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hi all CW members i'm also registered there as paris1925 where you can see all my art deco and art nouveau collection. in ANTIKARIUM i will show you my other collehi all CW members i'm also registered there as paris1925 where you can see all my art deco and art nouveau collection. in ANTIKARIUM i will show you my other collection, lot of antique cermaics, curio items, asian art, antique glass, folk art etc.... i'm very eclectic so enjoy with my new add and you are welcome to visit also : paris1925 (Read more)


  1. hi surfbud, no it have no marks, but i believe that is not tyhat new at least maybe late 19th cent. to 1930.... no younger. with time i will find one to compare -)
  2. lucky you-) 1 dollar-) probably by cytere it is not decorated so i think it is his work, the masterpieces where made by claudin , jeandelle, catteau, bussiere etc... usually with figural design.
  3. thanks kyra. i was supprised that nobody buy this piece, it was on a bottom display, standing lige a bowl... with 4 rings.... i just saw the rings...i remind me a shield i've seen at"leboncoin" fe...
  4. hi kyra, sounds like you saif-) need to identify the maker mark on gotheborg website...
  5. hi surfbud, you are probably right with datation, my datation was based on what i've found as similar items on internet. regards, dave.
  6. Hi loveyardsales, this vase is from france the rambervillers factory hendleled by alphonse cytere. usually signed cytere in backstamp an unis france. few pieces where made by famous french scu...
  7. hi jiml thanks for your great documentation-) so it is not that old, but well is nice work-) racer, thanx too
  8. wow cogito, love it glazed like dalpayrat works, never seen a kpmpottery like this, great found!
  9. hi mary the burner is missing i can use a candle-)
  10. HI OLOFZ thanks for your research-), i will look on klingling -)
  11. nice pictures and great bottles
  12. pas du repoussé kyra, mais travail gravé travail au burin, belle ciselure, on dirait un travail indien il y a deux poinçons.
  13. wonderfull work!!! superbe!
  14. bonjour kyra, pour la marque au revers essayes defaire un frotti, si tu as un papier de soie, et un crayon gras, type b ou 2b, la tu devrais y voir plus clair-)
  15. hi kyra i have the "bible" of brian catley "art deco and other figures" for now i dont have seen your figure, look to H.KECK, ALEX KELETY. they have some similar child figures. just a quest...
  16. hi kyra i need to be restored but yes it is functionnal ( la rouille empeche le canon de basculer completement et j'ai pas envie de forcer...mais ca marche calibre 2mm, tout juste bon pour degommer ...
  17. inky, also have many troubles with technology -) dont worry, and it hapens without red wine-) maybe i drink too much coffee -)
  18. hi racer, thanks, i will post new one soon , just need to open new box -)
  19. hi inky, for sure, you love this bottle-) i have hard times often with many thinks -) dont worry-) technology........
  20. hmm poor you... did you buy it on ebay? i'm unlicky with glass chargers on internet-) mostly broken when they arrived, or unfair seller who did photography where you can nopn see chips... etc....
  21. mary, if my camera will run correctly, i'll do it-)
  22. racer thanks but my camera is now a little bit out.... F***** so i hope to do some other "acceptable" without focus...
  23. Thanks sean , i'm so sorry for the elephants-) but hopefully they are protected today, but long time ago, ivory was very cheap and easy to get, with belgian congo.... also used in lot of art deco ...
  24. hi scott, thanks for the info, at first timre i was thinking that is awomans gun because it is quite small-)
  25. bonjour kyra, oui il est superbe, meme le dos est travaillé et etat impeccable, trouvé au milieu d'un lot de crucifix en plastique.....
  26. for sure they are-)
  27. thanks sean-)
  28. muy bonita -)
  29. thx kyra for the documentation-)
  30. hi behrinmind, the wrinting does not look french, but its difficult to read, for me its much more late 19th'.... if you look on the base it is quite higth, and i thing it should be in french a "ta...
  31. surfdub ive just reminded of a documentary of limoges fakes, i things this dish was produced for the bon in limoges, but decorated in morocco, and imported back to france, and sold as "real limoges" ...
  32. wow that is a great collection for that short time !
  33. hi surfbuf, i've seen you plate.... not old, yours is probably a limoges rescent plate, for export.
  34. i agree virginia-) iv'e got two, but somone stoll me the second one....
  35. thanx sean -)
  36. hi, great info.... so mine is not an old one.... shit-) but i love it-)
  37. hi kivatinitz, you nbare right, its " lorrain" a brand of daum.
  38. dear AmberRosen i've posted detailed pictures for usefull details ti identify, real antique plates, and fakes 50, russian made or early made plates. i can also send you more pictures by mail. regar...
  39. lol why terrific? next time i will post maybe some more detailed photo to make difference for other collectors a usefull info.
  40. mine too, perfumer-)
  41. dear amber, this is not the same pattern and quality... for sure not from the50 and not also russian plates. you need to see it in real to see details, that makes the difference. the flower design i...
  42. katzl yes it looks like agate but i don,t think that they use agate, that would be quite "precious" for it object... but maybe you are true...
  43. thanks nusta, this is my second acount on CW i have anothenone with only artdeco and art nouveau items at "paris1925" you're welcome-)
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Kralik iridescent vase with scalloped, tadpole, claw decor Jugendstil Asian Aquatic Themed Bronze w/ Cabochon Opal & Ruby Marble Base Jugendstil KPM Seger Oxblood Glazed Porcelain Twisted Form Vase Perfume Bottles Silver french Indochina repousse cuff bracelet. Nouveau Rindskopf Serpent Enamel Green Swirl Vase Harrach Decorated Rainbow Vase c.1890 Loetz Bronze – Gold Rusticana Vase Poschinger stem glass (R. Riemerschmid/G.C. von Reichenbach, 1905) Pierre D'Avesn Bowl


French Butterfly Marquetry & Wrought Iron Vide Poche


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