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  1. I've got a few pieces in this pattern. http://www.yobunny.com/pottery/index.php?topic=12260.0 I may have wrongly assumed these were printed on, because today i came by a very similar patterned jug,...
  2. The English did a lot with shells back in the Victorian times when lot's of people use to go to the beach for their holidays. Nice find.
  3. These are quite similar... http://www.metmuseum.org/art/collection/search/210160?rpp=20&pg=28&ao=on&ft=wine&pos=547# French maybe?
  4. The pics are long gone. With the jug being so close in design to each other i wouldn't like to say for sure who's it might be, and there is also a possibility of a third manufacture. I'm not an expert...
  5. This is quite an old post and all of the links are broken but it's most certainly talking about this jug.... http://www.glassmessages.com/index.php/topic,4919.0.html
  6. As far as i know there are only two makers of these so far.... Ludvika Smrckova for Antonin Ruckl, and Loetz. I'm a bit behind the times in the glass world though.
  7. Some vases here with the same pattern number, not sure if coincidence.... http://www.thegildedcurio.com/item-Harrach-904.html http://www.thegildedcurio.com/item-Harrach-72.html The pattern seems s...
  8. Oh, it's glass, never noticed. Have you tried looking into Harrach glass? Some marks here... https://sites.google.com/site/bohemianglassandmore/harrach-alpha-numberic-markings-de-constructed
  9. I had one of these once, didn't know it came with a stand though. The company had many names... Cristallerie de Pantin Stumpf, Touvier, Viollet & Cie Monot et Cie Monot Stumpf & Cie Monot Per...
  10. Mine looks more like yours rather than the one in that listing.
  11. I have one more or less the same but with the name "Peter"... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/vintage-rare-1950s-wind-up-alarm-clock-with-musical-ballarina-by-peter-germany-/222449723884?hash=item33cb0969ec...
  12. I'm excited to see these, i was fairly sure i'd seen these before on the Glass Message Board about 10 years ago. I searched for "french glasses glass museum" in google and found these... http://www.m...
  13. This is in a different league to bottle companies as it's cut glass. This could be Murano or Czech, with an importers label. Not sure.
  14. It's made by Price & Kensington of Staffordshire.
  15. Could it be a Worcester mark? Unfortunately i don't have my books with the marks in them as someone has borrowed them.
  16. It's a lovely old mohair bear. I'm not an expert though. The eyes would probably have originally been made from glass. Look for signs of a label on the paw pads or around the ears.
  17. I often see similar sets with a label or a mark for Regency of London. Might be worth a search.
  18. Sounds Scandinavian, like Karhula.
  19. I had one of these in purple years ago, not sure what i did with it.
  20. It looks Romanian.
  21. Looks like a Koi carp, and that greanish blue pottery looks oriental.
  22. For some odd reason you have to own the item before you can post it, i don't get it either. I've had one of my posts removed even though it was my own picture. I actually felt like quitting this websi...
  23. I posted it... http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/201126-silver-coloured-pendant-brooch
  24. Is it made of rope or string? If so could be sailors ropework... http://www.maritimeheritageeast.org.uk/exhibitions/sailors-ropework/sailors-ropework
  25. Oh gosh, i have one very similar to this, with the same stick out pin and the same loop at the top. The pin has been hammered in. The decoration is different with it having a rose in the middle and l...
  26. Yeah, i've got a similar one... https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/59/de/b9/59deb9dc8d9abb693581bcee95adf681.jpg Still trying to ID it.
  27. Sylvac maybe?
  28. Noritake first grade stamp, nice.
  29. Copper lustre with a resist pattern. They are common here in the UK, usually quite old too. Going from a book i read years ago, the silver ones were made as a cheaper version of silver tableware, and ...
  30. The shades look like Borske Sklo. I don't know if they made shades, they could be vases made into shades, not sure. You would have to ask someone more knowledgable on Sklo Union glass.
  31. The stamp is for Ucagco. The United China And Glass Company was a distributor based in New Orleans and New York. It is probably made in Japan somewhere around the 1950's.
  32. Oh, i have one of these, the one on he left side. This is the only other one i have seen, maybe not that common?
  33. Those are controlled bubbles i think.
  34. The decoration is known as Famille Rose. You might find the mark on this website... http://gotheborg.com/marks/20thcenturychina.shtml
  35. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pauly_%26_C._%E2%80%93_Compagnia_Venezia_Murano
  36. Looks like it's Silver Overlay glass from Italy. First time i've seen one with a label.
  37. I would probably start looking into high quality German porcelain manufactuers maybe.
  38. Might be a Staffordshire flatback if you live in the UK.
  39. There was another one called Wedgwood & Co (Ltd), a legit company since it's owners were called Wedgwood. It wasn't related to Josiah Wedgwood & Sons. It was renamed 'Enoch Wedgwood (Tunstall) Ltd'. J...
  40. Yes, the "MADE IN ITALY" mark.
  41. Maybe borrow someones metal detector and see what kind of reading it gives.
  42. 1890 and onwards for McKinley Tariff Act.
  43. Think i've got two of these from this series, never even clicked that they were Aladdin & The Magic Lamp
  44. Probably by Jumbo pottery, Gouda... http://www.goudadesign.co.uk/collectorsgallery2.html#anchor108436
  45. Looks like an ancient Axe head. If i were you i'd be buying a metal detector pronto, unless you think it is treasure trove.
  46. No, Maiolica from Italy
  47. Could be Maiolica?
  48. Is this anything like it... http://www.figuralni-porcelan.cz/katalog/Makro/Html/Uk/12799.htm ? It's listed a Royal Dux number 12799.
  49. I've had something like that but more vase shaped, it was marked CUCCHI Made in Italy with the same style of black ink.
  50. 'Made in Italy', with the 'In' part being in the centre.
  51. See more