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  1. Luscious!!! YUM!!! ~~Bee
  2. Bella has great taste!!! ~~Bee
  3. Really elegant and stunning! ~~Bee
  4. Good job, Lee!
  5. I am no help whatsoever....but I absolutely LOVE the colors!
  6. Very unique and colorful! Great find!
  7. So simple yet so very elegant!
  8. I can see why you are partial to the one with the metal color as the colors are stunning! The pair look beautiful together, Lee!
  9. So very elegant in form and color...
  10. It looks like a dreamy, swirling galaxy all captured on one stone from the Faerie World...
  11. Oh my, I just can't thank you enough for looking and for taking the time to leave such lovely comments, ozmarty, inky, and surfdub66!
  12. Thank you, dear Lee!
  13. Wow, Lee!!!!
  14. My dearest friend, coming from the great glass connoisseur that you are, I am deeply humbled and pleased that your fine eye should approve of my piece. Thank you for the encouragement I find in your ...
  15. Stunning!
  16. The colors are wonderful together which really makes the designs in the cutting pop! ~~Bee
  17. Gorgeous grouping! ~~ Bee
  18. What a wonderful grouping! The pieces truly compliment each other very nicely! ~~Bee
  19. Gorgeous, Lee! I can see why it's a favorite to wear! ~~Bee
  20. Your kind comments are deeply appreciated, kivatinitz and robin56!!
  21. Thank you for looking and for your kind comment, kivatinitz!
  22. Beautiful colors and painting! ~~Bee
  23. Such a great grouping and wonderful photo! ~~Bee
  24. Thank you so much for looking and for your kind comment, maryh!
  25. It is such a gorgeous color! ~~Bee
  26. Ooooooooh, I am so drooling! ~~Bee
  27. Amazing, just like you! ~~Bee
  28. A fabulous collection of the old Rookwood pieces!
  29. Thank you so very much for looking and for taking the time to leave such kind comments.
  30. Thank you so much, racer4four and austrohungaro. This is one of my special favorites to be sure!
  31. Thank you so much, katherinescollections! I thought she was so beautiful with her exotic looks and long gorgeous hair.
  32. Such a luscious color!!!
  33. Awwwww, thank you so, so much, surfdub66! You are very kind~~
  34. Thank you very much, cogito!
  35. Thank you for your kind comment, surfdub!
  36. Thank you so very much for looking and for taking the extra time to leave your kind comments, everyone!
  37. Thank you so much for your kind comment, inky!
  38. Absolutely gorgeous, Lee! ~~Bee
  39. So lovely no matter who made it! But it deserves a history! ~~Bee
  40. The colors are so amazing! What an eye-popper! ~~Bee
  41. So beautiful!
  42. It really is a beautiful piece!
  43. Thoroughly enjoyed the research information and the photos of your find!
  44. Oh my! Spectacular!!!!
  45. Gorgeous color!
  46. Gorgeous!
  47. So beautiful!!
  48. Thank you so much, Decomad!
  49. Simply gorgeous!
  50. You are one lucky ducky! It is to die for!
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posted 8 years ago