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So we collect just about anything. Wedgwood, Art Glass, Bronze, but mostly friends. Just updated my picture, when did I get old?


  1. This auction was held already. Nothing is currently for sale, it was sold on New Years day, just like the title stated. I thought people would like to see 30+ beautiful glass that sold already. Ther...
  2. U.S. Air Force Senior Missileman Badge - Pocket Rocket The Missile Badge is a military decoration of the United States Air Force which was first created in the 1960s. The badge recognizes those com...
  3. This is a six tower, the other is a 4 tower and upside down
  4. I just cleaned the female bottle. "Queen Elena", It had a gold cord with a lable. Elizabeth Arden, Blue Grass - London, New York, and Paris.
  5. Just bought this at an estate sale. I also got a second bottle also. Here is what I found on this. King Victor Emmanuel III Queen Elena Italian Figural Bottle Decanter Italy Set http://www.ebay....
  6. the tall light blue opalescent on the middle shelf is signed Labino. A nice auction find. When I get back home, I'll try and post pictures of it. We went back to an estate sale this morning. There...
  7. Thanks for the info. There is another one of these in the basement of this house. Thinking about making this a pair. I was luck to be invited into the house before the public. I was able to pick s...
  8. The mystery is now solved... Thanks TallCakes! Jerry
  10. So not Loetz, Pallme Konig (New Pictures) Pallme Konig, Art Nouveau, glass vase iridescent spots and net thread overlay. Height: 14" Pallme-König glass manufacturer In 1786 the glass refinery “P...
  11. I would love to see your collection one day. How do you display these beautiful items, I'm sure we all would love to know. I have 3 display cases in my dining room, one with color glass, one with cl...
  12. Was a little under the weather about a year ago, didn't think I was going to get to see to many more days. Way better now. Yea, trying to list a few of the things we bought. Our three display cases...
  13. The 'Poor Maria' vase was made for a long time. This one is a early vase, as it was Wedgwood dip...the color is not throughout the vase. If you notice the rim at the top is white. I have this also...
  14. Thanks for the info. I've been busy and will be adding alot shortly.
  15. One sold on Ebay last month for $10
  16. Yes, the stopper is on the same list as the winning lottery ticket, but you never know.
  17. The number on the bottom comes back as perfume bottle, Steuben made this both in goldand blue Aurene. The stopper made it onto my look for list to shop for.
  18. Another great vase...yep I'm so jealous.
  19. Very Nice. I have a few LTC shades. Missed buying a really nice Ink Well yesterday. They called it Loetz but found it on the net as Kralik. Someone wanted it more than me at the auction.
  20. This is the second of these we have. The other is Gray. The auctioneer liste and called this a salesman sample. Ebay has one for sale as a paperweight/toothpick holder.
  21. Found this in a small antique store for $3, didn't know this was the last sub that slid down a ramp. Saw a short clip of one sliding down the ramp and sunk right there. They now use drydocks.
  22. You have so much beautiful collection, any chance of you showing us how you display them? I look forward to seeing what next you collect. Thanks!
  23. Nice, I love misprints
  24. I have one and think and use it as a Incense Burner. Just a thought
  25. Way to go, it's beautiful.
  26. The orange dish gains its radioactivity from uranium oxides in the orange glaze. This dish measured 20 millirad /hour when the counter was placed directly on it.
  27. Beautiful...I can't find these at the auction in Cleveland these days.
  28. Love that shape. It's so unusual
  29. I just bought several new glass vases from the Cleveland Instute of Art, (CIA) student holiday sale in Dec. I bought them as gifts, but keeping one. This student loves the Lotez look.
  30. Thanks, We did alot of reseach for the last auction. This was reseached on, found two prior sales and this is the correct size and marking of those. I hope we got the right one, tho we di...
  31. Iridescent art glass is so rich looking.
  32. WOW! So where do you shop? Love it.
  33. Big thanks vetraio50, been looking at other Karel Palda decanters, they look to be the best match. Thanks for putting me on the right track.
  34. Love it! We're looking at a new Vase coming up for Auction soon. It's a Durand's "King Tut" collection. Would love this one, the colors just pop!
  35. So I was kinda wishing someone knew something about Cocobolo. The only Furniture I've seen made from this wood in in the $5k range. Found a Bed and Desk, haven't seen a Dresser before.
  36. Really fell in love with this. Thanks for posting this.
  37. Love the story
  38. Sent a email to a art restorer today. After checking, this just sold last May so I willing to spend some bucks on it. Roger Godchaux (1878 - 1958) Title: JEUNE PANTHÈRE AUX AGUETS 8....
  39. This was bought in France right after the war. It was brought back to the states in the in the early 1946 when my friend was returned to the States. He had it up to his death, and as a friend of the f...
  40. Not really sure where to post the Bronze at. Why isn't there a section for these?
  41. I'll be able to post more pictures and check for marks and lock on Monday, thanks for the help
  42. Thank you all for the info...just got this last Sunday at an auction...had to empty my display case...and dust it (what a job). It's displayed with more art glass. Think we'll keep it for awhile.
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