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I am more of a keeper than collector. The majority of the pieces I treasure are family heirlooms. My mother did an amazing job of passing the information of the whI am more of a keeper than collector. The majority of the pieces I treasure are family heirlooms. My mother did an amazing job of passing the information of the who and sometimes where of these treasures. I hope to add a more detailed "what" they are as someday they will be passed along by me. (Read more)


  1. These are beautiful.
  2. I agree with tie clip. Very nice!
  3. Sharing today for the solar eclipse!
  4. I agree with bobby725...... it would fit very well in my living room!
  5. I love the subject!
  6. Great find!
  7. Uncle Ron, On closer look, I do see there is a lot of serrations, etc. on the edges. That ceramics class I mentioned was longer ago, than I'd care to mention....... ;)
  8. I have had a couple rugs cleaned and repaired. A would send your photos to a couple of repair shops for an evaluation. It may be very well worth it.
  9. I believe they are for ceramics. I used similar tools in high school, working with wet clay. They were not on a ring, however the ring is a very good and efficient idea. Instead of stopping and rea...
  10. Gosh, I love these! Can you identify the wood?
  12. Thank you martika! I am delighted! I have several tapestries, and truly love textile art. This one may not be as old as the others. My curiosity is getting the best of me. The backing is not ...
  13. It is beautiful! I've clicked to follow!
  14. davyd286, Thank you! She very well may be the oldest item that I have.
  15. Noooooooooooo! I hope you don't paint it! I don't know the style, but the hardwoods are spectacular. Perhaps a combination of cherry and maple?
  16. I can not offer any insight to the stones. The piece is quite remarkable. The tie keepers on the back and the detail on the silver tips lead me to believe it is quite old. Absolutely spectacular! ...
  17. Just replaced the photo of the signature. The original was pretty blurred.
  18. Beautiful piece. I have clicked to follow comments. :)
  19. They are lovely! The resurgence of scarves in fashion give an opportunity to wear brooches again.
  20. Very nice! Certainly a treasure.
  21. Wow! This is very cool! How big is it?
  22. I still love film! Sort of like music on vinyl.
  23. Beautiful collection! Kudos to the crafty boyfriend, too!
  24. Good find. Well done!
  25. They are very beautiful!
  26. Stunning! They are all beautiful. The musician shows some extreme creativity!
  27. Fantastic piece of history!
  28. Thank you mikelv85, I could not remember how to identify the country by the toes of a dragon. I enjoy both Asian art and metals. This was a bonus! I think I may reshoot the photos and repost. M...
  29. Thank you valentino97 and mikelv85!
  30. I had posted this cameo previously under a username that is obsolete. I had issues with an email account and started everything fresh!
  31. Hello Moosman, Can you type what is written in each section? The content may hold a clue. Sunnybrook
  32. Blast from the past! Very fun! My favorites came with the parking garage. Sunnybrook
  33. Very nice ring. I truly enjoy the old Navajo pieces.
  34. Beautiful, and intriguing!
  35. rucklezglass, Thank you for the good tips. Makes perfect sense! Sunnybrook
  36. This brings up a question..... when should a vintage or antique be cleaned, and when should it be left alone? Very nice compact. I enjoy them, too!
  37. Asian tapestry?
  38. Yep, I think it is an illustration by Chris Riddell for Don Quixote.
  39. Very nice, and WOW!
  40. ometto, I have updated the status to "Mystery Solved!" I appreciate your taking the time to share your good information. Sunnybrook
  41. Miller High-Life is a beer that has been around since the early 1900's. Enjoy!
  42. The character seems to resemble Don Quixote. Sunnybrook
  43. I do not have any info to offer on your painting, however it is wonderful. I would highly suggest to remove the wood backing, as most wood species are acidic, or contain tannins that can be very ha...
  44. .... and, yes I like the painting, too!
  45. What a special story!
  46. ometto, Thank you for your comments. Do you know his last name? There are quite a few painters with the first name of Alireza. I found a similar painting with the same signature on line. The p...
  47. Very pretty! They make a lively and colorful display!
  48. Exquisite!
  49. Good morning, I believe what you have is a Chimayo weaving from New Mexico. The history goes back to the Spanish colonial period. The saltillo is of Mexican design and since the 1920's the yarns ...
  50. Wow, they are beautiful!
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