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Purdonium - Furniturein Furniture
Moses Younglove Ransom - Victorian Erain Victorian Era
Deco lady's head table lighter - Art Decoin Art Deco
Merklen Brothers chair. - Furniturein Furniture
Enterprise no. 2 coffee mill - Kitchenin Kitchen
Retablo Piedad - Folk Artin Folk Art
Portraits of wax. - Fine Artin Fine Art
Mid-century floor lamp. - Lampsin Lamps
Folk art house-form double squirrel cage - Folk Artin Folk Art
White's Physiological Manikin - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints


  1. You have a wonderful example of what is typically called folk marquetry. Apparently these objects were not mass produced but were created by individuals, often anonymously. I love this stuff ...
  2. Really no mystery. You have a rocker by the NYC 19th century maker Hunzinger. The back is composed of flat steel (?) strips covered with a felt like material (of which you can see remaining re...
  3. Paul, Thanks for the additional info which is always welcome! Groveland.
  4. Just as an fyi as it's not identified in this posting. This is an early English translation of the French language classic, "Le Petit Prince" (The Little Prince) by Antoine de Saint-Exupery first p...
  5. A very pretty desirable lamp but most definitely not Tiffany. Not even really correct to call it "Tiffany style" but many do. Contemporaneous with Tiffany were other companies that made glass shad...
  6. Your mystery is solved! Read on. Platform rockers were quite popular in Victorian times. I believe that they were made almost exclusively in the US. As opposed to the standard rocking chair,...
  7. No, it's complete and free standing. I found a number of examples of the same or similar. The base was covered in the original felt to protect a table top from scratching. Groveland.
  8. This is a rather common style of clock called an ogee (or OG) for the ogival molding. The inner back board bears the label of a Boston area retailer named Daniel Pratt, Jr. He was not a true clock...
  9. No doubt a chair by Hunzinger. A wonderful heirloom by an important 19th Century NYC maker! The Brooklyn Museum had a major exhibition of his furniture leading to a wonderful publication, "The Fur...
  10. Thanks for everyone's interest and comments. The "bug shaped" areas on the manikin's right side are, I believe, depictions of paired arteries and veins as viewed through incisions in the skin. Wha...
  11. The ogee like clock I believe to which you refer is a Chauncey Jerome 30 hour time and strike weight driven brass works flat pilaster wall clock in a faux marble case. Quite rare to find in such good...
  12. Thanks to all for their kind comments and interest. Groveland.
  13. Thanks to all those who have responded.
  14. Hi lchristian34. Just noted you posting. I guess checking the email notification box doesn't work very well. Was never notified. Thanks for your interest. It very quickly went on to a new h...
  15. Thanks to all who have posted likes and comments. The chair is a "lollipop" platform rocker by the innovative NYC Victorian furniture maker George Hunzinger. Actually, his lollipop stationary chai...
  16. Thanks to all for your interest.
  17. Thanks for your interest.
  18. Thanks Hunter! Thanks also for pointing out the use of the patented duplex spring. It is in fact what the label shown refers to .
  19. Thanks for your kind comment. Just found it in a rather junky large group shop that is part of the regular "picking route" because interesting stuff shows up!
  20. Scottvez, Thank you for your kind comment. Truly is amazing how someone can creatively turn a basically useless a found object into something useful . All the more amazing when one considers t...
  21. Manikin, Thanks for your kind comment! groveland.
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