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I grew up watching The Antique Road Show, going to antique malls & garage sales with my parents. I would get up at 5am with my dad to be the first people at a sale. I grew up watching The Antique Road Show, going to antique malls & garage sales with my parents. I would get up at 5am with my dad to be the first people at a sale. I always helped with my dad's antique booth, tagging, pricing & researching certain items. I'm by no means an expert, but I'd like to think I know a little. :) (Read more)


  1. @keramikos I like vintage clothes! I still have my moms prom dresses! She has a flower girl dress from when she was a kid!
  2. billretirecoll thanks for the link!!! You & Collectables59 have been so helpful!
  3. Collectables59 & Billretirecoll thank you guys. I appreciate you looking into it! I’ve thought about trying to find an antique expert who might be able to help. Just not sure where to look. Any ideas?
  4. Billretirecoll nope. checked the bottom and everything. Dads scowered eBay four or five times. This ones an tough.
  5. Billretirecoll thank you! :) Dad keeps asking me if anyone’s commented if they know anything! This ones bugging him! Thanks for looking!
  6. Gillian nutsabotas6 valentino97 Alan2310 billretirecoll The last two photos are what it looks like now that I’ve cleaned it all up! I had to take a small safety pin to pick some of the grime out fro...
  7. Ms.CrystalShip RS? Oh! Replacment stones! Duh haha
  8. valentino97 not sure. That was my dad’s guess. Found the same purple one on eBay. I try to be care when I handle them because I feel like where the two wings meet in the middle are going to snap.
  9. nutsabotas6 valentino97 Ms.CrystalShip It reminds me of ancient jewelry you see at a museum some archeologist dug up. ????
  10. valentino97 lol I meant rather how old the resin cameos are
  11. Ms.CrystalShip oh really? Thanks I’ll have to look around for similar pieces. How would you wear shoe or sweater clips?
  12. Nutsabotas valentino97 Gillian thanks for the cleaning tips! I don’t have any oxy-clean. My father thinks Windex cleans everything. That & Dawn dish soap mixed with white vinegar. ???????? Will the w...
  13. nutsabotas6 & valentino97 thanks! Yes it helps! I heard from somewhere you can go into places like goodwill & you can ask for loose stones? Do they keep stones & broken jewelry or something?
  14. cameoslueth any idea how old it is?
  15. nutsabotas6 thank you :)))))
  16. nutsabotas6 Dish soap? Warm, cold water? Or does it matter?
  17. Nutsabotas6 Ms.CrystalShip I thought it look like a Coro piece too! I’ve looked online a little bit at loose stones. I’m just not sure what size I need!
  18. Nutsabotas6 cool! Thank you! Ms.CrystalShip, yes! It’s been very well loved! I’m impressed it’s only missing one flower considering it’s age!
  19. Nutsabotas6 that’s an idea! Knowing my luck I’d be afraid I’d break it. Haha. I’m hesitant to clean it because I don’t want any of the stones to fall out. I’ve been told soap & water. There’s so many ...
  20. Gillian, right?? It’s dirty mostly. It’s only missing one piece of the mosaic. Really small piece from the white ring in the middle.
  21. racer4four thank you :) I read the article. I actually just got my hands on a vintage Christian Dior clutch. I’ve been looking on eBay & google for the bag but so far no luck.
  22. nutsabotas6 hm...I may have to look into that. My dad thought the brand name was Princess. Haha. There’s no other markings on it.
  23. Santphea, ah! Thank you! You’re much better at deciphering than I am! :)
  24. billretirecoll isn’t it? I absolutely love the turquoise!
  25. Gillian & clockerman thank you! It’s a very peculiar little piece, isn’t it? If it wasn’t for the rhinestones I wouldn’t of known it was an older piece. When I saw it I pictured a girls dress up item ...
  26. racer4four & nutsabotas6 thank you! You wouldn’t know of someone or a website that could help me date this piece, would you?
  27. Mrstyndall thanks! I thought it was pretty neat. :) It was in a box full of misc items. Had to dig it out. :D
  28. jscotto363 I think it’s strange that there’s no date anywhere in it.
  29. nutsabotas6 oh? How can you tell?
  30. It doesn’t say anything.
  31. My dad is a pastor & he has several Bible dictionaries in his library. None quite as neat as this one though! You’re right about trying to understand what some of the words mean though!
  32. @jscotto363 I went & saw! Super cool ???? thanks for letting me know!
  33. Thanks for the info! My buttons did?! Thanks for telling me otherwise I wouldn’t of known!
  34. @Manikin hope these photos are better for you :))
  35. @Andreamw you probably know more than I do! I’m definitely no expert! :) Thanks for the info though!
  36. @pw-collector I’d probably be too afraid to open it up for fear of messing something up!
  37. @jscotto363 it is! Thank you! :)
  38. @jscotto363 right? It’s precious!
  39. malaniej, no I’m in the Midwest.
  40. TassieDevil thank you! I didn’t see mine on there so it must be an older one.
  41. nutsabotas6 thank you!!
  42. @Newfld, thank you! I knew Coro changed their marking several times & that it helped identify the year it was made. I just wasn’t sure where to look! Thank your friend for me as well! :)
  43. @PhilDMorris that’s what I thought. I can’t find the Coro marking anywhere. And the random loose piece is a mystery.
  44. nutsabotas6 so it’s not newer! Just way it feels, my dad & I weren’t sure if it was old or not.
  45. nutsabotas6 I thought it was interesting that it didn’t have a metal backing. It just looks like someone melted the metal on the back to “glue” the rhinestones together. I really wish it was signed! I...
  46. Gillian & nutsabotas6 thank you!
  47. nutsabotas6, There’s people on here who have a lot more experience in vintage jewelry than myself. I like reading what they have to say & their opinions or experiences. Sometimes they have little tidb...
  48. nutsabotas6, thanks for the info! :)
  49. @racer4four thank you. I’ll have to see if I can possibly find something similar on eBay. I’ve never seen a piece like this before.
  50. Thank you, flashlarue! Do you know how old it is?
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Die Weihnachts Geschichte (The Story of Christmas) by Charles Dickens Rare antique Charles Dickens Book 1845 Grimaldi the Clown & Hard Times Barnaby Rudge A tale of the riots of Eighty by Charles Dickens Union Bible Dictionary c. 1837


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