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I am a certified arborist who barters work for unwanted junk. And when I am not working for junk, I am out scouring, scouting, buying and salvaging junk. Right down I am a certified arborist who barters work for unwanted junk. And when I am not working for junk, I am out scouring, scouting, buying and salvaging junk. Right down to coffee cans of old nuts, bolts and screws. (Read more)


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Standard White Crown 1954 Porcelain - Advertisingin Advertising
1800's German made mahogany rocking chair - Furniturein Furniture
CITY LIMIT railroad sign   1892 - Railroadianain Railroadiana
Maxine Elliott Brown Shoe Co. Advertising 1910 litho - Advertisingin Advertising
He would rather them burn and rust away - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
UFO light shade vintage metal pendant - Lampsin Lamps
Presto D-22 mason jars - Kitchenin Kitchen
Miller High Life Signs - Brewerianain Breweriana
Double sided SINCLAIR DINO - Advertisingin Advertising
Mobiloil over Socony Vacuum - Advertisingin Advertising


  1. Looks better the way it is...
  2. Thanks ohiogma I saw one in what was deemed a pool hall in the early 1960;s and another one on a lamp in a store which advertised the store. Both before 1965. I have since obtained a second shade but...
  3. Could be related to the Dare Stone coming from that area. Cool and worth showing an archeologist.
  4. PhilDMorris Thank You, we must look into that in our research. Some where there is suppose to be a German maker involved according to her grandmother.
  5. Brewtopia, Yep, I thought the same. I figure during that time period, women were not showing their ankles yet. Ha It is actually a fold out ad and once folded down it shows all the shoe types and off...
  6. SpiritBear, OK for Oklahoma or just for being OK Tree Dude. I had a web page and at one time ran crews in all of eastern Oklahoma. I occasionally do tree work but mainly I salvage what people call jun...
  7. Garage sale find? Cool bottle.
  8. Dave and Crew, If the " Trade Mark" on the tail of the "C" is not centered in the V shape beneath it. That is not a good sign. I noticed your sign has it centered more on the " D & E' in Trade Mark th...
  9. That is a nice 1948 coffee can! Nice marbles also.
  10. cindyjune, These large mouth D22 are hard to find. Take note, on your lids, look for miss-spelling on the GOOD HOUSEKEEPING. Those are $15.00 lids. I learned of that when I researched PRESTO
  11. He has 4 Falcon Station wagons out there.
  12. The face of the signs are on the inside and they are just absolutely pristine with exception of a few. I pulled the panel back and looked at them. You could not see them unless the inside paneling was...
  13. Rattletrap, I'm about to post something that drives both of us crazy. Check it out in a few mins.
  14. Hmmmm. I would have bought it also. I have all sorts of strange tools
  15. I love these old rusty trucks standing guard over the hillocks of southern Oklahoma or Utah or wherever. My buddy's grandma sold me a junk, scrap 1933 Chev truck that set out in the field looking so c...
  16. P.S. Did anyone take notice of the white porcelain pendant light on a gooseneck hanging over my shoulder and behind me? Yep, I go cut a limb off his fence next week in exchange for that light.
  17. shareurpassion YES. The red ones are officially put out by Griswold. Red enamel exterior and a creme enamel interior. And you are correct about resale they sale quick and they keep their price. When,...
  18. Looks like a reproduction of the 1896 model stove
  19. SpiritBear, a CW cook out???!! Surely you jest. Where when?
  20. fortapache, ...and this is not all of them. I believe there are 14 more which did not fit in photo or hanging by stove or on the stove and at least one in the sink.
  21. I just learned last week that the MAJESTIC cast iron was made by Griswold for the stove company. I passed many Majestic's up over the years, but now I pick them up and do so cheaply. Am I the only slo...
  22. The last pic is her #14 and #12
  23. I think you need more COKE signs....After all COKE and Harley Davidson are the #1 selling signs
  24. I'm starting to get into Satsuma vases. I have learned one important thing: buy the ones of religious themes or maidens with hand maidens seem to sell quick. I use to buy and sale but now I keep the ...
  25. It is a functional conversation piece. Yes double indeedy. My wife has something like it but not in this nice condition. Looks like it would save a lot of money on electricity..
  26. Yes, my fears and my trust is as yours. We are thinning down greatly week by week and keep enough to decorate. Carry on young man
  27. fortapache, I don't know what type of steel it is, but a file will not bite into the metal unless it is in a vise and you work it like a smithy. The tip had a different profile as that of a samurai bu...
  28. Maybe it is for loping off foreskin....note the shape of the handle. Just kidding
  29. I think I enjoy finding all this stuff for you guys who collect. I keep it a while and change my theme. Of course , I have some things I have had for decades which any collector would love to have. My...
  30. SpiritBear, You better start building a barn! As much and as quick as you dig stuff out you will need room for the future. I wish I had all that I found as a young man. Ignorance and lack of space is ...
  31. How do you differentiate between makers when you spy this glass? I can not tell who is who unless there is a mark.
  32. The USS ones are the older ones. People collect certain cities and I have seen them go for $99.00.
  33. OOOOOoooooo insulators
  34. Trey, I'm getting there. I usually get a small collection of signs and someone will want to buy them or give me a truck or motorcycle for them and they get gone each time I try to collect.But I always...
  35. Oh yea, made by Ingram Richardson PA
  36. Looks like it went with tire rack display. I like it because it is not large as the others. Check out the one I recently found. It is a great little sign to have in your collection.
  37. It is certainly better than a short handled shovel. Any of you guys ever have a boss put you to work with a short handled shovel? Means he didn't like you.
  38. blunderbuss2, these tires were produced from the early teens to the twenties so they must have worked. As cars got heavier and faster I'm sure the design failed. Or else they would still be around. Th...
  39. Four strings which were mainly used in Jazz/Blues. I would venture 1920's. It is a keeper if it be a GIBSON.
  40. If you should run across a bottom 4 hole plate for a mid to late 1920's ESSCO T-235 I would pay handsomely. You could be the only guy on the block with 3 testicles. Because I would give my left testi ...
  41. I got one just like it for $1200. 15' 7" x 28' . I see the prices rising on WESTERN AUTO and west coast prices are higher because the store started out west in Arizona I believe. Even those born in th...
  42. It's a keeper! California pottery is still gaining a growing fan base as people learn that few of these potteries are still around. American based potters took over part of the supply line for pottery...
  43. I was researching an 3" Anheuser Busch Syrup lid for a jar which I found recently when I ran across this post. Not much on this item to be found.
  44. Good shape, double sided and in the frame is $3200. realistic price. I would venture yours would get a thousand and some change. Best to clean them with WD40 and a green scrub pad. Wipe all excess off...
  45. Any markings on the bottom? i have a Japanese piece which looks like it is made using the same technique. Tiffany also turned out some glass like this.
  46. Ha. I'm relieved! I thought maybe he used blood in his paint or I would get bloody by removing the picture from frame. Thanks for clarifying.
  47. Blood??
  48. Blood ?? In the paint?
  49. Thanks ravage60, any ideas? I don't think it will fall into the Cupola category.
  50. I'm leaning towards a textile machine hook for catching and pulling a thread.
  51. See more


OLD MARBLES Pink & Gold Glass Lamp Chandelier Lamp Shades 1861 Confederate Half Dollar Coin Toronto Skyline Bottle Opener Model Mason Jar J F Denninger c1890's beer bottle Can anyone identify this chair style?  Western Auto porcelain sign...large and in charge. Saw one of these on the 'bay yesterday for 10k. Really???


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