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New Zealand

Perfume is a passion! I am beyond addicted with it - I am in love! Also have a few antiques I got at an estate auction I am trying to date and gain info on.


  1. Hello Samantha, I didn't have much luck with Baccarat or the Dior museum - I did send in images of the trophy to them both. I haven't checked in on this page in AGES!!
  2. Hi floralparty, I could take some more photos - what exactly do you need?
  3. Wow thank you so much for all that wonderful information! I didn't know anything about the Royal Warrants. Thank you.
  4. Hello Sam, WOW thank you so much for all your information! I will follow up the leads you send - and how exciting you have one too! Fabulous - where did you find yours? I found this online in a NZ on...
  5. Hi Touramline - thank you for the information! yes I think it is the large bottle. I covet them all so won't be selling but thank you for admiring them! :-)
  6. Thank you for the information! I love to learn more about where my treasures came from. Thank you for your offer but I love them all too much to part with them. I am glad you are enjoying my collection.
  7. Beautiful find. yes stay away from that building site!
  8. hi perfumer - just popped by to say thanks for all your comments on my perfume post which got deleted! I managed to read them on my email and they were very helpful. :-)
  9. I think they used to be used for serving Fruit Compote. I have one too - if you look at my listings :-) mine has cherubs and a marble base. I think mine is 60's era someone dated it as......
  10. Lovely, Beautiful Celadon.
  11. Hi Mikko :-) Vol De Nuit has identified it: http://www.ebay.com/itm/MATSON-2-PERFUME-BOTTLES-WITH-CHERUBS-BIRDS-CASKET-ORMOLU-VANITY-SET-/160797830893?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item25704c2eed&...
  12. FANTASTIC! How wonderfully meaningful :-)
  13. Looks like Overlay cameo glass as vetraio50 mentioned. LOVELY!!
  14. Beautiful!
  15. Hi Scruples - you are a wealth of information!! I posted up my green vase for you to have a look at :-) to compare.
  16. 1886!! I just parted with one of these for $13. OOPS!! But mine was green. Not knowing anything about wedgwood I guess the person who now has it is one happy customer!!!!!!!!! I will post a pic for yo...
  17. Good chance it's LALIQUE. Does it have R. Lalique France written etched into it anywhere? There were copies of his work done so it could be a copy - the way to tell is if the mould is highly defined -...
  18. Beautiful design.
  19. Lovely. It reminds me of an Heart Aorta and a wedding dress :-)
  20. p.s and yes they turned the symbols around alot - it all represents different meanings - the way they were hung - the doco mentioned that too.
  21. Fascinating piece of history. I watched a documentary on Third Reich (I think my father has it I will look for title for you) and it showed footage of Nuremberg Rallies I had never seen before. It sho...
  22. It's awesome inky!!
  23. So beautiful!!!! Incredible design shape.
  24. AWESOME!! I agree the books aren't always right nor are articles. I have an original self portrait done by a well known artist in NZ and they continue to write how she NEVER does self-portraits. Well ...
  25. Hi there, yes it could well be? Or a cover art (large poster) for one of the issues he did? One of my friends is a Star Wars nut (scary room full of Action Toys in Boxes up to the roof which he locks ...
  26. What a great find! I wish you luck solving this :-)
  27. May have been a comic artist? http://fanlore.org/wiki/Warped_Space/Issues_21-30 See issue #38 & 29/30 Back Cover Art - Star wars 1977
  28. Great! I have a few old Tin 'Clacker' toys - they are insects and you click them. Very cool to see this old whistle, thanks for posting!
  29. That is one SPLENDID lamp!
  30. Ggrrrrr my Lalique Ram post has gone too!!
  31. hi Mikko - my second posting disappeared too!! Sigh. I have decided it won't become mine because I have since discovered it's clear crystal and the photo was taken at night making me think it was co...
  32. Hi miKKo! They just deleted my French Perfume bottle as I was typing on it!!! GGRRRRR they do that alot to mine - I'm not even selling it!! Golly. That pump thing inside is where the perfume is ke...
  33. p.s late 50's Early 60's
  34. How lovely! Paris is wonderful - both in scent and actuality!
  35. what a great find!
  36. I will keep my eye out for you - I am often reading reference books - if I spot anything that could help! Fingers crossed someone here can assist with silver experience :-)
  37. I like it too.
  38. Bravo! Awesome.
  39. Very ornate craftsmanship. Sorry I can't assist with identification.
  40. :-) my favourites change daily with my perfume!
  41. They all make me happy. Their beaming smiling faces.
  42. My favourite too! I would definietly wear that first brooch!
  44. I am in love. If I was a glass item - that's what I would be. MAGNIFICENT!
  45. Yay! I was just introduced to Micro-Mosaic the other when someone identified my picture frame. Now I am hooked! Lovely to see this piece. p.s #2 is a great shot!
  46. Awesome description and lovely piece.
  47. Nope - no bubbles! But I think that's because it's resin and not glass or crystal. Sorta arcrylic resin I think.
  48. Thanks digemuphamm for the info. I am off to research these now and see if I can match mine. Thanks for the post!
  49. Incredible!! what a wonderful piece. Simply stunning.
  50. This is very interesting. I wish you luck with solving your fascinating mystery!
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My old new hat Perfume Bottle Christian Dior Perfume Bottle, about 1960