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Ex Navy, Well rounded appreciation of all of the arts. Love poetry, collect art glass, Always happy to share a cuppa and good conversation. Cpomedx@yahoo.com.au


  1. Awesome. Many thanks indeed.
  2. If it’s not mopar, It’s below par!
  3. Thanks. It’s only upon closer inspection and interpretation of the telltale hints from what is found underneath the covers , you realise, the responsibility to bring the piece back to original and t...
  4. Beginn8ng to take the chairs apart, it revealed the subframe was at a similar standard to motor coach work . All made from ash. The upholsterer was impressed with the quality that was revealed. More...
  5. Unusual cut, requiring a special setting.
  6. Ok, we are now officially jealous. Not so numerous down here in australia, never the less we love flamingoes. That's an awesome collection.
  7. Thanks. ;)
  8. Follow your passions, your collection will find you!
  9. Oooooooooooooo, it's alive. It's gorgeous. Awesome colour.
  10. Amazing depth of colour.
  11. It's a treasure! Lovely cut
  12. I love big lumps of glass.
  13. Almost a colour sepia. Looks quite fresh.
  14. All that is left to do is a small armrest on each wooden arm. Nothing too big and certainly not detracting from the presence of the natural wood .
  15. Thanks it's about 2kg I think.
  16. Very distinctive and depth of colour is gorgeous.
  17. I don't want to sit in it now. I'll sit in another chair and just look at it!
  18. He's fairly sure it's a orange sapphire.
  19. A jeweller that we have used before in Perth city. He was selling a couple of unusual stones for a lapidary friend. It was a favour for the friend. He intends to show the friend as he was thrilled t...
  20. Thanks for your thoughts. It's such an unusual shape.
  21. Such a vibrant natural alive colour.
  22. We love these bottles. The link below explains the story for the German wine that comes in a cat bottle. http://www.iizcat.com/post/4743/Have-you-heard-of-the-legend-of-Zeller-Schwarze-Katz-the-bl...
  23. Thanks. The Twen chair is getting the wood veneers repaired and restored. The arms will be done in a satin tone oil finish, as per the original finish. The fabric is going to be a zepel fabric , Tr...
  24. Have a look at my Twen chair. Twen was Fred Lowen after Fler but before Tessa. I'm getting that chair restored at the moment. It's going to be awesome. We have two Tessa suites and they just endure....
  25. Great information. I knew you would come up with the goods. Much appreciated. Many thanks Nothing wrong with a bit of mystery. Weird label.
  26. It's such a nice colour and very tactile.
  27. Awesome depth of colour.
  28. Awesome.........
  29. Wow, clearly quite gorgeous.
  30. Don't touch! , that's all I remember mum saying when I was a child. Thanks
  31. Such form just begs you to touch. I have a couple of pieces but the blue is just so deep
  32. Such colour and natural curves. They almost seem alive. They are gorgeous. I love them. Thanks
  33. Could have originated from the Paris exposition of 1900, given the original purchaser, mining magnate Claude de Bernales.
  34. Thanks, much appreciated.
  35. Thanks for your effort.
  36. I think it may be Riihimaki.
  37. We now have about 90 , collected from all over. We love the rainbow too.
  38. Beautiful! , reminds me of a piece I have posted here previous. Have a look. A huge lamp, almost Lalique. Love this piece.
  39. It was being used as an ashtray in the old mans garage, sitting adjacent to shelves of old tins of paint and tools. Covered in grime, but still, recognizable !
  40. It's rare, but sometimes there are still treasures to be found.
  41. Many thanks for the correct information. Much appreciated. There is another large blue vase in my pictures that I can't identify. . .?kosta
  42. Any thoughts on year of manufacture?
  43. It would seem to be the case. I thank you for your information.
  44. We really love craftsman designs.
  45. That's some great information. Many thanks for your comments sklo42
  46. White and two.....perfect
  47. I agree. Thanks.
  48. I agree, it's some form of liner bowl, Thanks.
  49. "We are all just custodians of our pieces" I love the fact the glass travels through millenniums and we are lucky enough to witness this in our short lives. Such a responsibility to look after our tr...
  50. Very impressive. Beautiful texture and colour.
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