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Vintage Dining Room - Furniturein Furniture
China cabinet with Keeler Brass hardware. - Furniturein Furniture


  1. The image on the lower right of this newspaper ad from 1923 seems to resemble your piece. The style seems appropriate to the period. https://www.newspapers.com/newspage/96390855/ It's adorable!
  2. She's gorgeous! I also love how you've positioned that lovely mirror behind her, making all angles visible and attracts the natural light.
  3. I have reupholstered the chairs to match the curtains. I'm not concerned with the fact that the upholstery is not from the period, since they are in my home for my use and enjoyment. I was just sharin...
  4. Thank you! The house is circa 1922, as I mentioned before. I've furnished it with period pieces, mostly found in thrift stores. Since depression era furniture is so inexpensive these days, it cost me...
  5. Hello EDB, Your pieces are from the 1940's. The hardware seems original. From what I could see after enlarging your photos, they were not made in the last 20 years, but more likely 60 to 70 years ag...
  6. Yes, I agree with Phil. It seems to be a marriage of east lake and a subsequent style, possibly arts & crafts period.
  7. They appear to be late 20th century reproductions. They are not antiques, but the monetary worth of these chairs really doesn't matter, because the memories you have of associated with your grandmothe...
  8. I agree
  9. I think they're supposed to meet together in the middle. How do the drawers feel in your hand when you slide them in and out? Do they slide easier when the detail is in the middle?
  10. I suppose the chalk marks are the initials of the quality control inspector.
  11. Here's a pic of the dovetails. You're right! Has to be circa 30's / 40's. It's a 9 inch deep drawer with 9 dovetails cut in. They don't feel machine cut, but I reckon there would be far less dovetail...
  12. The K stands for Keeler Brass Company. The number is the model or part number. These are solid brass cabinet / drawer pulls. The company has been around for more than 100 years and is actually still i...
  13. This is a 1950's or early 1960's reproduction. I don't even need to look at the hardware. The pose of the figures is what gives it away. If it was an original 18th century piece, their pose would be ...
  14. I agree 100% with Scott. They are from the early 1930's. That is a maple veneer that was very popular at the time. The darker wood looks like walnut.
  15. It's a humidor! I have one, too. The metal lining on the inside kept cigars fresh and airtight.
  16. Looks like a very nice 1930's mahogany veneer hutch. Are there any markings, letters or numbers on the back of the cabinet or the under part of the brass ring pulls?
  17. As some have already posted, my son confirmed that the small ones are P40's.
  18. Very cool! My son is well versed on W W II planes. I'll have him take a look.
  19. Thank you, PhilDMorris! I'm going to look up that catalog. By the way, I live in a Sears & Roebuck House, from their 1922 Homes catalog, (The Castleton Model).
  20. The oval outline on the bottom appears to have had a plaque of some sort that has since been removed or torn off. Not sure if it would have been more wood veneer, but it looks like it had a frame to i...
  21. I've restored many Depression Era pieces, and I thought this might be from the 1930's or so, except that the hardware has sand pitting marks and does not appear to have even and deliberate machine sta...
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EXTREMELY RARE SHERMAN NECKLACE, PEARL AND RHINESTONE VICTORIAN BOHEMIAN VASE  - HARRACH OR NOT ??? Laura, My First Photographic Sitting Clytie, Also Called Clytemnestra, Marble bust, 1870, Skinner Auctions, Boston TURN Vienna Erich Wahliss Vase China cabinet from the 60's China Cabinet/Hutch Unknown bedroom 1880 vanity WW2 Sterling Son(s) in Service pinback Identified China souvenir silver ring from WW2 Irish George II Side Table and Canadian Coat of Arms, Tiffany's NYC


Amphona record player antique Antique humidor Trio of WW2 Trench art planes


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