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Old "Parlor  Guitar" - Guitarsin Guitars
Eye Brand  pocket knife  - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
First Edition..Zane Grey "Riders Of The Purple Sage" - Booksin Books
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  1. I'll be right over. :)
  2. I love the feel of wood. Years ago in college I took an elective course in furniture repair and upholstery. It was alot of fun, and I found what has become a life long hobby. When I retire in two yea...
  3. Thank you Phil for the love.
  4. Thanks ejw-54.
  5. Keven thank you very much for the love.
  6. Thanks mustangtony, trunkman, and bellin68 for the love. Maybe someday someone will say "Hey, I've got one just like and it says "Martin" inside. Ha!
  7. Thank you PhilDavidAlexanderMorris for the love and your comment.
  8. I guess I have narrowed the age to 50's up thru the 70's. Thanks Kevin. I have Googled several times there is very little info on this brand. Thanks filmnet for your comments.
  9. I believe this is for real. This is a modern day 5 pesos coin. ....I think?
  10. Thank you mustangtony. I hope someone can enlighten me as to the age, etc..
  11. Thanks Kevin. You are a wealth of knowledge. Going to church . I will read up on this when I return.
  12. Not a first printing...but a first edition. The HA would not be there if first print . This is true.
  13. Much appreciation and thanks blunderbuss2.
  14. Thank you mustangtony.
  15. Thanks mrmajestid1.
  16. Kiso Suzuki Violin Co. was started after the second world war. Late 1940's 0r early 1950's. The label inside your mandolin suggest this was made in recent times. My guess is the 1980's. Kiso went bank...
  17. These mandolins are also called tater-bugs and bowlbacks. The C.F. Martin Co. produced these as early as 1904 in the USA. They sometimes are used by bluegrass musicans because they produce a very cl...
  18. I plugged money into one of these things in Eureka Springs, Arkansas not long ago. They are still around. It's a neat little community.
  19. When I was a kid I used get my hair cut at and an old traditional barber shop in Lake Butler,Florida. I loved hearing all the grown ups talking the latest gossip and politics. Good memories
  20. True story...I lost my one and only digital camera. I found it yesterday. I have so many things to post ..now I can .My wife has one those smart phone that she offered to let me use..but I'm not smart...
  21. Thanks for the love chump5252. I still need to get outside and retake that photo.
  22. Looks more like a television than a radio.
  23. Kevin is right . Between 1947 up until 1972 0r 1973?? ...they would be marked Schrade Walden. I have several with this marking.
  24. Feb 9th, 1964. My dad was a preacher. We talked him into a short sermon and a quick ride home to see the Beatles on our black and white Motorola that Sunday night on Ed sullivan. It was great. I was e...
  25. Great American made knife. This knife (OLD TIMER) was made to use, not to collect. Now collectible because the company closed its doors in 2004. I bought up every Schrade they had at a local Academy ...
  26. I don't always get it right. I am a newbie, and as such I am humbled......learning.
  27. I could be wrong. :)
  28. I believe the postal zone was a created in 1943 during the war. It ended when the zip code was created in 1963.
  29. Made in Germany then Italy . Have Schaller hardware and Humbucking pickups. Eko guitar was also involved making this same guitar in the 1990's in Italy. No longer in production. Hard to find and col...
  30. Released in 1965 if mono. Similar to Beatles 65. Very collectible.
  31. Thanks for the love AR8Jason (Kevin).
  32. Thanks toracat for the love. The color is dead on. I still need to retake a better photo and repost.
  33. Jockey Club is a cologne or perfume created in 1840. John F. Kennedy wore it. It is still made today.
  34. I new I would get this comment. It is not the true color. I need to take it outside I guess and retake my photo . :)
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Massive old growth Two rocking chairs, ugly now but soon beautiful! Glass Guitar 1962 Nova Convertible Mexican coin A hand carved wooden cowboy Antique chair stool Parking Meter 1951 Barber Chair Beatles Four Hits on Four different Labels Unidentified Knife Help Please "Old Timer" Folding Knife/Schrade NY unidentified bottle :) 1948-50's, Cavalier Jr., Coca-Cola "Airline" Cooler


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