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Hello all, I love and am learning about Art Nouveau and Arts & Crafts jewellery and have been collecting jewellery for the last four years.


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Two silver gilt buttons - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Scandinavian? American? silver brooch. - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Arts & Crafts silver blister pearl brooch. - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Arts & Crafts gold amethyst pendent necklace. - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Liberty & Co silver moonstone Arts & Crafts pendent necklace. - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Liberty & Co? enamel bar brooch. - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Arts and Crafts silver nephrite jade pendant. - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Early 20th century plique-a-jour dragonfly brooch. - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Early 20th century plique-a-jour enamel butterfly brooch. - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Tiny silver plique-a-jour enamel opal and paste slider. - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry


  1. hi Kyratango, loooong time no see! I am also trying to track this mark down, seen it many times now. Very frustrating. I have seen it used in conjunction with Murrle Bennett & Co mark so its possibl...
  2. oh yes, Norton is annoying, I'd love to see your butterfly, Zowie
  3. it does look slightly Jensenish and quite beautiful...sorry, I need to see marks to be helpful, its a failing, brain fail :/
  4. thanks Roycroft, that's a great link, I've looked through a few of the links but the buttons aren't there yet. The mark reminds me of the Krementz mark Jewels, but I don't think these are theirs, n...
  5. oh, Canadian, ey? Thank you so much Roycroft and Kyra. My Canadian hockey-nut friend will be rather jealous I think that I have something made by the person who made the Stanley cup :D I might have...
  6. ooh, no, seaweed, this is lovely, I've seen much uglier and besides, its well designed, nothing that well designed is ugly.
  7. Ah, I have a small Glasgow girls book, but its not an area I've read up on much yet (life keeps getting in the way, as I'm sure you're aware, congratulations on your little boy). Thank you so much for...
  8. I don't think I's an exhibition catalogue or just a fantastic read? Thanks for the A+C ref, while flicking through the book I noticed a small plique drop from another item of jewellery I have...
  9. I've googled, he seems like he should be rather good, and fast from what you say, my last enameller (I foolishly told there was no hurry) took a year before I basically said I want them back already. ...
  10. I'm finding it difficult to find jewellery or enamel pieces by Agnes Bankier Harvey but I'll keep looking.
  11. There was a fair hint in the last post :P A good/clever restorer is hard to find though so any help is appreciated, I'm all for honest, upfront, quality restoration, its when a dealer refuses to a...
  12. Thanks :)
  13. Whenever I have time, but I work weekdays and quite a few Saturdays, its become increasingly impossible. If only I had more time, and money
  14. No, me either Jewels, its normally a design, its rather unusual isn't it, that's why I'm not so sure, but I really want it to be, also clouding my judgement somewhat probably. Than...
  15. Thanks Jewels1900, me too. And sadly not AmberRose, for I am a male, and they don't really suit me. I need a wife who appreciates these things.
  16. photographs of the back and side, they show that its been somewhere warm and dry for a long time, slight deterioration of the silver, could do with a good polish... one day.
  17. yeah, you have to take the risk to learn, even at a cost, most often at a cost. I'm usually at work however when things are auctioned so cannot bid in person and have to take a wild stab-in-the-dark. ...
  18. Yay! Fantastic, thank you so much Kyratango, that's great news. :D
  19. In your dreams? (he he he) a certain unfriendly online auction site? Somewhere else?
  20. yes, the graduated teeny tiny split pearl lines seem to be more H&S'ish too. I have branches all over. I just started with the jugendstil on here because it was easier to picture in the UKs terribl...
  21. It doesn't seem to be a replacement, it was cheaply made to begin with I think. German, English, French, I don't know :(
  22. no problem Zowie, let me see if I can help
  23. yes Jewels, Meyle n Mayer was my best guess but I'm still not certain. thanks Rose :)
  24. Thank you Elisabethan :)
  25. It could always be better... :P
  26. Thanks Fran of the Vintage persuasion.
  27. thank you :)
  28. oooh, I see what you did here, very talented, I will have to experiment with my piece.
  29. I too love opals but that mount is something else, it feels very Theodor Fahrner or something similar, truly beautiful :)
  30. I'm up north like *puts on accent*. I could get it reattached quite easily, you're right but it's a lot easier to display this way.
  31. will do!! thanks, learning new things is fun!
  32. Thanks. The chain hanging down is a mistake, I meant to remove it, it belongs to something else I'll be adding soon.
  33. I love the colour too, its hard to find good enamel thats not green and blue though, thats the next goal. And yes, its a great book, gooood pictures, they paint 1000 .....I've lost the metaphor but...
  34. Ditto Jewels1900, I decided to join this site because of seeing some of your wondrous pieces, it's reassuring to know that there are items still out there to be had, and to see other examples of beaut...
  35. :O So much lovely! We always remember the ones that got away.
  36. Thank you all for doing likewise :)
  37. oops, typo, I meant 4 years, but thanks :) It helps that I'm slightly obsessed!
  38. Thank you, its difficult to find good pieces, especially on a limited budget. I love your glass collection, a very nice way of displaying it, kudos :)
  39. thank you, its one of my favourites :)
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Arts and crafts GOLD & MOOSTONES necklace. Henry George Murphy, thanks to Kiwipaul! Unknown style and maker necklace arts and crafts? British Arts & Crafts Silver and Opal Floral Necklace


posted 53 years ago