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Antique gold watch chain. - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
Charles Forgelot silver ring,possibly. - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Bernard Instone brooch. - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry


  1. Lovely pin,what does the hallmark tell you regarding maker and date,it might enable us to check a bit deeper into its history and find out if Blackwatch was a champion ?
  2. Lovely hound,did you ascertain what he’s made of ?
  3. Jean,I noticed the seller dated it to the 1930’s or 40’s,what would your take be on that ? It’s a stunning ring,well done????
  4. Fantastic workmanship a real piece of art????
  5. Interesting trying to work out the subject matter of the fob,is the letter date for 1906 ? I’m not sure it’s even depicting a sport the chaps dress and what he’s holding doesn’t strike me as being spo...
  6. Hi Jean, The brooch looks lovely,I’m blown away by the quality of his workmanship Mr Instone was a very talented artist,my brooch is the same bar for the colours being different????
  7. Hi Jean,well done,I thought you might have got it,I expect the stones in mine are garnets then but they don’t usually react on my gem tester,no matter they are both lovely brooches and its quite a coi...
  8. Jean,one very similar sold on eBay a few days ago,were you the lucky winner by any chance ?
  9. All became clearer with the better photos,well done Pascale she was spot,very interesting and unusual piece????
  10. Jean,if it is Polish then your first reply from kyratango is spot on,she is the clever one,I just used google????
  11. Think I would guess Poland,it looks to have a remarking stamp that was post 1963 ?
  12. You will likely be able to find out when you can look at the marks,all will become clear then,keep us informed please ????
  13. On reflection I’d guess at Polish,fairly modern ? Part of the fascination is doing the research I love it.Ive just acquired a silver modernist ring and I’m stumped with that one????
  14. Could it possibly be Dutch from Joure dated 2004 ? Hopefully not,it looks older,I was thinking French earlier ????
  15. Jean,I was very lucky to buy the brooch,as soon as I saw that lovely fish I thought it was unusual,he might swim your way one day,you never know.
  16. Thanks Jean,much appreciated ????
  17. Thanks for the replies,it’s good to know what I kinda thought has been confirmed,I bought it in a job lot of brooches,not having any idea it was a Bernard Instone,love to do the research on all the st...
  18. Hi Jean,lovely necklace.I’ve managed to find a brooch by Instone myself,any chance of casting your expert eye over it for me please,it’s a beauty and any info would be most welcome. Thanks.Ray.
  19. Thanks,I’ll do that.
  20. It sure is a beauty the quality is superb the way it shimmers in the light it’s just as though it’s alive,kudos to the maker.
  21. Thanks,really liking the site,it’s a mine of information.
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posted 9 days ago