass
American Art Glass from Tacoma Museum of Art "Hot Shop" 2007 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Beautiful Mt St Helens Ash Glass Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Art Glass Sculpture  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Liuli Crystal signed 2011 - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. So I contacted the Museum of Glass and turns out they are by a artist named Alex Stisser that worked in "the hot shop" in the museum from 2006-2009!
  2. I am embarrassed to say I've never done a google image search but I will be glad to try!
  3. It looks like studio art glass and the signature on the bottom is dated 96 for 1996 I assume. I tried reading the signature in the picture but couldn't but I bet thats the artist name or the studio. C...
  4. No the signature is illegible but I don't think it has the word studio it looks like a name but its pretty condensed so another mystery piece in my collection lol
  5. I see that you know a lot about glass artists from Japan and overseas. I've got this fish that I swear is signed Makoto or Mahoto or maybe Mafoto? its in my posts with yellow, red and green stripes an...
  6. So awesome!! It was fate Deano! I love when you just say "what the heck" and something beautiful like this finds you! Great piece!
  7. Thanks Ivonne!!! I'm so glad there's a site with friendly collectors to help me grow my knowledge
  8. Stunning! I love it! Would you please take a look at the end of day style accent vase I posted 22 days ago. I'm a new collector and from what I've been told and researched its a vintage Kralik and Loe...
  9. Stunning! Thanks for the info too! I'm a new collector and there's so much fake BS out there its easy to be fooled. Love this piece!
  10. I have a small trinket dish by the same artist and signed as well! But I can't see the thread to read what you learned!! lOL please let me know the name
  11. It's actually the Pontil itself yes. And it's indented quite a bit too but I've tried looking up pontils for studios and found nothing yet. Thanks again Deani! You're the man!
  12. Beautiful Stuff brotha! You've got quite the collection! Deano thanks for the insight on my mystery fish #2. Since you seem to be very well educated on art glass and I'm less than a year into starting...
  13. Hello Alan2310, beautiful piece!! I wonder if you could take a look at a post of mine on show and tell. I have a accent vase with the all the details from size to style that leads me to believe its a ...
  14. Thanks scottvez! I appreciate the insight. Do you have any idea as to the period or manufacturer of the frame and/or photo?
  15. Thank you so much Shareurpassion! And everyone thats liked the photos. As someone that is new to collecting this has been the most frustrating part for me...not identifying signatures, pieces etc. I l...
  16. Thanks for all the Likes and Loves!
  17. Thanks for the Love it's! The search continues...
  18. Thanks antiquerose. The more research I do the more I'm starting to think you're correct but I still can't find anything about that pontil mark! lol its definitely hand blown, and the craftsmanship is...
  19. I forgot to add the dimensions, ts 7 1/2 inches tall and 3 1/4 inches wide which also matched the Fralik art deco and tango accent vases of the period I mentioned for most of the end of day style acce...
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Miniature Oil Lamp Silver Inlay ? Murano ? Hand Blown Glass cobalt blue


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