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  1. Thank you citlikeit! I found one that had green eyes, and an "amethyst" body.
  2. Only been here for 10 years, artislove, so someone awhile back really missed him. Still haven't totally given up on finding the rest of him. Never know what might turn up next time I till that patch...
  3. Your daughter's teacher is a lucky woman! She now has an icon that belonged to the supreme icon of modern dance. I was fortunate when I was younger to study her technique with several dancers that ...
  4. Wonderful! Spanish maybe?
  5. Please mulemama! I don't need encouragement. lol!!
  6. I can see why you're captivated by this piece. It really is mysterious. I'll keep my eye out for similar work.
  7. Agree with kyratango that it's very modern. Just looked at the link and your piece is an exceptional example of his work.
  8. Thanks Vintagefran! I found myself outside with a trowel looking for the stone, but thankfully reason prevailed. :-)
  9. Thank you aghcollect racer4four and katherinescollections! It was a kick finding this buried treasure. :-)
  10. I keep thinking about your friend's piece. Does he know the names of the prior occupants?
  11. I had a thought, but the geography makes it highly improbable. Such a curious piece because the carving is fantastic, but the gem setting is crude. I like that paradox.
  12. This may seem like an odd question, but where is the farmhouse?
  13. Hijack away Bluboi! That necklace is stunning. Not sure if this is an option, but KiwiPaul mentioned the following earlier in this thread: In my opinion the best people in the world to do thi...
  14. Bluboi, of course you're right about the piece lacking finish for the Haskell market. Thank you for the link. On such a steep learning curve! :-)
  15. Thank kyratango! I've established a certain connection between the necklace and Grace Hazen. Been doing a ton of research about her--very interesting and accomplished woman and artist--and hope to w...
  16. Such an odd and enchanting piece. The bottom mountainous portion shows knowledge of how to create depth, but portions of the top, especially the butterflies and reins, are naif. It's as if Cola stru...
  17. Is the "fast slow" dial used to monitor the movement? Not sure why this would be needed with the verge fusee mechanism if the intent of the design was to solve inconsistency of movement? Just seein...
  18. So appreciate your knowledge and collection! The museum just comes to me via the Internet :-).
  19. Lovely drawing. It really does appear that the design becomes the substructure to highlight the flower, as it does in the brooch necklace
  20. Thanks kiwipaul! Coming from you that's quite a complement!
  21. I've just learned that Grace Hazen lived very close to my stepmother's uncle in Gloucester (Rocky Neck), Massachusetts. There are very few examples of her work on the Internet, but a ring that I foun...
  22. Looking forward to seeing the sketch, kiwipaul.
  23. Naturalist absolutely. Looks like the flowers were executed from a plein air sketch. They have the heavy look and feeling of just past prime. I love the way the petals are folded by the frame. Bea...
  24. Kiwipaul, I see exactly what you mean about Rhoda Wager's designs! Her leaves are more realistic though. I'm increasingly noticing as I look at all the leaf motifs, and thanks to your recommendation...
  25. BelleEpoque thank you for your expert suggestion! katherine'scollections and kyratango the opals are looking so much more alive and iridescent in the water. I was just reading that you can store the...
  26. Jewels1900, now I understand why kyratango was hoping you'd weigh in. Yes, the amazing hand work fits for the Arts and Crafts movement. Thank you for your very generous offer to do some research. I...
  27. Wow! Soooo exciting to think that it's the real mccoy! Thank you BelleEpoque, kyratango, and Moostonelover21 for looking and lending your expertise. And to everyone who took the trouble to look and...
  28. Thanks catherine'scollections! Hard to believe someone not remembering how it got in their jewelry box :-)
  29. Thank you so much DrFluffy and Valentino for pointing me in the right direction. I just found the following:
  30. Thank you for your comments and encouragement. I'm on a steep learning curve. Shareurpassion I've looked into Napier, and couldn't find any pieces that were remotely similar. Valentino97, your comm...
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