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I am an avid collector of vintage engraved Swedish glass. I have my own favorites, and I also purchase pieces to restore. My hope is to return these one-of-a-kind woI am an avid collector of vintage engraved Swedish glass. I have my own favorites, and I also purchase pieces to restore. My hope is to return these one-of-a-kind works of art and cultural heritage to a place of respect in today's mass-produced society. Someday, I'll endow my collection to a museum dedicated to Swedish-American history, in honor of my ancestors who, as far back as my family can recall, were all proud Swedes. Update: I recently donated 100 pieces of engraved Swedish glass to the American Swedish Historical Museum in Philadelphia. That gift inspired the renovation of a gallery and the establishment of a permanent exhibit of this beautiful glass. Proud moment! I also started a website to display and sell some of the glass that no longer fits in my collection or the museum's. Feel free to take a look - the listings have lots of information on the piece. Please visit (Read more)


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Orrefors Nils Landberg Expo, the Raising of the Vasa - Art Glassin Art Glass
Orrefors Palmqvist Expo Midsommar's Dance - Art Glassin Art Glass
Vicke Lindstrand for Kosta ~1956 'Fru Musica' Sonata  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kosta 1954 "Cathedral" designed by Vicke Lindstrand, engraved by Tage Cronqvist. - Art Glassin Art Glass
Pair of Alexandrite "Campesinos"  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Simon Gate Dancer for Orrefors - Art Glassin Art Glass
Moses in Horns - Art Glassin Art Glass
Strömberg Mother and Daughter - Art Glassin Art Glass
Lindstrand Midsommardagen (Midsummer's Day) - Art Glassin Art Glass
Vicke Lindstrand & John Selbing Knew their Nets! - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Thanks for the love and appreciation of this extraordinary work of art. I am very happy to share it with all of you. Note that the design is engraved, not etched. Although those words are sometime...
  2. I think it's Krosno, from Poland. Related to this bowl.
  3. Thanks, Newfld. And thanks for the love, everyone.
  4. Thanks to Lee Sutcliffe in the Heart of Glass group on FB, who wrote, "I believe I can inform you with 99.99% assuredness that this piece is indeed Baccarat, having received info from my French friend...
  5. Thank you for your love and nice comments, everyone!
  6. If Nils says Asta, and his father gives corroborating evidence, this mystery is solved!
  7. Thanks for the love!
  8. Hi Rick, thank you for the information. I think they are very similar, but looking closely, the face on yours is much better. I'm trying to thin the herd a bit here, and now they will be a bit easier ...
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Loetz Crystal Glatt Vase with Engraved Decoration, PN III-346/II, ca. 1920 JAN CZERNÝ - 'FACES' Nr. 150 - 096 1965 --KONST GLASHYTTAN URSHULT ( Sweden) Glassblower sculptures - Hilbert Carlsson, Strombergshyttan 1979. tamara aladin x serie PINO SIGNORETTO MURANO HOT SCULPTED GLASS SCULPTURE 2 vases: Elsa Söderberg's for Hovmantorp and Sven Palmqvist's for Orrefors Vase with engraved fish and algae, Gunnar Nylund/Asta Strömberg? (Strömbergshyttan, 1960) Glass Vase by Kosta - Nymph on Lilly Timo Sarpaneva's item of Claritas serie Mybeautifulbeautifulgirls Items from the Devil's series by Timo Sarpaneva Hadeland Glassworks - Norwegian Art Glass - Torvald K. Moseid


Six small plates with engraved floral motifs, Gerda Strömberg - Strömbergshyttan 1933-35. Art deco vase  engraved by Emil Weidlich, Sweden


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