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I am a collector! I sell on Etsy.


  1. Awe...thanks!
  2. Thanks Racer !
  3. Great looking collection. thanks for sharing.
  4. Adorable !
  5. WOW! You don't see the Nun very often! Great find.
  6. Thanks everyone! It's a crack up for sure!
  7. Still no guesses ? Durn.
  8. Oh, what mm are the jadeite beads?
  9. Oh, that is nice! I am going to try that on my lapis necklace today! You have opened my eyes to all my great vintage brooches gathering dust!
  10. Amazing collection!
  11. Outstanding, what a lovely find.
  12. Beautiful piece.
  13. Thanks Racer, I am a magnet for weird. : )
  14. Not sure if he's a beswick squirrel but I sure like the name Hazelnut!
  15. Thanks so much!
  16. I heard back from them, rather quickly too! Great Customer Service. I provided a link to this thread so they could see the pics. The answer was "The name on the bottom of the salt & pepper shakers ap...
  17. I love the colors! Good luck I hope you find an answer.
  18. Thank you!
  19. Thank you , I have a huge collection of early Japanese Wood shakers, they are always so mod & funky.
  20. Oh, and mine is dated : 3/15/74. I'll let you all know if I find out anything interesting.
  21. Interesting , I found two active listings on Ebay when I searched Bride Groom Fitz and Floyd shakers , one has a glazed bottom, the other is not signed. I think I will send an email inquiry to Fitz an...
  22. Thanks everyone for looking,@ thegoodsgirl I thought about about the shakers being signed for a wedding but wondering if they would be signed the groom & bride's names. I will check Fitz and Floyd . ...
  23. Thank YOU ...sometimes I think it's just me
  24. Thanks!
  25. WOW! I may have to start a new collection! Lovely.
  26. Adorable!
  27. Thanks! They are a prize for sure.
  28. I love chalkware! I have the fruit & elves in my kitchen. Fish & Mermaids in the bathroom.
  29. They are marked on the bottoms "Made in Hong Kong"
  30. So sweet! I love these.
  31. What incredible color, a thing of beauty.
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Poor big dragonfly! Nice Italian Cock (or Rooster)!! - 1950s C. Jere 'Birds in Flight' Hilarious Resin Sculpture of a Pig in Uniform Vaseline Glass Salt and Pepper Set with Caddy Friar and nun salt & pepper shakers (probably Spain, 1960s) Butterfly enamel pin as necklace. Peridot, Diamond & Pearl Victorian Pendant Navajo Turquoise Ring Copeland Spode Bird Plates, cups & saucers Halloween Decorations False full body antique Victorian carved Pompeii Lava Mount Vesuvius Cameo Ausführung 237 Japanese Glass Animals


Mystery Art Deco Stainless or Aluminum Bookends Last addition to enamel restored maple samara pin. RENWAL #8009 DIECAST INDY STYLE TOY RACE CAR from 1955!


posted 3 months ago