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I discovered that I love art in all forms. It came rather late for me, but I cannot seem to stop buying beautiful treasures. Although I seem to gravitate to vintagI discovered that I love art in all forms. It came rather late for me, but I cannot seem to stop buying beautiful treasures. Although I seem to gravitate to vintage and antiques, my personality is more abstract. I even went a little gothic on some pieces. I purchase items for gifts, personal and some time just to rescue from being trashed or unloved. (Read more)


  1. Thanks, kerry10456 for your comment.
  2. Well! Never would have thought that. Thanks Gillian. Wow. Wish I had kept my yarns. LOL
  3. No information ever discovered on this piece.
  4. thanks klausssanta.
  5. Artdetective it was wonderful to see your comment. This is absolutely wonderful news for me. I look forward to any follow up. Please give her my appreciation for the drawing. Thanks again.
  6. Gillian and TallCakes, I know that I am really late with thank you, but I sincerely do thank you both.
  7. SWF, it appears I dropped the ball on thanking you for your assistance with identifying this piece. My sincere apologies.
  8. Matisse thanks. I agree they look to be same
  9. Thanks antique rose. I will check it out and let you know what I find.
  10. I agree with Sean68, beautiful and colorful
  11. mikelv85, you guested it I have 2 without the stoppers. I almost purchased a third, but decided against it. Which now I regret. Next time there will be no hesitation. Think I will go out the flea m...
  12. I do have one and absolutely love. I was not a big pin or brooch person until start coming across the most interesting and beautiful colors and designs. Very nice pin.
  13. Awesomeness
  14. love, love, love
  15. I think I have one of these. Going to check by cabinets when I get home. Love the style.
  16. wonderful.
  17. I am sorry, I should stated that it was my first purchase of a Picasso. The others were purchased within the last couple of years. I have had this one for over 8+ years.
  18. Beautiful, what craftsmanship.
  19. racer4four, that was my attraction to it as well. Almost sold, but decided at the last minute to keep for my enjoyment. thanks for your lovely comments.
  20. Have you seen any of her other works out there in the WWW?
  21. Picasso, huh. Wow. Well I guess this would actually be my first Picasso. Never would have thought. Thanks very much mp.
  22. Beautiful
  23. I do not maker, but I think that it is lovely. Color, shape, size all of it. Very nice fine
  24. Beautiful pictures
  25. What wonderful colors
  26. Wexval great thanks very very much
  27. Alan, thanks. I will make a closer inspection of it.
  28. Hi Sean68. Thanks I am trying to get the others added. I was very glad that I found them.
  29. fabulous.
  30. The whole set is beautiful, but I absolutely love the chairs. Wonderful!
  31. How unique
  32. Now this is a beautiful picture
  33. Kp.kunst. I think that it maybe an offset. However I am not sure
  34. AmatoorPikr, I have not been able to make out the signature. Not sure if it is R M or R W something. I was also drawn to the colors and scene. This is apart of my spring/summer art collection displ...
  35. Wonderful
  36. Love everything about this piece.
  37. Very very nice
  38. Appreciate the info, I will give it a try. And try and some better photos.
  39. beautiful!!!!
  40. thanks for info, Matisse.
  41. that is what I see as well.
  42. I thought it looked a bit on the plump side. Early bird gets the worms lol
  43. Cannot wait to find the right spot so that the sunlight can slightly reflect off of it. Thanks for responses
  44. Not sure of the artist. There are so many scene scenarios for this one. He could be taking a selfie LOL.
  45. thanks for comment, rucklezglass. I have had this for many years and hoping to get it framed one day.
  46. thanks all. I almost passed this one up.
  47. Hello, racer4four Thanks, also loving your items and appreciating your help.
  48. matisse, you are wonderful. Thanks very much.
  49. Nothing like having a rock too large to wear. Beautiful!
  50. Dizzydave, I really appreciate your assistance. I am so new at putting my findings out there and to get the help in finding out about the artists and additional sites to search has really enlighten m...
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