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A dear old lady gave me a tiny ash tray one day after I mentioned I liked it. That tiny ashtray has always meant a lot me. About 25 years and over 400 ashtrays laterA dear old lady gave me a tiny ash tray one day after I mentioned I liked it. That tiny ashtray has always meant a lot me. About 25 years and over 400 ashtrays later, I discover it is one of the most valuable ones in the collection. (Read more)


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  1. Thanks Tall and Dizzy. Yes I am lucky at finding things, too lucky it seems. I tell people I have trails in my house but I am working on tunnels.
  2. The applied clear handle makes me think of Pilgrim Glass. The colored part is a little plain for their style. They use mostly crackle, contoured and optic glass but sometimes not.
  3. I just picked up 15 of these beauties today. Any one know the manufacturer? I see them being sold as Anchor Hocking, Hazel Atlas and Libbey.
  4. Nice finds. I don't think it's a Blenko, never seen another one like that, but I like it. How many do you have now? My collection has grown to around 800.
  5. Thanks Della, close, but not it. Mine do not have smooth edges on the bottom. the facets sort of continue. The mark looks like a signature. I need a microscope.
  6. You can see the mark in the last picture. I have no Idea what they are.
  7. Very nice piece. I will defer to the more knowledgeable members, they have numbers and statistics. I would call it an ashtray because that's what I do. It gives me justification to collect other cat...
  8. Thanks Katherine, I do believe it belonged to a collector, but of what? All the patterns are so similar, surely there is a name for the style.
  9. You might want to hold your breath. I found 5 wine glasses like this. The next week I found number 6.
  10. Yes, Princess House. It came with a matching cigarette holder in the set. It's basically just another lighter base. I have since found a matching smaller ashtray. I will find that last piece one day.
  11. Thanks, this one https://lagunapottery.com/product/bauer-pottery-monterey-red-brown-service-plate/ makes me pretty sure it is Monrerey. If anyone knows the date range of this mark, I am interested to ...
  12. Love the controlled bubbles, have a few myself.
  13. I received 8 of the tall ones in blue for Christmas. That's how I knew them when I saw them. I also have 6 tall goblets in the green. I must get a blacklight.
  14. 1940's Plainware
  15. If Sean68 doesn't like it soon, I'm going to get the hammer.
  16. Willing to take guesses.
  17. Tiffin/Franciscan Montclair
  18. I do love it but I really don't think we are supposed to be talking prices on this venue. I do believe that the sentimental value outweighs the monetary value. Someone on another venue might be able t...
  19. The first one is called Wave. I have it in grey. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/122652789828469939/
  20. Correct, Cakes. I failed to remember the name when posting. I did the research some time back, and filed it incorrectly. Thanks everyone for the comments. This one is dear to me as it was a gift. I...
  21. I always vote ashtray because that is what I collect. It is a very nice piece.
  22. Very nice, my guess Murano. I collect mainly ashtrays and thats what it look like to me. I'ts OK to call it an ashtray, that's what I say, even if it looks like a goblet. I believe ashtrays to be mo...
  23. Thanks for the feedback fhr. I also would like to thank Bing image search with archived Etsy pages for most of the help.
  24. Evidently it is dollhouse furniture made by American Heirloom Collection. I pulled the drawers out to check and it is completely stained but yes, It does have a cedar smell.
  25. She says likely Culver. https://www.etsy.com/listing/203462501/pictogram-barware-1960s-retro-gold?ref=shop_home_active_1 Is that you Eli?
  26. Very nice! Of course I am calling it an ashtray:)
  27. It's just lovely and I vote ashtray, but thats because it's what I collect most. I would say Murano.
  28. Love it, think it's an ashtray.
  29. Thanks agh, now I have seen another one. They were unsure of the maker, but evidently they got their price. Thanks Virginia. The fruit is real. The red stuff was not really punch although I did have ...
  30. Very nice, I'm calling it an ashtray.
  31. Thanks racer. Yes, these are my everyday dishes.
  32. Yes, appears to be Murano clown decanter. I found one recently at a thrift store. Sadly, it was broken on the bottom. I started to buy it anyway, thinking the stopper alone might have some value.
  33. I was not drinking when I posted this although it looks like my fingers were. Too late to edit the typos. Thanks for all the love.
  34. Thanks Dizzy. I am learning so much about glass, pottery and ceramics just by collecting ahtrays.
  35. Thanks Sean. This one is in a box somewhere. I have no room to display them all, but still collecting. Where do you draw the line between enthusiast and hoarder? lol
  36. When I first posted it, I handn't even notice the off center seams. I thought it might be handblown. Thanks to jha, I identified it as Morgantown, Ockner pattern, Topaz color, from the 50's
  37. Had one handed down to us as a kid in the 60's, this brings back fond memories of wrestling for the seat with siblings. Mine was lots more beat up than yours. I'd say leave it alone.
  38. Nice to find out what it is. I have it in clear; https://twitter.com/dammitchris/status/559947447678423040 Followed you on facebook. I have over 500, but you people must REALLY like ashtrays.
  39. Thanks racer. It's a good thing I saved these. I would otherwise not remember them all. Those were some fun times. I do have lots of others but sadly, I lost most of the matching T-shirts.
  40. If I find em, I'm keeping em lol. Great collection!
  41. It kind of reminds me of a protective cup, but we wouldn't want glass for that.
  42. Definitely Viking. http://www.bigashtray.com/product/patented-bluenique-viking-art-glass-tulip-ashtray/
  43. Ha! Viking? These look exactly like mine, but much smaller. http://www.bigashtray.com/product/retro-decor-stacking-ashtray-set-by-viking-art-glass/
  44. It's never too late to start. I have picked up about 90% of my collection of over 400 in the past couple of years. There are still plenty of beautiful pieces out there, bought 4 yesterday :)
  45. Thanks Tall, It looks like you found them.
  46. Blenko! https://krrb.com/posts/30075-blenko-volcanic-glass-ashtray-756-amber-mint
  47. Yeah Sean, I saw your ashtray, just forgot to love it, or maybe just jealous? It's very nice. Thanks for the help, I just buy stuff and have no clue, but evidently a decent eye.
  48. Thanks Sean, I do love it too. You seem very knowledgeable. No Ideas as to the origin? I do have a smaller version of the same one, but it is not as fine a quality. The ripples on the bottom are comp...
  49. Thanks Riply, I knew they were produced for a long time, but I have seen different marks and I assume someone would know the different marks to narrow the vintage.
  50. Thanks to Riply and Art. I now know what I have. I appreciate all the comments. I feel like I found a new family!
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