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Hi i am 14 yrs old and am a dealer with vintage bottle's/jars and small memorabilia and i started when i was 11 and i love this website and find it useful when i comHi i am 14 yrs old and am a dealer with vintage bottle's/jars and small memorabilia and i started when i was 11 and i love this website and find it useful when i come back from an awesome pick. i live in the country side of Rochester in Hilton and love to dig up and find great items if you have any questions on any type of bottle or any thing vintage related shoot me an email at have a great day (Long Live Pickers) (Read more)


1981 Suzuki 80cc Dirtbike - Motorcyclesin Motorcycles
Eskimo Fan - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
1800's Singer Sewing Machine - Sewingin Sewing
Slow Sign Gone Bad - Signsin Signs
Old Two Man Saw - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Little Sled Fleetwing - Sporting Goodsin Sporting Goods
1955 - 1956 Johnson seahorse 5.5 hp outboard motor - Fishingin Fishing
1939 World fair N.Y license plate - Signsin Signs
Vintage Shakespeare Fishing Pole - Fishingin Fishing


  1. I have the same excat bike have you tried to sell it?
  2. Hello, this bike is the same excact bike that i have. your bike however is missing the tank that wnet in that open space right behind your handle bars. The tank would have a headlight that came out o...
  3. hey once you are done getting it restored post some pictures of it comparing old to new condition!!
  4. Good Evening, yeah this piece is from the 70's where did you get your info?
  5. Very Cool
  6. correct i have a bigger model that oscillates and works mint. the body is flawless and this was found under other "rusty gold" in a late 1800's barn.
  7. it seems to be an sort of jug they would use at a factory or a soda bar. im not sure Cassata Bottle Excavation, Andrew Cassata
  8. What is the patent numbers on the bottom Cassata's Bottle Excavation, Email: ( Andrew Cassata Adam Jay
  9. nice bike i would have put the fenders on. Cassata's Bottle Excavation, Andrew Cassata
  10. yes this is an aqua globe not old at all plus there pretty cheap Cassata's Bottle Excavation, Andrew.C
  11. This is what you call farm fresh i know someone who had a totally restored model plus parts Cassata's Bottle Excavation, Andrew.C
  12. i have been recently digging and thats from the laye 60's to the 70's and that wrapping looks like a paper or a light foam of some sort i have a coke an tab version of that Cassata Bottle Excavatio...
  13. sure sorry i didn't have it up sooner i will do it right know
  14. okay i will put it up in a few have got yourself quite a good fishing collection (seeing your collection)
  15. Yes Very i found this buried in the dirt in a tin 2 ft under
  16. First of all this bike is awesome!!!! Does it have anything to do with the carb. not flowing right you might want to check that if you checked everything else
  17. Very Nice! i have like 3 of these that i have dug up. it dates around the 55's - 60's and it does cost around $10 - $15 so worth a little bit but not much. keep Collecting Cassata's Bottle Excavati...
  18. Very Nice. Yeah some of these bottle each sell for $5 not much but when you have a lot it adds up. Cassata's Bottle Excavation, Andrew.C Adam.J
  19. This is of course a ball jar and it was made for small canning items maybe jelly or small fruit like cherries but i just found one in the dirt on a dig and it says everything that it says on yours. im...
  20. Sorry your talking to his number one fan here ( im Andrew to)
  21. really nice sugar stand im a collector in vintage glassware and small memorabilia and this would be a great item to have.
  22. Hey im 13 and im a huge collector mike and i actually find some of the stuff you find on your show out in our fields on Hilton N.Y
  23. cool i guess
  24. See more


JC Higgins Bike Eskimo Fan 1955 - 1956 Johnson seahorse 5.5 hp outboard motor Vintage Shakespeare Fishing Pole 1935 250cc Coventry Eagle that I picked it up in a trade. 1941 Harley-Davidson knucklehead 1939 World fair N.Y license plate


1930's/40's 7Up Bottle-Detroit, MI Kitchen Gadgets Murray  Vanguard Whizzer motor bike clorox glass bleach bottle Orange Soda Bottles collection Jim Linderman Silver sugar box More of my bottle collection....


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