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Sea, Wa.

Old school original American picker/artist. My friends and I, our playground was hanging out all day on weekends in the city's industrial area going through old buiOld school original American picker/artist. My friends and I, our playground was hanging out all day on weekends in the city's industrial area going through old buildings and warehouses. Finds were electronics, chemicals, machinery and tools and a lot of "kool" stuff. At age 14 our bedrooms looked like serious labs. Today I do it all: estate sales, yard sales, auctions, the inside connections to plunder in old warehouses, buildings, abandon houses full of stuff. I'm 58 now, in that time period you build up a number of connections and knowledge about many things: Stickley, Frank L Wright, High end audio, classic cars, vintage pottery, old toys, precious metals, industrial items (aircraft parts, wood/metal machinery, label's and name brands and the list goes on, Most of you CW's on this site know what the deal is, you been there and done that. (Read more)


  1. It looks like The Phantom.
  2. The coolest stuff ever, I'm trying to get there.
  3. Incredible!, I don't understand people like this, they have these cars and would let them sit like this with no one else having them.
  4. I don't have that copy, I never seen or heard of that
  5. I love the older hand drawn comics.
  6. thanks SEAN68, its great that we collectors can just share the cool finds with each other after all the lootin and plunderin...I mean out on the hunt for things :)
  7. I don't know the age but I'm sure its Murano, I just sold two smaller birds. Nice!!
  8. The fun part of the records are when friends are over, there's a lot of history there. A local radio station wants me to come in as guest DJ to spin some of this stuff once I gave them a partial list...
  9. Thanks valentino97, that jacket is a size med. Its a Mopar muscle car item.
  10. Roycroftbooksfromme1 I have a few posted on my site, there's some money there, most are out of print, when the big day comes and I start the sale... Thanks !!
  11. packrat-place I hear you on that, it would take time to move them, there's 30 boxes I have to still go through.
  12. melaniej your father may have had 78's also, when looking at your turn table of choice check what speeds they play, the main 3 on TT are:78, 33, 45 rpm's, thrift stores are hit an miss, your best fi...
  13. SEAN68 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!, Thanks
  14. That name goes back a long way.
  15. That's right, that cartoon character was around in the 1930's the date on the sign is 1938 but I don't know if there's a connection between the two. Thanks eye4beauty
  16. The cut off letter was a "M" At one time these metal signs were so mass produced people were cutting them up to patch holes on sides of their buildings. I have others that were used that way but still...
  17. JohannB Thanks!! , I'll add some new photos of the floor lamp, It would be great if you and the many others out there showing their items could meet under one roof in a "show off" show.
  18. retroechoes, Thanks ! The updated Oracal Delphi turntables are nice also, check them out.
  19. Hey Packrat-place, thanks. I'll be gearing up to get some new things on "CW" soon.
  20. Hey Guys! Thanks for the good words, I think we could give those A. pickers guys a run for their money.
  21. TeresaD your Boeing pins are awarded for every 5 years of service, also with the pins are the paperwork that comes with them. I currently work there and will be going on my 25th year in April 2012. I...
  22. officialfuel,- Smalls777 thanks
  23. officialfuel I'm working on getting my garage to this level, I have the items and the space soon when I start some remodeling. Nice stuff !!!
  24. " T " for Thunderbird , " T " for Two, your right it should have stayed with 2 seats but I do like the 58, 59, and 60 too. bottom line it should have never turned into the huge gas gusler it has bec...
  25. That's a beautiful piece of craftsmanship offcialfuel
  26. I like your Coke telephone attachment, I never seen one of those.
  27. Thanks vintagemad, It feels good to know I'm not as Krazy as they say, It's fun to do what we do.
  28. Its African, its a lost wax bronze casting, I have masks like this. I don't know the tribe or age. I'm building up a large collection of Afican art and still learning.
  29. Hey, imander Thanks! we ALL have that "Indiana Jones" in us, I love seeing the treasures all of you find.
  30. oilman514, rocker-sd, AR8Jason Thanks for the Info. the sign will make a intresting conversation piece hanging in my ice cream shop
  31. Lisa as a kid I grew up going trough old industrial warehouses all day here in Seattle. and seeing all the machinery, I would like to see this Ballroom when I'm down there. 45 years later as a collec...
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This is a collection of signs for my garage. SCHUNDLER MICA PELLETS my "house rattler"... ;-)  My Phantom Favourite Kirby promotional issues Art Glass Bird  Advertising Scarlett...2007 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible... Six Speed


Candlestick Telephone Attachment Brass mask