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San Clemente, CA

Love Mid Century Glass, and sea tumbled sea glass


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Bambooclette Bamboo and Rattan Wrapped Bicycle Cruiser 1960s - Sporting Goodsin Sporting Goods
Hawaiiana Art Deco 1950's by Artist Locke - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern
The Police Reunited World Tour 2007-2008 Poster - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Custom Framed 1964 Pop Art The Endless Summer Handbill - Moviesin Movies
John Luke Eastman 1974 Kaleidoscope  - Fine Artin Fine Art
Vintage Stretched Black Velvet Cloth Oil painting SIGNED - Fine Artin Fine Art
Vintage Art Deco Crystal Glass Cigar Tray - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
Signed Antique Silver/Gold Filigree Portuguese Cargo Ship - Folk Artin Folk Art
Negoro Oshiki Style Red Lacquer Ware Tray - Asianin Asian
Clay Baby from Fox Island WA - Native Americanin Native American


  1. Thanks for the Likes and Loves
  2. L O V E IT!
  3. i love the restoration!
  4. thank you for all the loves...I just added some modifications to make it more enjoyable to cruise around...but kept the original parts
  5. Thank you racer4four and thatsoretro23 it's a rare beauty and one of the best complete and in excellent bikes like it. Not many were made.
  6. Mahalo Blunderbuss2! That's an ideal place for it. Thanks for the love
  7. amazing surf culture art
  8. thanks for the love Sean - Happy Halloween and blunderbuss2, vetraio50vetraio50 and aghcollectaghcollect
  9. Recently they inducted this flyer and other surf memorabilia into the Smithsonian -they are celebrating the 50th year anniversary
  10. Love it and love the custom reframe :-)
  11. Thank you for the loves katherinescollections, Caperkid, racer4four, vetraio50, aghcollect, Cormoran1925. I appreciate your interests. :-)
  12. Thank you Vetraio50 and Kaputs11 for the loves
  13. i find this piece to be very classy for black velvet art; some day I will be visiting the Velveteria Museum
  14. Would love to know who has the other pieces from the series.
  15. It's a great looking piece. Does it have a signature on any of the feet?
  16. Frame is Flat Expresso Veneer and measures 17 1/4 x 17 1/4 inches and the triple matte colors are Olive Green, Lemon Ice, And Suede Raspberry Fizz with Ellipse opening. using 3/16 acid free foam core ...
  17. And thanks Vetraio50 and aghcollect also for the loves
  18. Mahalo surfdub66 for the love
  19. how do i find that
  20. Thank you Manikin antiquerose and aghcollect for the loves - :)
  21. I have a similar bird in my glass art collections; very nice!
  22. New pictures with the lamp shades on theses vintage solid walnut lighted base stands. Looks very nice - and I have a pair! Great for displaying them finally
  23. Nice Sean thank you for sharing this - :) Lovely display
  24. You are very welcome! I really love the color and shape of this piece :)
  25. L O V E ! R U B Y & B L U E look so good together.
  26. Very nice color! antiquerose this is very very nice
  27. It looks like an Alfred Dunhill I just saw some online almost identical
  28. this is very beautiful! Great piece
  29. I have one also I just got it a couple months ago - I believe its not modern but still learning as well. They are really cute!
  30. Thank you vetraio50 I think that was right on the money with identification and I will take note of the wonderful information you provided and your very nice thank you so much for identifying this ...
  31. Okay I look forward to it - ! sweet - and you are a very nice friend here and off on FB - I always like our dialogue
  32. Nicely captured! In the art and your photos, all amazing. Great job! Great Pieces, are you liking ceramics a new interest or had you always liked ceramics? I love ceramics - but focusing on glass...
  33. Nice! I am appreciating all art these days! its nice to broaden the mind and learn about other collectibles/art other than what brought me to this site in the first place, that being glass art. Its...
  34. Lovely! I just came across a VTG High Waist Metal Art Belt signed - but didnt know anything about them - other than they were popular at one time. Very tiny waists are needed for these works of art
  35. I agree I think it was made in Portugal but was not sure if the art itself depicts a Portuguese vessel
  36. Great Collectible and find! Love the set! Great
  37. mahalo! Yes this piece was sent to me by the Sale gods! Amazing find. So much work to make something like this and of the size. Spectacular! Thanks!
  38. love the Italian Murano fish and your cabinet - My parents loved this style in the 70's I love it! Nice piece
  39. That is really cool looking! Great Find!
  40. loving the photos and that VW bus! I haven't been following the thread so I will ask. Are these someone would sell?
  41. Awesome shots! Love this
  42. Lovely clam shaped Bowl! Awesome coloring. I learned many Murano Glass Makers migrated over to Canada.
  43. Was this actually made more recently as a Pot/Plate warmer or is it a vintage piece?
  44. Hello to all Collectors Weekly Friends. I am reaching out again for some help with the words/symbols/translation in hopes to find the type of writing and meaning that is presented in the photos of th...
  45. Anytime austrohungaro. would you say the basin of the bowl you have has the same depth as the smoked glass piece I have posted? it seems yours might be wider but could be the picture angle or color ...
  46. i even think it was made in Poland
  47. candle holder - love the color green with the controlled bubbles
  48. this is absolutely wonderful and the colors are amazing! Great photos as well!
  49. An amazing color and shape! And I know they are heavy glass! Great photos
  50. Love the blue colored basket vase!
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