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My name is Betsy and I have a love affair with glass. I lean towards early 20th century American and Bohemian art glass and occasionally a more modern piece when I nMy name is Betsy and I have a love affair with glass. I lean towards early 20th century American and Bohemian art glass and occasionally a more modern piece when I need a glass fix, but can't afford a larger investment. I also enjoy searching for unusual and beautiful antiques of all kinds. Whatever both catches my eye and fits my budget. (Read more)


  1. Oh, and thank you to you as well, Inky! :)
  2. Thanks, Al! Would you lean towards one maker more heavily than the other?
  3. Thanks for the comments, JayHow. Yes, I'm quite lucky to have a sister that is really a best friend and partner in crime. We share many of the same expensive hobbies, art nouveau glass being one of th...
  4. The layering of the glass on this piece is what gives the unusual appearance. The piece is simply cut straight across the bottom. Mark Peiser is one contemporary artist that does this with his pieces....
  5. When I purchased my #1824 Durand vase, the auction company had it listed as Union Glass...and mine is signed. Some sellers are really out of their depth. Another beautiful piece. Thanks for sharin...
  6. Thanks for the "loves" everyone.
  7. Thanks for the comments Belling, LoetzBuddies, and inky. :) Definitely similarities in size and shape to your Steuben piece, LB. I didn't see the image of the bottom, though. Is that available some...
  8. Just so Kyle doesn't think he's losing it...I also saw this piece and remember some comment about a water stain. Though it wasn't the description that bothered me, it was LA. I have yet to use my acco...
  9. What an amazingly beautiful piece! Great find!!!
  10. I'd like to hide your bible. I'm enjoying the views too much. Yummy, yummy Durand! :)
  11. Thanks, Czechman. It certainly has a Pallme Konig feel to it, though not typical in coloration.
  12. I believe that Quezal signed most if not all pieces and also flame-finished the fitter ends. The fitter on this one has been ground.
  13. Isn't that also true of Legras? I think they used a silver stamp that would sometimes wear off. It looks more like Legras in the execution to me. Lovely vase!
  14. Thank you, BELLIN. I think there is a good chance it's American, even studio glass. I've even spent a good chunk of time looking for similar shapes and decors, but nothing has really tied the shade to...
  15. Thanks for the compliments Inky and LB. Good info about Fostoria. I don't have the Murray book, yet.
  16. Thank you for the kind compliments, JayHow. I'm glad you liked my little collection. I majored in Public Relations and I work for a small non-profit theater promoting our performances. The collection ...
  17. Thanks JayHow! It does have all the hallmarks of Bohemian glass, but exactly what I don't know. I've only seen one other shade like this and it was in a random picture that I found online while resea...
  18. Amazing iridescence! Truly beautiful.
  19. Alfredo, I'll confess that when I bought this vase I didn't know exactly what it was. All I knew was that it was beautiful and I had to have it. It was after I got it home that I found the informati...
  20. I think the difference in the definition of the waves could be the size difference. My bowl is about 3 inches smaller in diameter than your shade. It would lose some of the definition as the size incr...
  21. Thank you, Alfredo. I've never seen a Rindskopf inkwell, but knowing how rare the Loetz ones are I hesitated to slap that moniker on it. It certainly crossed my mind, though. :)
  22. Rindskopf corrugated decor? The pulled corrugation with what I'll call "swirls"(for lack of a better term) looks like a bowl I have, but in green. http://www.flickr.com/photos/bkirkeby/8480136347/...
  23. Thank you for the loves and comments, All.
  24. Gorgeous color!
  25. This is one of my favorite Kralik pieces both for it's shape and decor. Lovely!
  26. After seeing both of these vases, I'll be keeping my eyes open for one for myself! Real beauties!
  27. Hmmm, hadn't considered Secessionist. Possibility. Here is a link to a pic of the bottom. http://www.flickr.com/photos/bkirkeby/8480412826/in/photostream
  28. Thank you Lane and Inky. I'd never seen it before either, Lane. That was what sold me.
  29. Thank you! :)
  30. Thank you All for the lovely comments!
  31. Thankfully, it's always had honest owners. :)
  32. Oh, so you're the one who outbid me! LOL :) Great minds think alike. It's a beautiful piece. I was drawn to the color and loved that it isn't Lundberg's (well done, but too often seen) gold aurene.
  33. Thank you for your kind comments, famatta and Bellin. :)
  34. Can you give me any more information about this particular shape? I picked up a vase similar to yours, blue w/white and 12" tall a few months ago, but have been unable to find any information on it. Y...
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