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Graphic designer/musician in Birmingham, AL - collect vintage signs and toy cars - currently focused on foreign Coke signs and Playart die-cast cars. Check out my woGraphic designer/musician in Birmingham, AL - collect vintage signs and toy cars - currently focused on foreign Coke signs and Playart die-cast cars. Check out my work and collection at Shive Design dot com. (Read more)


  1. Great piece! Yes, the section with the name in it is called a Privilege Panel. Local bottlers would supply these signs to business in exchange for advertising Coca-Cola products. This one looks great!...
  2. What a cool button! Any makers marks on it? You would see them usually at the bottom of the button. Definitely not a style you see everyday. Thanks for sharing!
  3. That looks great! Thanks for sharing!
  4. The AM is Allen Morrison, and the 31. means March of 1961. The 1 would be 1951 and the . Means add 10 years. Great piece!
  5. Great sign! Early to mid 1970s, I would say. Thanks for sharing!
  6. What a great story! Thanks for sharing and congrats on saving a true piece of Transportation history!
  7. Wow! What was the DP tray you traded? Those are awesome!
  8. Good for you @Manikin!
  9. I've tried reporting sellers to Ebay and they simply don't care. They have made it difficult. And I've reported fake auctions on CW only to have my post deleted for "calling out people that may or ma...
  10. Love this, too! There was one similar incased in a wood box at a Mobile, AL location. Was pretty large and facing the dining room. Looks similar so it might have been an interior sign. Thanks for shar...
  11. Sweet collection! Thanks for sharing.
  12. Love the graphics! Thanks for sharing.
  13. The Dynamic Ribbon Device was introduced in late 1969 along with this treatment of the Coca-Cola logo. A great era of Coke advertising! Not sure what the 58 is in reference to. Thanks for sharing!
  14. Coke.Trevor.Cola - please post - I'd love to see it, as I'm sure other folks would, too. AzTom - my thoughts exactly! The dents made me a little nervous - the person who is selling it recently purcha...
  15. I agree with Cocacolakid97! To many people want to repaint - keep the patina! Thanks for sharing!
  16. Great deal on a great sign! Someone had one of these stamped signs with the same 'STOP' typeface that had a new engineer-grade/reflective label applied to it. Pretty cool and a neat story. Thanks f...
  17. You've got some great stuff! Thanks for sharing.
  18. Not a problem, 50s - you're just looking out for the site and I admire that. A great bunch that I'm happy to be a part of. I agree with what you're saying about McDonald's pieces. There is a big ma...
  19. I love foreign Coke signs! Great find and thanks for sharing!
  20. I have one, too. Love the enamel square signs. Very unique and display beautifully. Thanks for sharing!
  21. Great pieces! I have 3 plastic cans: Coke Classic, New Coke and Diet Coke, all sealed but some barely full due to leaks and water evaporating over time. I've had them for over 25 years and was told th...
  22. I still have a Playart Shell truck in about the same condition lol. One of the only cars to survive my childhood.
  23. What a great casting! One of my favorites. Thanks for sharing.
  24. Awesome! Thanks for sharing.
  25. Great pieces, there! I love the T-Bird and Cord, too!
  26. PS - from what I can see there are Playart, Matchbox and Hot Wheels brand cars. I'd be interested in the whole lot if we can work something out. Cheers
  27. Hi there! I'd be interested in seeing more pics of the collection! Great shape from what I can see. I'd be happy to help you pass them on to collectors. Just message me at bhamredlines at ...
  28. I believe this sign would fit into a metal frame, similar to the one in this photo from a bar in New Orleans, LA :
  29. Is this a poster? Playland signs from the 1970s, that are oval shaped and made of porcelain, can bring anywhere from $200 to $400, of course depending on the condition and who is on the buying end. ...
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Blue Ribbon "Cafe" sign


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