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Kansas City Mo.

Hello, my name is Mr. Robert E. Porter . I really enjoy collecting antiques and collectibles. My favorite things to collect are Chinese porcelains ,bronze,and jade.Hello, my name is Mr. Robert E. Porter . I really enjoy collecting antiques and collectibles. My favorite things to collect are Chinese porcelains ,bronze,and jade. But i can fall in love with just about anything antique ... I just love looking for a good piece and then finding it. That to me is the ultimate high , then enjoying it ... then go find another piece. Enjoy what you do and good luck. Robert (Read more)


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Vintage / Antique Bronze Table Lamp wheat Design  - Lampsin Lamps
Naval Cannon  
Antique tile  - Potteryin Pottery
Sculptures - Fine Artin Fine Art
Sculptures - Fine Artin Fine Art
Blackamoor statue - Advertisingin Advertising
Vintage Oil On Canvas Dancers - Fine Artin Fine Art
Antique hand carved driftwood part 2 - Folk Artin Folk Art
Antique Natural / Hand Carved Driftwood - Folk Artin Folk Art
Stag and holly - Glasswarein Glassware


  1. Thank you very much for your response ???? here are a couple of more pictures. Actually I thought that I did send pictures.
  2. Can anyone tell me anything about this bronze lamp ? Thank you all so very much.
  3. Noob , again thank you for your response I put the sculpture on the scale to weigh it ... Its 17 my question to you you think that this would have been made for tourist at that wei...
  4. Thank you very much Mr. Noob
  5. Can anyone tell me anything about this piece ? Any idea when it was done , artist ? Native American European African ? Thank you so much.
  6. Tell me more if you would please. Is it significant ?
  7. No MeliG , I haven't. Just sitting on my mantel looking beautiful. Thank you so much.
  8. No my friend , someone suggested that I might have went to another piece considering there's a hole straight through it.that could be so unless It's just a piece of art glass. thank you so much for yo...
  9. Hello everyone !!!! Thank you all so very much. Antiquerose , manikin , scottvez. Thank you all for your comments. I will post the same one with different pictures., especially the frame...the frame i...
  10. Again AGalWithglass , thank you so much for your comments.
  11. Thank you , AGalWithglass , and verretcheque , you both have been a great help to me. So please tell me, does this mean that the piece has no significant value? Again, thank you so much. Lindakp
  12. Oh, yes Manikin, i am in the U.S.
  13. Manikin , i added a part 2 of the doll with more pictures. Hope this helps, thank you. Robert
  14. Thank you Sean68, MeliG , and. antiquerose. Thank you guys very much for your comments. Robert
  15. Thank you very much Joe. Was much majolica made that was not signed ? I really do think this piece is an old piece. Again , thank you very much. Robert
  16. Thank you Manikin and Nora for your comments. I tried to change the pictures but the add pictures didn't show... so maybe i just don't know how to do it. Sorry.
  17. Inky this is in fact a very beautiful piece of art work. I love it !!!!!!!!!!
  18. Hello Inky , and everyone who commented on the piece. Inky i believe you nailed it when you said that it could be Bohemia. I was told that the glass was in fact Bohemia ( modern Czech Republic ) about...
  19. Hello everyone , could someone tell me anything about the hole in the center of the glass ? Is this a normal procedure ? Thank you all so very much. Robert
  20. Thank you Inky , and you also Mrs. Graham. Thank you guys very much. Robert
  21. Okay my friends, here are some better pictures so that you can really see the details in the glass. I welcome any and all information on this piece. Again, thank you all so very much. Robert
  22. Hello, I'm not an expert in glass but i do believe that this piece is hand cut. The fact that this piece isn't signed dose that make it less valuable ? Will someone answer that question for me if you...
  23. Thank you guys so much , you all have been a great help. I must say that this piece is not signed. If it were Bohemian glass Wouldn't it be signed ? There are no marks of any kind . Again , thank you...
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MY MOST FAVOURITE & 'BEST-EST" -  A Glass VASE by HARRACH Rare Chinese Small Vase with Cherry Blossoms White and Blue Americana Cast Iron Wood Burning Stove with Eagle and Stars Beautiful Estate Find ( Batik ) Art Nouveau crocus glazed ceramic vase marked D Sch. My Favorite (newly acquired) Art Nouveau Lamp Japan Kyoto Painting, by ?  Need Help 24" X 19"  $7.00 Redwood Gospel Thrift Store Waterman’s Parrot Fountain Pen Desk Set, c.1901


Antique Chinese cobalt blue & porcelain dishes


posted 2 months ago