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Capt L.S. Van Vliet - Photographsin Photographs
Capt George F. Pearson USN??? - Photographsin Photographs
Shipmates - Photographsin Photographs
Union Officer - Photographsin Photographs
1st Assistant Engineer USN - Photographsin Photographs
Civil War Solider possible glass eye?? - Photographsin Photographs
Military CDV??? - Photographsin Photographs
Assistant Surgeon USN - Photographsin Photographs
Early Fenton Piece??? - Glasswarein Glassware
Civil War Naval Commander - Photographsin Photographs


  1. e-bay purchase.
  3. Thanks I was pretty sure it was him.
  4. Scott, I would have never though Massachusetts, as I am from Mississippi and Ms is our abbreviation. Who would have thought???
  5. Great CDV Scott. Falmouth, Va is about an hour north of where I live. Good Job!!!
  6. Excellent image Scott. Thanks for sharing..
  7. Celiene thanks!!
  8. Scott thanks for the help. Question on the date? You said could be into the 1870's? I am fairly new to collection and dating CDV's. I have purchased the Kwik Guide for CDV and Cabinet Cards on dating ...
  9. The Potomac and Shenandoah river's are near by.
  10. Thanks for the info!!
  11. Nice photo Scott!!
  12. My thought exactly. Might have been on leave before or after West Virginia became a state.
  13. Scott thanks for the info. I was trying to ID it.
  14. No an individual purchase.
  15. Per the OR's for the union and confederate navies the name Henry P. Conner's is mention twice on pages 68 and 108 as being on board the USS Onward 1/28/63 and 2/26/63.
  16. No individual CDV.
  17. Scott thanks for the information. Was that not the correct time frame for that particular backmark for Fredricks?
  18. Thanks for the information.
  19. Any one have an idea of the age of this decanter? Thanks
  20. It is marked Holmes, Booth & Haydens Daguerreotype, Photographic and Ambrotype Goods ,Of every description
  21. The thermoplastic case is in excellent shape, no nicks or cracks. The velvet lining is prefect.
  22. From the information I have about this photo it was found in New Hampshire, not sure if that will help or not.
  23. Scott, Thanks. Here is the image outside of the matting.
  24. Sorry misread your post. No matter which side still a cool picture!!
  25. I have added to more images one is an 1864 Naval officer in uniform and the other is an Royal Navy uniform pattern 1864.
  26. It looks to me he is hold a US Naval Regulation model 1852 sword. I believe you can see what looks to be or resembles dolphins head on the sword near his buckle. I am not sure about post CW. According...
  27. He is holding a naval sword as well.
  28. From what I can tell they are stars, I could be wrong. I do notice a shoulder board right shoulder your left. It is an ambrotype photo thin glass.
  29. It has a ground base.
  30. Not Georgia the sate, my mistake it is a Georgian style decantaer.
  31. Here is a close up. I flip it around the way it should look.
  32. Scott thanks. Some AVC button's are also similar to federal eagle buttons. I tend to agree that this is a jacket with Federal Eagle buttons.
  33. Here is an another picture taken out of the frame, with a better close up.
  34. No the jacket was merely for reference purpose only. Should have mention that sorry. They is definitely some type of bird on the buttons i.e. eagle/pelican??
  35. Just the eagle. Here is another pic of the buttons, this is the best I can do. Wish I could zoom in even closer.
  36. No. I tried, but no luck.
  37. Scott thanks. Was not suggestion he was a drummer boy only the possibility.
  38. Vintage Joe so you are saying not 1830-1840 time period. 1910-1920's?
  39. Most of them are local a few onine.
  40. See more


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