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ANY REPRODUCTION OF THIS IMAGES IN MY PROFILE SITE IN ANY FORM IS NOT AUTHORIZED. Love to collect anything and everything that has to do with the past, I collect, pANY REPRODUCTION OF THIS IMAGES IN MY PROFILE SITE IN ANY FORM IS NOT AUTHORIZED. Love to collect anything and everything that has to do with the past, I collect, postcard,glass, magazine,books,prints to name a few. (Read more)


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 Gold Ring - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
 Art glass bracelet - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Claude is no Longer Alone , Thank You  Manikin XOXO! - Animalsin Animals
StarLux Pirate toy - Toysin Toys
1840 King Louis Phillippe silver medal??? I think is silver lol - World Coinsin World Coins
To BE OR NOT TO BE ROLEX WATCH??? - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
Flower Brooch need help Id Material - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Inlay Ring Signed - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
My First TY Beanie Baby  Is he Cute!! - Animalsin Animals
Hello every one! Its been awhile. Two old rings found - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry


  1. Love them, colors are amazing
  2. Love it, my husband has one to it is a Omega automatic not sure of year. Thanks for sharing
  3. Thank you, TassieDevil, I will look into it ans see if i can find more Info.
  4. Thank you, fhrjr2 for your help, it makes sense I went along calling it Chinese because of the characters inside box. :)I'm thrill that it is gold! Thank you again
  5. Thank you, Newfld,nutsabotas6,jscott0363,Vetraio50 :)
  6. Thank you, MALKEY, I really appreciated :)
  7. Thank you Phil, yes Mani has being a big part of our Life here in Collectors weekly and I can say You are Wonderful Too!!!
  8. Thank you fortapache :)
  9. I think you of you too valentino97, you are part of the beginning of Collectors Weekly Friendship xoxo
  10. Thank you fortapache,nutsabotas6 :)
  11. Thank you Phil :)
  12. billretirecoll, Thank you its about 3" but need to unpack it later this evening, will post accurate size.
  13. Thank you,Newfld it kind of does lol!
  14. Thank you, Collectables59, SpiritBear :)
  15. Love it!!! I too have a broken pin brooch but my does not have any markings. I will post soon.
  16. valentino97, I agree with you its hard to find good treasures in store.
  17. Thank you billretirecoll yes i can see it now 1960"s :)
  18. Thank you nutsabotas, wow had no Idea!
  19. Thank you Manikin, aura,PhilDMorris,Tigra,Hel,ttomtucker :)
  20. Thank you,freiheit,TassieDevil,Newfld,racer4four for the loves!
  21. Thank you,nutsabotas yes I love looking for bargains :)
  22. Thank you billretirecoll for the link :) I appreciated!!!
  23. Thank you, ttomtucker for the loves!
  24. Nice! :)
  25. Thank you, Trey :)
  26. Thank you everyone for the Loves :)
  27. Thank you Newfld, Me too :)
  28. Thank you, Phil :) Happy New Year!
  29. Thank you Gillian for the comment, I added more Pictures im not great with metal sculptures of any kind but found it to be interesting It is very heavy to Hold and the tray is thin.
  30. Happy New Year Trey!
  31. Thank you, gargoycollector, Happy New Year!
  32. Happy New Year! Manikin could it be a Ford? My Husband has a 1937 Ford it kind off looks like it :) no Expert ;)
  33. Thank you, everyone,for the love!
  34. Hello,vetraio50 Happy New Year!
  35. Happy New year! billretirecoll :) Thank you for the suggestions.
  36. Thank you, fortapache
  37. Love it! could it be Rob Livingston Navajo (1960)
  38. YAY! For ho2cultha.
  39. Hi Alan Thank you for your questions, im not sure about the tray how can i tell if it was added in a later date? The mark I think I found is the last picture, it looks to me to be S T ?? OR 5 7 What d...
  40. Thank you, ho2cultcha for the nice comment :)
  41. Thank you, melaniej Roycroftbooksfromme1 swampdogg vetraio50 mikelv85 fortapache
  42. Thank you Phil, that is more than likely.
  43. Thank you SEAN68 ;)
  44. CanyonRoad, Thank you,for you Comment
  45. Hi Im not to sure, but maybe this could help you. Good luck!
  46. All I can say is WOW!!!
  47. Love it!
  48. Thank you Sean68, Happy Holidays to you
  49. Beautiful, Love it!
  50. Hi Manikin, Merry Christmas to yo too and May the New year bring Peace and joy to all of us !
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