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Large Fenton Carnival - Glasswarein Glassware
Made in Italy! But who made it? - Art Glassin Art Glass
New Addition to the collection. - Art Glassin Art Glass
I love Pink! this Lamp. - Lampsin Lamps
Murano or art glass?  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Calling Glass experts! Too big to be true! - Art Glassin Art Glass
GIANT James Dean poster. - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
My latest mystery lamp!  - Lampsin Lamps
Loved the colors! Jack in the Pulpit vase. - Art Glassin Art Glass
I Love Genie......I mean Aladdin Lamps! - Lampsin Lamps


  1. Wow! That is lot of detailed information. Thank you Malkey and TallCakes ! Happy to know I have something different in my collection. Thank you all for your Love.
  2. Thank you for the Love Vetraio50, Spiritbear, My fav treasures, Manikin, Martika and Aura. It is nice to know that my find was liked by all of you glass lovers.
  3. Just saw your Murano Latticino bowl Antiquerose, it is Stunning as you correctly said.
  4. Thanks a lot Rick for your reserch work it made me feel even better about the find, and for the new name too he he! Blue happens to be my favorite color.
  5. Awesome vase Rick! Great find.
  6. Thank you Rick55. I agree on 'LOT of ribbon work'. It made me think twice before buying, but it being unusual was what made me buy it.
  7. I am sure it looks amazing with LED base PhilDMorris, may be you can share a picture of your find.what was the price if I may ask? Thanks for pointing out the discrepancy, I went and checked the weigh...
  8. Hello Tirebob, that is one nice sign you found. You are absolutely correct, Goodyear entered Indian market about 90 years back. I worked for over 3 yrs in their Aurangabad(India) plant. I still have a...
  9. Oh Wow! Wish you a belated Happy Birthday melaniej! What better way to celebrate your Birthday than being with all that mind boggling art. I will look forward to those videos or pictures from Chrysler...
  10. LOL SpiritBear!! That sounds like a good plan. In fact I do live where Tornado alerts are not rare so I might actually put it to that use :).
  11. Thanks for the love Aura, Blunderbuss2 and Deano!
  12. Thank you Luckyme for the pointer on restoring the beauty of this lamp and also for information on the Book. I will definetly look up for one.
  13. Happy Birthday Pinupmonster! May you get many more of such amazing gifts!
  14. By 'some pieces glow' if you mean that that pieces glow in dark, then they are 'Vaseline glass' and the only one I think that could glow would be the tall one on right with yellow hue. Happy collecti...
  15. Thank you for adding the information bladerunner22.
  16. Thank you Trey! I am glad I found this 'amazing world of collectors ' like you.
  17. Yes, the paper shows age (overall yellowing as you would see in old paper, I can't see the edges since it is inside the frame). It probably was framed when it was purchased I don't know when. It still...
  18. Oops! I know how it feels when something that close to memories break. It is a Gone with the wind hurricane lamp and thankfully it won't be that hard to find a new shade for it. All the best!
  19. Thank you for 'Love it' blunderbuss2! This was my first but surely not the last Show n Tell post. Looking forward to get some expert advise from all you amazing collectors.
  20. Awesome Lamp! Superb find!
  21. Absolutely Amazing Lamp! Great Find. I love the way light reflects on shiny metal body. Would you mind sharing how did you find this Lamp?
  22. Hi! I was quite excited to see the picture of similar lamp that I have been trying to research about. But I see nobody had any inputs on it. In one of the references I could see that these were made a...
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