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N the woods michigan

Well I just started collecting old signs,liscence plates, and gas n oil stuff about a year ago.ive always been into old stuff n junk . I dont have alot of money toWell I just started collecting old signs,liscence plates, and gas n oil stuff about a year ago.ive always been into old stuff n junk . I dont have alot of money to go to shops,or ebay to buy stuff, so I just go out and find this stuff, picker style back roads,country little towns, in the woods . Nothing better than having a good story to go with a sign.. (Read more)


  1. Very cool,
  2. Thanks junkmanjoe
  3. Thanks junkmanjoe
  4. Thanks luna
  5. Love the bfg stuff. Nice find
  6. See you found the site luna , cant wait to see your pics, I know you got enough to post here for days.put a pic of that sunoco you got from me
  7. Thanks chevy59,ejw-54 and mustangtony
  8. I found some pics of old standard stations,and these signs would have been for a pole sign ,looks like they hung by the top by two straps,or hinges , one pic shows sign pole with square frame at top m...
  9. Thanks officialfuel,craigalan,mustangtony,ejw-54 cant wait to find some more ,ive found a old dumpin spot , most of the cans ive been finding are rusted out,hope to find some old oil bottles when I s...
  10. Love the eagle.
  11. Thanks mikkochristmas11, thanks everyone for the love.
  12. The red,white,blue michigan tag is 76-78 bicentennial, the blue tag is 80s-90s ,blue/white is one that is still used here in mi.
  13. My buddy bought a pyro fax sign not long ago thinking he got a gas station sign, its actually a heating/cooking gas co
  14. Never hurts to ask, thats what the the guy told me, he said drive back roads see junk stop and ask if anythings for sell! He actually pointed me in the direction of a guy who told him he had a sign i...
  15. Good to know, well I did ok I found em for free and to think I kinda felt bad charging him $100,thats why I let hom get the nicer one,he is a collecter so I lnew he would hang it up and not sell it it...
  16. Nice I bet I walked past a bunch of these when I first started pickn thought they were milk containers or something.i know better now that I been pickn awhile
  17. I found a place like that here in michigan,stopped because I seen his big pole sign he had a couple rusty pieces of signs hanging on the barn. Asked if he would sell anything,he said my wife wont let ...
  18. Thanks ejw-54 do you remember what they went for. I sold my buddy the nicer of the two for $100
  19. Thanks trey for the info figured late 40s early 50s
  20. Nice I recently found two big 8ft says standard oil company do you know how old yours is?
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