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I collect pottery, studio art pottery, and stoneware


  1. https://www.facebook.com/groups/StudioPotteryID/
  2. Facebook has a nice group of Studio Pottery Collectors who identified a British potter by the name of Richard Edwards, he lives in France and no longer makes pottery. http://www.receramics.com/
  3. I believe this piece was made ANDREW MACCORKINDALE or an associate - his work normally has a beautiful lid - HIGH FIRED PORCELAIN - Andrew MacCorkindale worked in Portland, OR, MacCorkindale Porcela...
  4. I love this piece thanks for sharing!
  5. Jacques Sicard of Weller studied with Massier and may have returned to work with him around 1908 https://pinterest.com/dholdefer/jacques-sicard-weller-art-pottery/
  6. The incised mark ("S") would have been made just after the pot was made, long before it was glazed, but the glaze may have been matched to the "S" inscription. What I wrote, came out of a book. I h...
  7. "S" meant "smear" (dull finish) p. 219 Appendix 5; "When an impressed "S" is found alone, it indicates a piece throwon for demonstration, perhaps from a prominent visitor". From Rookwood Pottery boo...
  8. Thanks for the information...I guess it is time for me to believe what you and the seller have said, and stop believing what my eyes and touch say...
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Circa 1890s Alexandre Bigot Gres Cabinet Vase Jean Baptiste Gaziello Iridescent Symbolist / Art Nouveau Ceramic Vase Weller Sicard Vase Renaissance Princess by Amphora Clement Massier circa 1900 French Art Nouveau Pottery Rookwood Covered Dish Rookwood K. Shirayamadani Jewel Porcelain Vase The Veiled Lady by Amphora Great Abstract Charger.  Not Sure of Signature.  Possibly Berg Carved Bowl, Beautiful Glazes~ w/ Partial Stamped Signature~Who might it be? Marilyn Monroe Calendar Sales Sample Prints


Rookwood Vase A Bowl by Erik Plön (Ploen) Miniature Bark Pottery Bowl w Landscape by RT Wonderful Folk Jug - Unkown Maker


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