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  1. Whoa, now that is some major sleuthing and one accurate username! Thank you so much, cameosleuth! I guess it was those ivy and berries throwing me off with my lack of knowledge. Once I get the me...
  2. just a thought... could this also be antinous vertumnus? i wasn't thinking it could be a male subject, but i've been doing some more digging. can anyone chime in with what they think?
  3. I'll have to make a trip out to a jewelry dealer next free day, I get then
  4. *if you meant that lower right hand portion of it, that is
  5. thank you efesgirl! ah, i thought that, too! i just took a close up peek and it looks like where the two ends of the coil met and were soldered together
  6. thanks! the flowing hair is more reminiscent of a goddess in my opinion. the older cameos were usually carved with a straight or roman nose whether god or goddess, but i am not an expert and don't ...
  7. Oh that narrows it down definitely! Thanks so much for your help!
  8. thanks, scott! any way to tell if it's early/mid 60s or is that not possible to pin down?
  9. Thank you kyratango!!
  10. Awesome thanks so much olofz!
  11. small update! found her on good 'ol ebay France identified as "Morenzie" here: http://www.ebay.fr/itm/350850710864?rmvSB=true i know i'm probably grasping at straws here, but does this help anyone?
  12. @kyratango i think it's definitely a possibility, but the photography from musee d'orsay shows a woman in sleeveles ball-type gown, and in my photo she has sleeves. the faces do look similar to me, th...
  13. thanks so much for the great start, everyone!! seems like a reasonable translation... i don't think i've been able to find any actresses/opera singers that have the name Christiane. anyone else wanna ...
  14. it could be likely, as i know fritz luckhardt was responsible for royalty/theatre portraits along with stereoviews of actresses. ah, i know! she's just so beautiful i'd love to find out her identity.
  15. i'd be pretty confident about these beauties being vintage. they have a very 50's look to me, but it never hurts to get a second opinion if anyone else wants to jump in!
  16. That's alright! It's definitely a good start!
  17. So that's how you deciphered it! Oh man I would've never gotten a "b" out of those first letters. I'll be posting them probably later this week so you're in luck because I have several more! Thanks a...
  18. Wow oh wow! That sure is her! Thank you all so much for taking the time to reply and work those research skills!! Mademoiselle E. Bergez it is, then!
  19. @ho2cultcha aah I know right? It's such a fantastic pose!
  20. thanks again for all the loves, guys!!
  21. thanks for the loves everyone!
  22. ah, yes. i'm very aware and actually collect some of his work. he's responsible for photographing so many beautiful subjects that fit in well to my collection of operatic, theatrical, and courtesan CD...
  23. I know that Marie duplessis was indeed a real person and a famous Courtesan, in fact; however she passed away quite young in 1847 of tuberculosis so I highly doubt this would be her.
  24. Thanks for the love, blunderbuss!
  25. Wow, you guys just keep amazing me! Yep, I'd call that a positive ID. Thanks kyra and racer! And thanks postcardcollector! I have several more Disderi images that will be coming up once I scan them
  26. that certainly explains the costume! ah, wow that makes so much more sense haha. thanks kyratango! thanks for commenting shareurpassion!
  27. She really is! I just love those borderline risqué images of this era. They're usually so beautifully done or feature intriguing costuming and props
  28. what an event! if i had the means to travel, that expo looks like it'd be fantastic!
  29. Oh boy haha yes her outfit certainly does have plenty of frills and poof
  30. Thanks for chipping in olofz! Hmm I wonder if the owner of the photo misheard her name? It's spelled differently in the websites description of the photo. I wonder which is correct
  31. Thanks for the love, guys!
  32. thanks postcardcollector!
  33. Ahah yes, I believe that is a hookah. And thanks for the article efesgirl! I'll go check it out
  34. wow, so many seaflowers! thanks so much for pinpointing it celiene!
  35. looks like that matches up! thanks!
  36. Aah thank you, guys! I definitely agree! I am just so taken aback by her beauty every time I see her
  37. Thank you for the love everyone!!
  38. exactly! i doubt the family knows about the little girl that existed for only a year, so it was disappointing that i couldn't post the only image of her. i did end up leaving a note, so they're free t...
  39. well, upon creating an account and going to upload a photo, it specifically stated no post-mortems, so i guess i'm out. it is a bit disappointing since this was likely the only image ever of her, but ...
  40. Oh my gosh! When I'm not on mobile I'll most definitely add the photo, which easily could have been the only one taken of her.
  41. Thanks, scott! I'm glad to confirm this as a pm, although I realize now I had inadvertently posted this right before the new year... oops! Probably the strangest way I've rung in the new year yet ...
  42. Thanks, vetraio50 have a happy new year, as well! And thanks for stopping by!!
  43. Thanks for the love, everyone and for the comment efesgirl! It seems unfortunate in modern day, doesn't it? I can't imagine infant mortality rates being so regularly high, but post-mortem photography ...
  44. Thanks! She certainly seems in her element!
  45. and thanks, everyone, for the love!!
  46. I've seen specifically fishing cdvs have baskets pretty much identical to that basket, so that's why I assumed he was a fisherman. That does make sense that he'd be geared up to sketch plenty of speci...
  47. Ah, so cool!! I'm studying for a degree in biology, so that couldn't be more perfect for my collection
  48. i actually have an image of lina, who was born in 1874. at the time this cdv was taken she either hadn't been born yet (if this was done in the 60's like i suspect) or would have been a toddler, so i ...
  49. the more i look, the more i'm really thinking this is a match, especially with her face, eyes, and dark tightly curled hair. i'm going to go ahead and mark this as solved, but if anyone has any object...
  50. I see quite a dimple on this one of her: http://c8.alamy.com/comp/FF9E2P/alexandre-dumas-1802-1870-nand-ada-isaacs-menken-1835-1868-photographed-FF9E2P.jpg I think you've got it! She just seems to ...
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