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  1. on his name and then "read more" (its towards the top) his email is there
  2. oh wow!!! that thing is sick!
  3. i agree with macart, nice piece!
  4. "I do want to add that if you can, get a partial refund for this piece of glass that was probably not what it was described at. In other words, it had been modified from it's original state, that's al...
  5. "why make a vase of this size??" Not sure why they made smaller ones, just giving people more things to buy? :) It looks a lot like the middle piece imo...
  6. Did you look over the body really well? I have ones in very similar shape that are marked on the body, instead of base, with a faint mark.
  7. I could be wrong, but looks like a marriage of a damaged vase and lighter. Still a neat repurpose though!
  8. great piece of welz mica!!
  9. franz welz
  10. art deco take on mimosa?
  11. Awesome I bet you had more than a lifetime worth of memories in that! I have an awd express I'm doing a westfalia-esque conversion in right now. Heading on a national park tour out west this summer ...
  12. First thing that came to my mind was a piece I had with a made in italy sticker. Although it wasn't identical....
  13. That's a lot of really nice art glass! Some nice looking stoneware too!
  14. It is indeed Kralik Jericho. I had an identical one with the semi circle mark. Nice piece Allen, I prefer the term "face vase". If you look at the "knuckles" from the side you can see forehead/...
  15. Nice piece!
  16. There is a piece in "vertical lines" welz decor. This decor can also be found on other welz shapes. Id say welz. Merry xmas!
  17. Often seen shape and decor. 100% welz....
  18. you called it metallrot in these posts, not sure if that has changed though....
  19. Fixture looks older but glass looks modern imo.
  20. Bey-it is loetz and probably around 3.25 inches tall
  21. beautiful piece!
  22. "Thank you Craig. Loetz has an advantage with lots of documentation available, where other Czech glass companies do not. Truitt says that Loetz was copied a lot, so it's hard for a collector to know f...
  23. Awesome piece Rick and thanks for the links!
  24. Is #3 a different shape from #1 or just a really weird photo?
  25. I love how he we would take the same shape and manipulate the rim many ways, as shown in the 4th photo!
  26. Love the ketchup mustard bambus :)
  27. I wouldn't call the legs/feet a Welz marker, although they all could be welz. If you can't see any blue in the feet, they're probably black amethyst. Great pieces, and pay Alfredo no attention. He ...
  28. ? loetz welz ?
  29. great piece!
  30. Every piece that has a handle with 90 degree angles is not ruckl.....sorry, but that is just silly!
  31. Can't believe what the lidded piece sold for. This one must be 5 figures?! BTW Marty, it was listed as MT washington royal flemish to start :).
  32. You mean the vase in craigs post? If so, about 10-10.25". Right around 26.5cm depending how much(or little) they ground down the top.
  33. Thanks for the reply and new info Dave.
  34. If not....I have room :D
  35. AWESOME!!
  36. This isn't Rindskopf..... ;) Great piece!
  37. Lovely piece Michelle!
  38. Cool piece btw :)
  39. Hard to say without seeing in person....more lighting in pics may help. But the vase in the 3rd photo below is what yours instantly reminded me of. Shape looks the same, size seems right and it look...
  40. No, I do not click "love" or "follow" people any longer. I prefer to make a brief comment instead. I also see many of the things posted by all those who follow me, as well as items from many others. ...
  41. Why delete my comment?
  42. nice piece Ian
  43. Lovely addition Lee!
  44. Awesome pieces!
  45. Awesome grouping!
  46. Killer piece! I like the "deformed" shape personally
  47. Awesome!
  48. Nice piece
  49. Another beaut!
  50. Another sweet piece!
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