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Silver comb (?Secessionstil ?Brutalist)  - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Art Nouveau Necklace (?Liberty ?Glasgow School) - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau


  1. Thank you Jewels1900! That is very helpful. I also have seen the same design used as a mount for a small vase. I would love to know who designed it, but will enjoy regardless... Thank you
  2. Thank you for your comments. I do think that is a maker's mark under the sterling mark, but I haven't been able to identify it- any ideas? Thank you!
  3. Interesting- actually I have two buckles with different designs using the same or similar elements. One buckle I believe is original (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1214158722022997/permalink/1350409...
  4. Hi Jewels1900- I have a buckle which is similar to the hairstick in your Knox creamer. Mine is unmarked. Is your piece marked by any chance? I am wondering about the designer... Thank you!
  5. I am afraid not- I had hoped to find a digital copy from the national archives or the V&A (as some of the Austrian sites offer for instance), but neither seem to be accessible online. I live in the US...
  6. Hi Jewels1900- thanks for that tip but after registering and logging in the link you inserted does not seem to be working. I tried searching multiple different terms but unable to find a copy to view ...
  7. Thank you for your responses and Jewels1900 thank you for that suggestion. I have several shelves of books on art nouveau, but none by Arwas despite his prolific production. I will find a copy of his ...
  8. Thank you BelleEpoque! The designs of Jessie King are extraordinary (http://www.victorianweb.org/victorian/art/design/king/1.html) and the sense of proportion is similar- I bought a copy of The Glasgo...


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